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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings August 11 2008


Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Response to "US Naval Armada Heads For Iran"

Zahir Ebrahim

This is Project Humanbeingsfirst's comment for the alarming article " Massive US Naval Armada Heads For Iran "submitted to the website today, August 08, 2008. Pakistan will not escape either and us Pakistanis need to " wakeup to this grotesque reality ...

2: Understanding Housing Bubbles

The Press (Christchurch, New Zealand) article Leaky homes and the housing bubble - New Zealand news on (Saturday, August 9) provides an excellent example of how too many economists and property commentators appear unfamiliar with the "Law ...

3: Paperless Newspaper Launched By Ian Wishart
Ian Wishart

Newspaper publishing has taken a new direction with the launch this weekend of TGIF Edition, a 20 page “paperless” newspaper being emailed to thousands of readers…

4: Syed Akbar Kamal: Lockwood Smith Interview
Syed Akbar Kamal

Do you think public interest lies at the core of the secret tapes fiasco?

5: ACT's Education Pledge - And Winston's Money
ACT New Zealand

Speech to ACT Auckland Regional Conference; Raye Freedman Arts Centre, Epsom Girls' Grammar; Sunday, August 10 2008.

6: Listener Article "Garbage" - Peters
New Zealand First Party

An article in the Listener this week about New Zealand First Incorporated is “total garbage”, says Rt Hon Winston Peters. Mr Peters says New Zealand First Incorporated was set up well before the political party with the sole purpose to preserve the ...

7: ‘No ifs, no buts, no maybes’ – yeah right
New Zealand Government

Bill English has deployed an interesting choice of words for his embarrassing declaration that he will never challenge John Key for the leadership of the National Party, Deputy Prime Minister Michael Cullen said today.

8: Key: National’s Benefits Policy
New Zealand National Party

Ladies and Gentlemen, today I am announcing National’s policy on the benefit system. This is a very important part of National’s welfare policy but it’s not the only part.

9: National makes dangerous moves on welfare
Green Party

National looks set to take a giant step backwards in its plans for beneficiaries, say the Greens. "My fear is that John Key will see attacking beneficiaries as one way of finding support among the kind of voters who liked National's 1990s prescription ...

10: Best laid welfare plans can go bad - Dunne
United Future NZ Party

UnitedFuture has responded cautiously to National's welfare plan, with leader Peter Dunne warning that the plan risks being overly punitive and harsh in practice.

11: S Ossetia: Georgia Orders Its Troops To Cease-Fire
VOA News

Georgia says it has ordered its troops in the breakaway region of South Ossetia to cease fire, after withdrawing its troops from South Ossetia's capital. There was no direct response from Russia to Georgia's offer to negotiate an end to fighting.

12: Naturist Park wins Tourism Industry Award
Katikati Naturist Park

Hi, We think your readers may be interested in the following news. Our contact details are at the bottom of the item. Attached is a photograph of us withe the Minister of Tourism after the presentation. Kevin & Joan Sampson Katikati Naturist ...

13: Welfare Plans a Step in the Right Direction
Muriel Newman

According to Dr Muriel Newman of the New Zealand Centre for Political Research, the National Party's social welfare reforms are definitely a step in the right direction.

14: South Ossetia: The War has Begun!
Global Research

The night of August 7, Georgian forces launched an attack on Tskhinvali, which Tbilisi cynically described as an effort to restore the constitutional order. Just hours earlier, Saakashvili declared a ceasefire in the conflict zone, but the move was ...

15: National focuses on work in Benefits Policy
New Zealand National Party

National’s Benefits Policy will have an unrelenting focus on getting beneficiaries into employment, says National Party Leader John Key. “National is committed to a benefit system that is a genuine safety net in times of need. We also recognise ...

16: NZ’s top video gamers named best in Asia
World Cyber Games

New Zealand’s computer gaming team the ‘eblacks’ has been named the best in Asia. The eblacks took out a gold and silver medal at the World Cyber Games Asian Championship in Singapore – which earned them the grand prize, the Asian Championship ...

17: Labour Agenda of Recognising Polygamy ‘Disturbing’
Family First

Family First NZ is labeling suggestions that Labour will recognise polygamy and polyamory, if it is re-elected, as ‘disturbing’. Family First were made aware of the speech delivered in May to Victoria University social policy students by the ...

18: Labour gearing for more social engineering
The Family Party

Family Party leader Richard Lewis says he is not surprised at revelations by Labour’s Minister of Social Development Ruth Dyson of Labour’s intention to further minimise the traditional family unit if re-elected.

19: National's DPB Plans Gutless
Lindsay Mitchell

National's plan to deal with the huge DPB problem is tired and gutless, welfare commentator Lindsay Mitchell said responding to John Key's speech today. "If DPB recipients want to avoid work-testing when their youngest turns six there is an obvious solution. ...

20: Peters - “Genuinely On Your Side”
New Zealand First Party

There are some who falsely portray New Zealand First as a party singularly focused on the plight of our seniors.

21: National’s welfare policy, Tauranga and Georgia
Gordon Campbell

Will John Key’s policy announcement on welfare this afternoon do much to resolve the problems it claims to address?

22: Sherwood Ross: Is America Fascist?
Sherwood Ross

If it hasn’t gone the way of Mussolini’s Italy and Hitler’s Germany, it’s sure teetering on the brink. America is a nation in deepening crisis, a nation whose leaders repeatedly plunge their citizens into, and make them pay for, serial wars ...

23: Dear Mr Key…Please Think Again

After reading the headlines that National has plans to make parents on the Domestic Purposes Benefit head back to work when the children reach the age of six years,. Catherine Lawson from Jigsaw Family Services invites Mr Key to think again and see ...

24: All-Business Class Comfort To Los Angeles
Singapore Airlines

Less than three months after Singapore Airlines launched its non-stop all-Business Class flights to New York (Newark), the airline has introduced this new service to Los Angeles.

25: National courts beneficiary-bashing vote
Green Party

National's new welfare policy is a recipe for further harassment and despair, and little more than an updated replay of its failed 1990s attack on unemployed people and beneficiaries.

26: Spectacular Response To Beijing 2008 For TVNZ
Television New Zealand

The Beijing Olympics has attracted spectacular television audiences with over 2.6 million New Zealanders tuning in to TV ONE's coverage over the weekend.

27: Youth And Climate Change: Time For Action
Commonwealth Youth Programme

On International Youth Day 2008, the Pan-Commonwealth Youth Caucus calls on decision makers to allow our peers to fully participate as agents of change to restore our planet. As young people, we have a particular interest in a sustainable future and ...

28: Cheney Likely Behind Letter Linking Iraq, Al-Qaeda
Jason Leopold

In a new book published this week, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Ron Suskind wrote that the Bush administration committed an impeachable offense by ordering the CIA to create a forged document showing a link between Saddam Hussein and the terrorist ...

29: Nuclear power definitely not an option: Greens
Green Party

Green Party Co-Leader Jeanette Fitzsimons describes Matthew Hooten as 'indulging in some wishful thinking' in the Sunday Star Times this week.

30: Telecom Shareholder Nominates New Board Candidates
Elliott International

Elliott International, L.P., together with funds under common management (“Elliott”), a 30-year-old private investment firm and shareholder in Telecom Corporation of New Zealand Ltd. (TEL.NZ), today nominated two local, independent, candidates to the ...

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