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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings October 6 2008


Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Exclusive Interview With Former Diebold Contractor

Velvet Revolution

VR has an exclusive interview with former Diebold contractor Chris Hood that talks about many disturbing actions by Diebold during prior elections, including illegal, uncertified and unreported patches.

2: Death Of Neoliberalism, From A New Zealand Angle
Paul G. Buchanan - A Word From Afar

Paul G. Buchanan writes: While some have considered neoliberalism dead for the last two decades, it clung to life while leaders maintained a belief in its longevity. But has the US financial collapse finally killed off the old right way?

3: Undernews For October 4, 2008

Contrary to her Joe Six Pack, hockey mom hokum, Sarah Palin proved in her debate with Joe Biden that she would fit in extremely well in Washington - albeit at an enormous price to the rest of the country.

4: Prefu highlights benefit of strong fiscal mangmnt
New Zealand Government

The Treasury's Pre-Election Economic and Fiscal Update report, published today, highlights the benefits of maintaining strong Crown accounts during the good times in order to help us through the hard times, Finance Minister Michael Cullen said today.

5: Police Storm University Hall After Food Fight
George McLellan

After a trouble free afternoon at the University of Canterbury ENSOC barbeque residents of University Hall were invited onto the hall lawn for a private after function, which erupted into a high-spirited food fight.

6: Story Removed
Catherine Austin Fitts

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7: Last Plea To Enrol By Wednesday 8 October
Electoral Enrolment Centre

Wednesday is the cut off date to enrol and make it on to the printed electoral roll used on Election Day, 8 November.

8: Navman S-Series Platinum New Benchmark In GPS
Navman NZ Ltd

It may look sleek, sexy and light enough to slip into a briefcase or handbag, but the brand new Navman S-Series Platinum packs a punch so hard it will set new standards for GPS in New Zealand and around the world. As the name suggests, the Platinum range ...

9: Sarah Palin Wins Debate—by Darn
Walter Brasch

The vice-presidential debates proved one thing. At the very least, Sarah Palin can be trained. For several days, she had camped out in one of John McCain's Arizona houses, where she underwent Debate Boot camp conducted by drill instructors who make ...

10: Fitzsimons: Through the Eyes of a Child
Green Party

Address By Co-Leader Jeanette Fitzsimons To Green Party Campaign Launch

11: Red ink flows in PREFU
New Zealand National Party

National Party Finance spokesman Bill English says the pre-election opening of the Government’s books has confirmed that New Zealand can no longer afford Michael Cullen and Labour’s big-spending low-growth policies.

12: Time for Green thinking on the economy
Green Party

It is time for Government to set its sights on a Green economy to ensure there will be jobs for New Zealanders, that food will be affordable and it won't be out of people's reach to get around, the Green Party says.

13: Multimedia: Finance Minister PREFU Presser
Alastair Thompson

on Demand of NZ Finance Minister Michael Cullen at his October 6 Pre Election Fiscal Update Press Conference. Dr Cullen explained that New Zealand was well placed to weather the financial storms ahead but warned that ongoing fiscal prudence was required.

14: Burma Military Junta Continues To Arrest Activists
Terry Evans

Despite last month's release of 9,000 prisoners, including a handful of political detainees, Burma's military junta continues to arrest pro-democracy activists.

15: Freddie and Fannie Become Penny Stocks
Catherine Austin Fitts

Overwhelming American communities with mortgage, auto and credit card debt as we shift manufacturing and research capacity, jobs and approximately $10 trillion of capital offshore-much of it by illegal means-has been the US economic strategy since ...

16: Families will suffer in ‘gloomy picture’- Dunne
United Future NZ Party

The latest treasury estimates paint a ‘very gloomy picture’ ahead, with increasing unemployment, lower wage increases and billions of dollars less in the expected tax take, says UnitedFuture leader Peter Dunne.

17: 'Quit Coal' - action against coal ship in Spain

At 2am this morning, four Greenpeace activists boarded the Windsor Adventure, a coal cargo ship importing coal from Colombia into Spain. Others painted "Quit Coal" in English and Spanish on the ship. The action was in protest against the Spanish government ...

18: CostOfWar.Com Now Presents Individual Calculations

National Priorities Project has introduced a timely new function to their site, Through the Individual Cost of War Calculator, U.S. taxpayers can see what portion they owe of the $590 billion & counting on the Iraq war.

19: Cullen: Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Update 08
New Zealand Government

Thank you for coming to the release of the Treasury's latest set of forecasts for the New Zealand economy and Crown accounts.

20: Boost investment spend, cut taxes, admin costs
Employers and Manufacturers Association Northern

The trouble with Treasury predictions about where the economy is headed is they are seldom if ever right, says Alasdair Thompson, chief executive of the Employers & Manufacturers Association (Northern).

21: McCain Supporters Begin Ugliest Of Dirty Tricks

According to the Philadelphia Daily News, "An anonymous flier circulating in African-American neighborhoods in Philadelphia states that voters who are facing outstanding arrest warrants may be arrested at the polls on Election Day."

22: Family Party List Announcement
The Family Party

The Family Party is pleased to announce their Party List to be submitted for the 2008 General Election.

23: Mattel: Top Ten ‘Must Have’ Toys for Christmas 08

Classic toy favourites with a new twist will be featuring on Kiwi kids’ wish lists for Santa this Christmas, with a turbo-charged racetrack set for boys and singing Barbie for girls topping Mattel’s just-revealed Top Toys for Christmas 2008.

24: Cannabis R18 consistency for election
Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party

The Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party have secured the shortest slogan in political history on this year's ballot paper - 'R18' (see This eye-catching option will sit with the equally eye-catching cannabis leaf as ...

25: Tomahawk Community Climate Change Workshop
MWH New Zealand

On Sunday 12 October MWH will run a Climate Change Workshop with the community of Tomahawk/ Ocean Grove to help it evaluate the long-term risks it faces from climate change.

26: NZ Defence contribution to the Balkans
New Zealand Government

The New Zealand Defence Force's nine-year contribution to the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) has drawn to a close, Defence Minister Phil Goff said today.

27: PREFU - need to focus on quality of expenditure
Business New Zealand

The red ink revealed in today’s Pre-election Economic & Fiscal Update brings a need to focus on the quality of government spending, says Business NZ. Chief Executive Phil O’Reilly says the new government, whoever that may be, will need to exercise ...

28: Operation Lowry - Search For Tisha Continues
New Zealand Police

Police are continuing to search through information from the public, family and friends in an effort to locate missing woman Tisha Lowry.

29: Tough times require extraordinary leaders

Times may be tough, but that's no excuse for poor business leadership - indeed, it's even more important now than it is in a less challenging environment, says business coach Pete Clark.

30: Extra $8 Million Needed In Ethiopia
United Nations

( WHO ) is appealing for an additional $8 million to fund its humanitarian preparedness and response operations in Ethiopia, where prolonged drought has left hundreds of thousands of the Horn of Africa country™s poorest people at serious risk of malnutrition ...

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