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Daily Voting News For November 3: Morning Edition

Daily Voting News For November 3, 2008
Morning Edition

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of

Election day is tomorrow

Well, here we are. Tomorrow is the day we have been building toward. Today much of the news is articles of reassurance from election officials across the nation. They say they are ready. Tomorrow we will see just how ready they are. Our main reporting tomorrow will be on voting machine problems and long lines due to voting machine and voter registration data base problems. No matter how much officials assure their voters that they are ready machines still fail to work, polls open late, votes are flipped, polls run out of paper ballots, e-poll books fail, machines are allotted unfairly, and lines will be long. Wednesday and the rest of the week we will hear about the tabulation and reporting problems. Lost votes from tabulators that were not designed or built to handle the number of votes they are expected to count; ballot printing and programming errors that result in hundreds of lost votes. These and more have been the stories of the past. Can we expect any better for the rest of this week? I hope so but I’m not holding my breath....

  • National: Tales from the trenches – More election stories LINK
  • National: Why touchscreen voting machines suck LINK
  • National: Voting Rights Watch: FL and GA leading states nationally for voter complaints LINK
  • National: Researcher teases out truth of election ballots LINK
  • National: Opinion - Will your vote count tomorrow? LINK
  • National: E-Voting's Biggest Test The 2008 presidential election could be shaken by flawed electronic voting technology. LINK
  • National: Fears of US ballot-box overload trigger citizens' army LINK
  • National: Voter Integrity Group Urges Preservation of Unadjusted National Exit Poll LINK
  • National: E-voting Groups Are Watching a Handful of States LINK
  • National: Ed Felten on E-voting: What Can Go Wrong LINK
  • National: A Brief History of Ballots In America LINK
  • National: Editorial - Pitfalls at the polls Congress and the president need to create uniform, national standards for voting procedures and ballots. LINK
  • National: Hacking the vote LINK
  • National: Make your vote count It might not, if you're not careful; here's how to avoid many common mistakes on Election Day LINK
  • National: E-voting worries linger as Election Day nears LINK
  • National: High Turnout May Add to Problems at Polling Places LINK
  • National: Protect Your Vote - Avoid Election Machine Errors LINK
  • National: Escape from voting machine Hell LINK
  • National: The State Of The Ballot Fight In Battleground States LINK
  • Arizona: Poll monitors set to play vital role LINK
  • California: UCSB Put Finishing Touch on State’s Touch-Screen Voting Machine Ban LINK
  • California: Alameda County - RFID enabling California county to get the vote in quicker LINK
  • California: Los Angeles County - Advocates demand ballots for all LINK
  • Colorado: Adams County - Colorado Voting Machine Removed, Quarantined, After Vote Flips Multiple Times to McCain LINK
  • Colorado: Arapahoe agrees to have paper ballots close by LINK
  • Connecticut: Voter Registration Sets Record; Record Balloting Predicted LINK
  • Florida: Early voting crushes records LINK
  • Florida: Florida Democrats file lawsuit against GOP LINK
  • Florida: Can Florida Avoid Election Chaos? LINK
  • Florida: Hundreds of poll watchers to fan out at voting sites LINK
  • Georgia: Lawyers across state plan to keep their eyes on voting procedures U.S. attorney, FBI will be on lookout for fraud, abuses LINK
  • Massachusetts: Some towns still swear by hand-counting the ballots LINK
  • Minnesota: What happens when your vote is challenged in Minnesota? LINK
  • North Carolina: In N. Carolina, 41 percent of voters have already cast ballots LINK
  • Nebraska: New ballots aim to avoid butterfly effect LINK
  • Ohio: Officials confident Ohio voters won't see goofs like in '04 LINK
  • Ohio: Summit pleased as punch Election officials finally say goodbye to all-nighters, unveil high-tech ballots counted by computers in 1976 LINK
  • Ohio: Editorial - Voting Challenges LINK
  • Ohio: Ohio: Suit Filed for Election Observers, "Dial Up" Provisional Ballots, and a Comment LINK
  • Ohio: A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall How is Jennifer Brunner, Ohio's embattled Secretary of State, holding up as the election (and the likely accusations of impropriety) approach? LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Penn students help protect the vote LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Voting disputes can be immediately challenged LINK
  • Texas: Counties dispute bad election rating LINK
  • Virginia: Federal judge to hear NAACP election lawsuit today LINK
  • West Virginia: Carper calls for re-evaluation of voting system Several voters say machines switched their selections LINK
  • **"Daily Voting News" is meant as a comprehensive listing of reports each day concerning issues related to election and voting news around the country regardless of quality or political slant. Therefore, items listed in "Daily Voting News" may not reflect the opinions of VotersUnite.Org or Scoop.**

    -- John Gideon Co-Executive Director VotersUnite.Org

    "To encourage citizen ownership of transparent, participatory democracy."
    The Creekside Declaration
    March 22, 2008

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