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Scoop Goes Mobile

We are excited to let you know that Scoop publishing has now publicly launched a new mobile friendly (Beta) version of the site just in time for the tail end of summer (if it ever arrives for some of us).

This new Scoop Mobile page is much faster, easier to navigate and looks much snazzier. You can now access Scoop independent news while at the beach, in the garden or even on the road (not behind the wheel please!)

Check out the new mobile site here or navigate to on your phone or tablet.

We hope you will enjoy being able to keep on top of the latest Scoop news, reviews and culture while out and about. We gave the new mobile site a trial run ourselves over the break and found it to be much faster and easier to navigate than the old version - in short a much-improved overall user experience.

You can bookmark this page on your mobile devices and return to it from now on. Once any final bugs are ironed out this will become the full version of Scoop Mobile. Once that happens if you click on a link to the old Scoop site from an email, Google or other search engines from your mobile we will automatically redirect you to the new mobile site.

If you do find any bugs or have a suggested improvement in mind, we would really appreciate if you could let Scoop’s Tech Lead Wiremu Demchick know. You can do this via the form at the bottom of the mobile page or directly to:

Finally, while we hope to have seen the last of natural disasters for the time being, this mobile version will also make it easier for you to keep on top of the news in the unwelcome case of another disruptive event.

We hope you enjoy this new and improved mobile site - it is a positive first step in a more comprehensive larger overhaul of the Scoop Publishing infrastructure.

Thank you for your support,

Joseph Cederwall
Community Engagement Manager

© Scoop Media

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