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Happy Birthday America 1776-2008

Happy Birthday America 1776-2008

A solemn greeting to any remaining conscionable peoples in America by way of response to their one remaining honest political spokesman! Thou hast talked too much – time to show-it!

July 03, 2008.

Dear readers of Ron Paul's "Something Big is Going On"

If these confessional words in this posting http://www.campaignforlibertycom/blog/?p=115are really the respected Congressman Ron Paul's "I have, for the past 35 years, expressed my grave concern for the future of America.", then one would also have to rightfully ask WHAT has "expressed my grave concern" actually accomplished?

If I was a system designer and continually expressed only my "grave concern" for my company's lousy products, and furthermore, waxed platitudes on how wonderful other products are possible, and yet, never produced anything, never designed the system architecture, an implementation plans, marketing plans, business plans, nor lined up the resources nor the organizational infrastructure to enable all such plans, if I didn't do any of that, merely waxed political poetry, I'd be without a job!

But a Congressional leader of 35 years, isn't bound by those rules and laws. Mere "expression" gets one a free pass, with a fawning crowd to boot. That's in fact, the job definition.

I am sorry - as one humbly belonging to the recipient civilization of the grand largess that the honorable Congressman now bemoans – America's frequent quest for its "liberty" makes little impact [except the loss of it for others].

Please do confirm this with the native American Indians, the 10 million or so who remained the recipient of the "truly great American Revolution started in 1776", all the victims of the "White mans burden" of "imperial mobilization" from Wounded Knee to the inducement of "birth pangs [in] the new middle East" with each new "new pearl harbor" from the USS Maine through the Gulf of Tonkin to the USS 911. Some good have these lyrics done to the millions victims of Indochina still languishing in misery and quite forgotten – from Laos to Cambodia – and some good did that do to the victims in Afghanistan who were sold "God is on your side" to give "to the USSR its Vietnam War", and some good will that do to the new millions of victims in Mesopotamia, and god forbid, soon in Persia, and South Asia.

All the American "liberty" you can eat!

I am especially, and I say this quite humbly, vexed that this honorable Congressman stated in his Jan 15, 2007speech to the House:

"As I said last week on the House floor, speculation in Washington focuses on when, not if, either Israel or the U.S. will bomb Iran-- possibly with nuclear weapons. The accusation sounds very familiar: namely, that Iran possesses weapons of mass destruction. Iran has never been found in violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and our own Central Intelligence Agency says Iran is more than ten years away from producing any kind of nuclear weapon. Yet we are told we must act immediately while we still can! This all sounds very familiar, but many of my colleagues don't seem to have learned much from the invasion of Iraq. "

and restated it again last week, June 2008:

"This is unbelievable! This is closing down Iran. Where do we have this authority? Where do we get the moral authority? Where do we get the international legality for this? Where do we get the Constitutional authority for this?"

And in those intervening 18 months, all the honorable Congressman did was wax more lyrics, primarily as part of the campaign to get elected, or re-elected. More words stating what is already known – but not a wit of practicable solution space, not a wit of pragmatic prescription.

And his fawning followers lap it up. And that is quite understandable because of the enormous shortage of 'calling a spade a spade' among the ruling elite, anyone doing so becomes a great magnet for the handful of 'rabble rousers', youngsters, and idealists of various sorts.

This is the unfortunate reality of American politics, the American peoples, and American civilization – only 232 years old, and teaching everyone who have been around thousands of years, the definition of "liberty"! When they have no food to eat, no roof over their head, no clean drinking water, and are even slated for "population reduction" as the ruling elite's global policy prescription for the "White mans burden", America's renewed quest for 'Let's make "Something Big is Happening" be the discovery that freedom works and is popular and the big economic and political event we're witnessing is a blessing in disguise' at the expense of the 'wretched of the earth', doesn't impress the latter!

Please see:


Thank You.

Zahir Ebrahim



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