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Lyndon Hood: The Campaign In Pictures

NZ Election 2008: The Campaign In Scoop Images

Images by Lyndon Hood

Selected Scoop editorial images from the 2008 New Zealand election campaign by Lyndon Hood.

Late 2007:

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Syed Akbar Kamal - Key’s DVD locked over ‘clocks’ issue

EFB: the final
Alastair Thompson - Video: PM's Post Cabinet Presser: Electoral Finance Bill


Lyndon Hood - Mother Scoop's Almanac 2008

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Lyndon Hood - Lyndon Hood: Light Verse Versus Politics

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Lyndon Hood - 'Kiwi Party' Is An Appropriate Name

key vs youth
National - Youth Plan to target crime, education

With a little help from Heromachine

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NZ Govt - Age of participation in education lifted to 18


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Lyndon Hood - Sevens Cut & Play Paper Dolls

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New Investment
Rules vs Canadian Invasion
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NZ Govt - Strategic assets to be protected in national interest

Engineering Printing and Manufacturing Union - Has National muzzled the press?

Progressive Party - Young pretender challenges aging dinosaur


Electoral Commission - Decision - Application to list EPMU as third party

National - National seeks court clarity on election law

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Agenda - Agenda Transcript: John Key on Asset Sales

Scoop Multimedia - PM's Press Conference - Pamphlets

Election 08 - Looking For Labour’s Laggards

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Coalition for Open Government - Press Council finds fault with Herald EFA Campaign

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Lyndon Hood - Lyndon Hood: NZ Politics - The Text Adventure

Lyndon Hood - Lyndon Hood: NZ Politics - The Text Adventure

ACT - Gibbs Donates $100,000 To ACT


how does it fit in
the train? It's like a clown car!
Gordon Campbell - Election 08: Back on Track

could he fix it?
National - Bob Clarkson to step down at election

bunnyhopping to
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Lyndon Hood - Fractious Fables

ask me no questions...
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Election 08 - WTF: Beating up on Goff

yes yes hollow man
I see
Election 08 - National’s secrecy about its policies


Newmarket Business Association - Pending election adds to retailers' worries

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Gordon Campbell - Election 08: Labour’s problems with the young

NZ Govt -
National promises sinking lid education funding

Gordon Campbell - Election 08: What A National Government May Entail - Part Two

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Lyndon Hood -
Anti-Smacking Amendment Vindicated By Police Trial

NZ Govt - Key needs to be honest on New Zealand’s history

Electoral Commission - NZ First, display of banners in Tauranga


Lyndon Hood - Nat Email Hacked In Parallel Universe

finsec - ANZ National fuelling attack on public services

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Election 08 - Gordon Campbell on big, bad government spending

Election 08 - Gordon Campbell on the Immigration Bill, striking health workers, and the Obama Veepstakes

Lyndon Hood - Lyndon Hood: Things To Do About Winston Peters

National - Workplace policy: expanding job opportunities

Election 08 - Gordon Campbell on National’s industrial relations policy

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NZ Govt - John Key flip flops yet again

NZ Govt - Key admits support for communism


putting it on the
national plastic
Election 08 - Gordon Campbell on National’s economic vision

image real, second
caption added
Scoop Full Coverage - National Conf + Secret Recordings

well, everyone's
campaign actually
National - Labour wanted taxpayers to fund its campaign

Election 08 - Gordon Campbell on the ethics of taping politicians

the old
carrot/stick schtick
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Election 08 - Campbell on National’s welfare policy, Tauranga and Georgia

not friends with
Lyndon Hood - Lyndon Hood: Sanctions On Russia, Beneficiaries

duelling energy
National - National: Going for growth

ceci n'est pas une

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Election 08 - Gordon Campbell On Arts Funding Policy

in retrospect,
winston as a gay icon is kind of funny too
Lyndon Hood - Lyndon Hood: Satirists Urge Winston Not To Resign

ask not for whom
the troll tolls
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Election 08 - National’s Plans For Roads + Blogging + Biden

Election 08 - Gordon Campbell On the ETS And The Greens


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Election 08 - The Bad Blood Between the SFO and Peters

NZ Govt - National caucus in disarray as leaks intensify

Election 08 - Winston Peters’ Rebuttal Of Glenn

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Election 08 - ‘Horse race’ political journalism

NZ Govt - PM’s announcement on the 2008 General Election

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Election 08 - How US Financial Meltdown Will Affect NZ Election

Greens - Nothing to fear from gang treaty claims

Election 08 - The contemptible behaviour of both Peters and Key

Election 08 - On The US Bailout, And On Treating Key With Kid Gloves


Lyndon Hood - News Missed During The Peters Saga

Election 08 - Gordon Campbell’s Election Launch 2008 Review

Lyndon Hood - Campaign 2008 - The Superhero vs Monster Movie

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Public Service Association - NZ cannot afford to cut its public services

NZ First - Key Must Explain His Maori Party Deal

C.D. Sludge - Sludge Report: Whose Money Are We Guaranteeing?

Salvation Army - Grim reality for New Zealand's forgotten families

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Election 08 - Gordon Campbell On The Politics Of Poverty

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Election 08 - National’s dilemma, if elected – if not Labour Lite, then what?

Greens - Key's Welfare Proposal Unworkable and Unfair

Lyndon Hood - Manifesto Of The Sarcasm Party

National - Desperation drips from latest smear attempt

National - National announces Action Plan for Violent Crime


counting down to the election
Election 08 - NZ’s Non-Election Comes To A Close


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