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GOP Leaders Could be Prosecuted For Conspiracy

Republican Leaders Who Participate in Attacks on ACORN Could be Prosecuted as Part of a Criminal Conspiracy

October 20

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Republican Leaders Who Participate in Attacks on ACORN Could be Prosecuted as Part of a Criminal Conspiracy

Let the GOP muck-a-mucks across the nation who are participating in a nationwide RNC/McCain diversionary campaign against ACORN be warned: In a new administration of light and truth – instead of Cheney’s dark shadows and Bush’s lies – you may be subject to prosecution for participating in a criminal conspiracy to suppress votes and violate the Voting Rights Act.

We do not exaggerate.

The unrelenting and profoundly dishonest and misleading attempt to brand a national community organizing group as some sort of minority enterprise of ghetto thieves is nothing more than a GOP tradition of using ACORN as a scapegoat to justify voter suppression. And organized voter suppression is a crime. In fact, a creative prosecutor under Obama could apply the RICO Act to the RNC/McCain daily deluge of attempts to get voters to believe that ACORN is engaged in voter fraud and then using that cover to disenfranchise voters.

As most BuzzFlash readers know, voter registration errors and voter fraud are two entirely different issues. If you register to vote as Mickey Mouse, it doesn’t mean you vote as Mickey Mouse. Does anyone believe that Mickey Mouse will show up to vote, except at Disneyworld? Republican voter drives regularly yield tons of false registrants, as do petition drives in states like California. But very few individuals commit actual voter fraud, the casting of a ballot during an election.

In fact, in the last five years the DOJ own’s statistics indicate that there have been way less than 20 people in the entire United States convicted of voter fraud, and none of them were connected with an ACORN registration drive. You read that right, less than 20, according to a Washington Post analysis. In fact, the LA Times announced the only actual arrest we have read of this year for voter registration fraud (not voter fraud), and that’s of a Republican in California!

What the RNC and McCain campaigns are doing is complementing their racist campaign against "the other," the so-called "non-American," and the candidate known as "that one" with a criminal conspiracy to scapegoat a minority community empowerment group that is helping people to obtain their voting rights (1.3 million new registrants for this election, which scares the heck out of the Republican Party). That is what we are supposed to be doing in a democracy; enfranchising people, not disenfranchising people.

We watched a review copy of a just released documentary, "Boogie Man," last night about the infamous Strom-Thurmond-groomed Lee Atwater. Many of Atwater’s despicable legacies are apparent in McCain’s campaign. But one particular tactic and a comment he made are relevant to the criminal GOP assault on ACORN’s voter registration drive. When confronted about the racist Willie Horton ad of 1988, which helped mine the subconscious bigotry in America and propel George Herbert Walker Bush to victory, Atwater brazenly lied and said that the Horton ad (featuring a photo of a scary black male killer) was not about race, but about a prison furlough program that allowed Horton back on the streets.

But, of course, it was indeed about kindling racism and the fear that Democrats "coddle" black criminals and let them prey on whites. (Although in the true Republican tradition of hypocrisy, the furlough program concept was initiated by Ronald Reagan when he was governor of California.)

Meanwhile, the mainstream media has conveniently forgotten about the essence of "ProsecutorGate": the Bush Administration firing of U.S. prosecutors who would not initiate sham voter registration and fraud indictments just before the 2004 and 2006 elections. David Iglesias, the U.S. Attorney in New Mexico, recently spoke out strongly on how the coordinated attack on ACORN – including the involvement of the FBI in violation of their own guidelines regarding such "investigations" so close to an election – reminded him of why he was fired for not participating in a criminal conspiracy to influence the elections.

For full story see…
Republican Leaders Who Participate in Attacks on ACORN Could be Prosecuted as Part of a Criminal Conspiracy

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