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Solari Report: US Tax Issues for 2013-14 with Patty Kemmerer

Solari Report: U.S. Tax Issues for 2013-14 with Patty Kemmerer

By Catherine Austin Fitts

During my first internship on Wall Street, I sat in the office of a senior banker as he puffed on his cigar at8am in the morning. He looked me in the eye and growled, “Kid, if you want to be successful in this world, find yourself a great accountant and a great lawyer.” I am thriving today as a result of taking that advice to heart.

This week on The Solari Report, I will be speaking with Patty Kemmerer. Patty is a member of Kemmerer Schooley Smith, CPAs in Northern Virginia. Patty has over 25 years of experience working with tax issues for a wide range of businesses, not for profits and individuals. She is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Virginia Society of CPAs, and the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts. Having worked with her for many years, in my book, she is a “great accountant.”

Patty and I will discuss US individual and small business taxes for 2013 and 2014, focused on steps for you to consider before year end. Topics include:
• The Affordable Health Care Act (ACA);
• Accelerating earned income, investment income and deductions into 2013;
• Non-business energy credits;
• Year-end giving and retirement plan contributions;
• Health savings accounts (HSA)
• For businesses: Section 179 expensing, increasing basis in S-Corps, and expiring provisions.
• Delay in 2014 filing, IRS warnings and red flags.

In Money & Markets this week I will discuss latest trends in the financial and commodities markets.

In Let’s Go to the Movies, I want to revisit a favorite,The Name of the Rose, in light of recent events announced by the Vatican, promoting transparency and hiring a independent accounting firm, as well as the subsequent US announcement to move its Embassy to the Holy See out of Vatican City.

Talk to you Thursday! See the blog post here!

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Heads Up on Precious Metals
November was not a strong month for precious metals. The current trends in the market have me concerned. In last month’s Precious Metals Market Report, Franklin and I discussed the importance of various support lines, including the prior low of 1180.

Roaring Centralization
There is no doubt about it. The stocks of pro-centralization team leaders were high flyers this year. Here is a chart of Lockheed Martin, Google and Facebook compared to the S&P 500, 20 Year Treasuries and Gold.

Amazon Chief Reveals Drone Delivery System
America’s Role as Consumer of Last Resort Goes Missing
China’s Move to End IPO Halt Sparks Rally in Finance
How Science Goes Wrong

Holiday Greetings from Solari
Dear Friends, Clients & Subscribers,

The 2013 holiday season is here. We want to acknowledge our many blessings and give thanks for the strength of your support and friendship.

Every year at this time, we celebrate by sharing our good fortune. Here they are — our choices for Christmas 2013 donations. We would like to acknowledge and thank these organizations for nurturing and supporting children, families and communities:

Michael Fields Agricultural Institute of East Troy, Wisconsin for their efforts to help veterans learn farming. Thank you, Dave Andrews, Executive Director!

Creative Montessori Learning Center of East Palo Alto, California for their efforts to provide high quality pre-school education for the children of working families. Thank you, Court Skinner, President of the Board! Make a donation here.

Open Source Ecology of Maysville, Missouri for their Micro House workshops to teach people how to build their own homes. Thank you, Marcin Jakubowski, Director, and Chris Reinhardt, Homebuilder!

Wherever you are, wherever you may be, we wish you peace — peace in our hearts and minds, peace in our homes and families and peace on Earth.

Have a happy Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year.
— Catherine Austin Fitts & The Solari Team

This year’s Christmas card featuring “We're Going to the Stars” was created by Ben Lizardi of Lizardi Communications, Inc. Ben was inspired by our Solari Report this year about the Breakaway Civilization with Dr. Joseph Farrell.

Subscribers: Give the Gift of The Solari Report
This Christmas season, we invite all Solari Report subscribers to give someone special a free, two-month gift subscription to The Solari Report.

The person of your choice will receive access to all subscriber resources and the Thursday Solari Report. From December 17,2013 – February 17,2014.

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Just A Taste - Into the Imagination
Get a "taste" of The Solari Report with this video excerpt from last week's report:

"This is Jon Rappoport and this is the November edition of my report for Solari. Good to be here as always. The title of this is 'Imagination Creates Reality.' I've talked about this before from many different angles. Why, because it is so incredibly important. It is important to know that you have a thing that isn't really a thing at all, called 'imagination.' You can do a great deal with it to create the reality that you want. Not just in your head but in the world. In your world. In your life."
Watch the video...

Highlights from Last Week's Report
"So if you didn’t have imagination at all, you would be a robot, an android. You would be operating within a relatively small number of coded instructions that would guide your every action, underlying themes, principles, rules, and regulations. Yes, we’ll set this android loose because he’s programmed according to these particular items, and so everything that he does, thinks, (the way he behaves, how he acts, et cetera, et cetera) will all be within that set of boundaries, and so we don’t have to worry about him."

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Coming Clean: Beyond the Fiscal Cliff
We are republishing each of the 22 challenges from Catherine’s fiscal cliff article weekly. We hope this helps to digest them bit by bit!

Health - 7th of 22 Challenges.

Read more here!

About The Solari Report
A live, weekly one-hour briefing with Catherine Austin Fitts and specialized experts, The Solari Report helps to navigate you through the shifting political and financial climates while building your wealth.

Here is what one listener says about Catherine Austin Fitts:

"Wow, Catherine! This chick is thinking way outside the box. Catherine Austin Fitts on the ramifications of the G7s latest clampdown on all that loose offshore money."

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Nothing in this Solari Update should be taken as individual investment advice. Anyone seeking investment advice for his or her personal financial situation is advised to seek out a qualified advisor or advisors and provide as much information as possible to the advisor in order that such advisor can take into account all relevant circumstances, objectives, and risks before rendering an opinion as to the appropriate investment strategy.


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