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Daily Voting News For October 1, 2008

Daily Voting News For October 1, 2008

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of

In one of our ‘Featured’ articles CBS Evening News has raised the “Red Flag On Purging Voter Rolls”. This article reports on a just released report from the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law on voter roll purges. The report “provides troubling new insight into the process. There are no national standards and as a result, the cleaning up of voter rolls is not as precise as it should be and eligible voters are often wrongly removed.

”The Brennan report calls the nationwide process "chaotic," "shrouded in secrecy", "riddled with inaccuracies", "prone to error" and "vulnerable to manipulation."”

Our second ‘Featured’ article is a report done by USPIRG (Public Interest Research Group) in which they blow the whistle on nineteen states that are violating federal law in their handling of voter roll purges.

Neither of these articles should have been necessary. State election officials should be carefully following the law and carefully ensuring voter rolls are properly purged and not in such a way as to deny legally registered voters their right to vote. Any election official who does not feel the need to ensure due diligence should be replaced and, if they violated federal law, they should be investigated for that violation. ...

  • Featured - National: Red Flag On Purging Voter Rolls
    CBS Evening News Investigates Little-Known, Problem-Ridden Process That Could Endanger Your Vote LINK
  • Featured - National: Washington, D.C.: Nineteen States Not Enforcing Federal Laws on Voter Lists LINK
  • National: News Release - The Secret World of Voter Purges LINK
  • National: Report raises concerns of 'partisan manipulation' in voter purges LINK
  • National: CBS News: New Study Details Massive Voter Roll Purges Underway in At Least 19 States LINK
  • National: Partisan Contractors To Count Nov. Election Votes LINK
  • National: Election officials are confused about who can vote LINK
  • National: 24-Step Checklist Offers Ballot Counting Standards LINK
  • National: Miss., Fla. election officials visit US troops LINK
  • National: Minds made up, millions voting early LINK
  • National: US Elections: Win, Lose or Steal?
    An organized assault on the voting process has become an election day tradition since 2000 LINK
  • National: Foreclosures Lead to Allegations of Planned Voter Suppression LINK
  • National: At the polls: Observers will be deployed across the country LINK
  • Alabama: NAACP challenges state prison ban on voter registration LINK
  • Arizona: Arizona develops online ballots to give voters overseas a chance to cast ballots via the Web LINK
  • California: Bowen blasts Schwarzenegger from loooooong distance LINK
  • California: Lake County - Registrar's Office gears up for election season crunch time LINK
  • California: Riverside County - Elections watchdogs skeptical of choice for Riverside County vote system audit LINK
  • California: Riverside County - Supervisors table elections review until next week LINK
  • Colorado: E-scanner will speed Morgan County voting results count LINK
  • Connecticut: Bridgeport - Tally wrong for laid-off voting tech pay LINK
  • Florida: Editorial - Florida still erecting roadblocks to voting LINK
  • Florida: ID-match law stalls 5,000 voter applications LINK
  • Florida: 'No-match' law is fair to voters, Crist says
    Gov. Charlie Crist rebuffed calls from voter groups to suspend the controversial 'no-match' registration law, saying he has confidence in it and Florida's election system. LINK
  • Florida: Outcry raised over voter ID law LINK
  • Florida: ACORN challenges Crist on "no match" law LINK
  • Florida: Two Palm Beach County voting scanners to be tested for accuracy LINK
  • Georgia: Muscogee County - New Report Says Muscogee County Board Of Elections Dropped LINK
  • Illinois: Clerk says provisional ballots offer last resort LINK
  • Kentucky: E-Vote: Kentucky Counties Move to Digital Scan Voting Equipment LINK
  • Louisiana: Better Business Bureau: BBB warns of voter registration fraud LINK
  • Michigan: Lose Your House, Lose Your Vote LINK
  • Minnesota: Students urged to vote LINK
  • Mississippi: On Mideast visit, Hosemann outlines military voting LINK
  • Nevada: Voter Challenges LINK
  • New York: Warn Of ID Theft Scams By People Offering Voter Reg Help
    The Consumer Protection Board urges consumers not to give out their Social Security or other numbers to unsolicited callers LINK
  • Ohio: GOP Loses Challenge to Early Ohio Voting LINK
  • Ohio: Ohio moves to curb voter caging LINK
  • Ohio: Same Day Early Voting and Voter Registration Goes Smoothly LINK
  • Ohio: Process for early voting can be improved LINK
  • Ohio: Ohio 2008 opens with a subpoena, a surge and calls for election protection LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Secretary Cortes Encourages Troops to Vote Via Absentee Ballot during Stops in Iraq, Kuwait LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Bucks County - Bucks GOP leaders deny election official's claims LINK
  • Virginia: Advocacy group: Va. is a potential source of dispute LINK
  • Virginia: Powhatan County - Voter turnout expected to soar LINK

  • **"Daily Voting News" is meant as a comprehensive listing of reports each day concerning issues related to election and voting news around the country regardless of quality or political slant. Therefore, items listed in "Daily Voting News" may not reflect the opinions of VotersUnite.Org or Scoop.**


    John Gideon
    Co-Executive Director

    "To encourage citizen ownership of transparent, participatory
    democracy." The Creekside Declaration March 22, 2008

    © Scoop Media

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