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Daily Voting News For October 22, 2008

Daily Voting News For October 22, 2008

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of

13 days until Election Day.

Today we have more vote switching reports from Tennessee. There are also reports that the “Ballot-On-Demand” printer may be the root of the problems in some Florida counties. It seems that if the blank paper is not put into the printer just exactly right the printer prints the ballot skewed and the OSX tabulator will not read that ballot.

Voters on Hilton Head Island South Carolina were surprised when they reviewed their ES&S iVotronic ballots to find that some races were not shown on the review screen at all. They voted those races but nothing was shown on the review screen. South Carolina seems to have a real problem with doing any pre-election testing to ensure the ballot programming works the way it is supposed to work and when you have ES&S as a vendor that testing is even more important.

69 voters in Sarasota Co Florida received their absentee ballots only to find that the State Senate District 23 race was left off. Supervisor of Elections Kathy Dent, whose name appears 8 times on sample ballots, knew about this problem 11 days ago and claims she told members of the elections board about it but they deny knowing any specifics....

  • National: Voter Registration Databases and Purges -- Part I LINK
  • National: Early voting suggests 2008 may see record turnout, expert says LINK
  • National: Personal About Politics: Voter Fraud - Where and By Whom? LINK
  • National: Block The Vote LINK
  • National: Editorial - National standard for counting dead votes needed LINK
  • National: Long Lines, Machine Failures Greet Early Voters, CNN Reporter, in Florida LINK
  • National: Early voting starts in 31 states; e-voting snag in W.Va. fixed LINK
  • National: Early Voting Sees Reports of Voter Intimidation, Machine Malfunctions LINK
  • National: Voting Machines Must be Nationalized LINK
  • National: Voting Rights Watch: Report underscores Election Day will be a major test for the U.S. voting system LINK
  • National: Green Party Becomes First Political Party to Endorse Election Integrity Pledge LINK
  • National: New Voting Systems Could Cause Problems in Swing States
    Analysts are concerned about some of the new systems being implemented in key states LINK
  • National: Election officials try to ease long voting lines LINK
  • Colorado: Perlmutter wants election monitor in Arapahoe County LINK
  • Colorado: Dems' ballot requests surge in Colorado LINK
  • Florida: Election Supervisors Association Attorney Advises Okay to Take Voter ID at the Polls LINK
  • Florida: Scanner Snafu Prompts Machines Removal LINK
  • Florida: Editorial - Ballot machines a problem LINK
  • Florida: Is the Legislature to blame for long early voting lines?
    A 2005 bill passed by Florida legislators that caps the number of hours polls are open each day may be partly responsible for South Florida's long early voting lines this week. LINK
  • Florida: Broward County - Privacy Schmivacy
    Tell the world how you vote! LINK
  • Florida: Duval County - Lines, Voting Problems Continue On 2nd Day LINK
  • Florida: Duval County - Jacksonville's black voters skeptical about ballot LINK
  • Florida: Duval County officials locate polling problems
    Human and mechanical errors are blamed for early voting woes. LINK
  • Florida: Flagler County - Problems force Flagler to switch to old voting machines LINK
  • Florida: Leon County - Problems at the polls slow vote casting LINK
  • Florida: Palm Beach County - Yes, Abramson is the winner LINK
  • Florida: Another Sarasota County Election Blunder LINK
  • Georgia: Democrats fight Karen Handel to stay on ballot LINK
  • Georgia: Cobb County - Voting lines get longer in metro Atlanta
    More polling places to open next week LINK
  • Hawaii: Voting System Needs Changing LINK
  • Illinois: DuPage Democrats urge election attorney's ouster LINK
  • Kansas: Election Office ‘under control’ LINK
  • Kentucky: Whitley citizens express voting concerns LINK
  • Maryland: High Turnout = More Voting Machines LINK
  • Michigan: State to appeal fed order in voter file purge case LINK
  • Missouri: St. Louis County sees record number of registered voters LINK
  • New Mexico: Being served?
    Advocates question election-night process LINK
  • Nevada: Nev. GOP complains of voter registration policy LINK
  • New York: Onondaga County facing lever machine shortage LINK
  • Ohio: Ohio GOP halts voter registration challenges, seeks to negotiate solution
    Attorney general to meet with party lawyers today LINK
  • Ohio: Press Release - Voting Rights Groups Warn Prosecutors About Investigating Ohio Voters LINK
  • Ohio: Top Ohio court throws out voter registration claim LINK
  • Ohio: Licking County - Big vote means beefed-up security, extra machines LINK
  • Ohio: Licking County - Election board preparing for Nov. 4 turnout
    Greeters needed to help voters; transportation arranged for machines LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Voting controversies revisited LINK
  • Pennsylvania: PA Voting Officials Expect Increase in Military, Overseas Ballots LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Allegheny County - Voting machine audit falls short, group says LINK
  • South Carolina: Beaufort County - Machine ballots omit candidates' names LINK
  • South Carolina: Beaufort County - ES&S Touch-Screens in SC Omit Candidates, Races on Final Voter Review Screen LINK
  • Tennessee: Votes Reportedly Flipping from Repub to Dem in TN!
    So NOW Can We Impound These Machines, Take Them Out of Service and Give Every Voter a PAPER BALLOT, Please?! LINK
  • Tennessee: Decatur County - Machine Problems Frustrate Early Voters LINK
  • Tennessee: Knox County - Voting machine issue confusing to some LINK
  • Tennessee: Early voting strong in Shelby County LINK
  • Texas: Texas: Straight Party Voting Leads To Lost Votes LINK
  • Texas: Midland County Voter Mystery LINK
  • Utah: Washington Co. vote underway LINK
  • Virginia: State investigates complaint regarding absentee ballots LINK
  • Virginia: Fairfax County - Massive E-Mail Campaign Freezes Absentee Ballots LINK
  • West Virginia: Editorial - Guard Against Voting Problems LINK
  • West Virginia: WV voters say machines are switching Dem votes to GOP LINK
  • West Virginia: E-voting machines good to go, Ireland says
    Voting irregularities have been reported in Putnam, Jackson LINK
  • West Virginia: Voters allege e-voting machines switching votes LINK
  • West Virginia: Ohio County – Editorial - Ensure Voting Machines Work LINK
  • West Virginia: Putnam County - Putnam offers exit survey for early voters LINK
  • West Virginia: Putnam commissioner worried about early-voting problems LINK

  • **"Daily Voting News" is meant as a comprehensive listing of reports each day concerning issues related to election and voting news around the country regardless of quality or political slant. Therefore, items listed in "Daily Voting News" may not reflect the opinions of VotersUnite.Org or Scoop.**


    John Gideon
    Co-Executive Director

    "To encourage citizen ownership of transparent, participatory
    democracy." The Creekside Declaration March 22, 2008

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