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Our Friend Bill? - Two weeks after he was due to deliver a reportedly harsh decision on Lamb tariffs on NZ and Australian imports - Australia's Alexander Downer - this morning says the US President has ordered his officials to look at their decision again. On Radio New Zealand's Morning Report former PM and US Ambassador Jim Bolger confirmed intensive lobbying seemed to have worked. He said calls from the New Zealand and Australian PM to the president may have helped. However he was not confident the plan would be dropped. "We knows there is an awful lot of political pressure coming on - I spoke to the USTR (the US Trade Representative) today -- I think inevitably there will be some constraints on our trade."

Too Close: Australia Pakistan Cricket Final - Australia beat South Africa by a whisker this morning to a spot in the World Cup Cricket Final. The teams ended on a draw, but because Australia qualified for the finals with more points it was awarded the shot at the title. New Zealand's Black Caps beat Australia in the first round and made the semi-finals before being routed yesterday by Pakistan.

The House - After Questions of the Day (see full coverage in Questions Of The Day (1-6) and Questions Of The Day (7-12). The House turned to the order paper, Scoop takes a look at that and the House next week in the same wire.

The Crime Card - In the Parliament wire, Justice Minister Tony Ryall, declaims that the justice system is the people's system. See Speech by Tony Ryall.

More WINZ Blunders - Labour says that WINZ blunders on, and on, and on

Health Alert - The Ministry of Health is urging people who used to take Ponderax or Adifax diet pills to see their doctor if they took the weight loss medication for three months or more . See the general wire.

Painting The Towns Red - Statistics New Zealand reports in the business wire that local authorities record a deficit

Lift The Rafters High - There are signs of new vigour in the construction sector with Statistics New Zealand reporting an pward trend in residential building . See the business wire.

DNA Cock UP The Justice Minister has issued the DNA Inquiry Terms Of Reference. See the Parliament wire. Wandering MP Finds A Vote Caster ACT Leader, Richard Prebble says the decision by Labour to cast Frank Grover's proxy Vote is a scandal. See the Parliament wire.

The WTO Tied Up In Knots - In the Headlines wire, Scoop takes a look at the WTO deadlock which means a by-election is extremely unlikely.

IRD Claims Rejected - The IRD row simmers away on Scoop, the PSA puts forward their view On the IRD Culture. Meanwhile, Radio New Zealand is reporting that the Inland Revenue Commissioner has rejected allegations by Rodney Hide that a staff-member of IRD allegedly had five clients commit suicide and boasted about it. Hide says he has the allegations in an affidavit. Mr Hide's initial salvo in Question Time is transcripted in the parliament wire.

Will The Real Tibetans Please Stand Up? - There is a Call For a Boycott Of Chinese Dance Troupe. See the general wire.

Movie Records Break - The force may not be with you, but the force is certainly in the money as The Phantom Menace breaks all existing NZ records in the general wire. Consumers Spend Up - In the business wire, Statistics New Zealand says the trend in retail sales continues to grow. Total sales have increased 4.1 per cent since April 1998, backing up anecdotal evidence of increasing consumer confidence. Pepsi Primary? - Labour says in the Parliament wire that protocols are needed for school sponsorship, following news that a North Shore school is seeking commercial sponsorship to take advantage of its proximity to the America's Cup course.

Govt Accused of "Bad Faith" On Casinos - An attempt to enforce local polls before casino applications were approved was defeated on a conscience vote in the House last night amidst allegations of conspiracy and collusion. See.. House: Govt Accused of "Bad Faith" On Casinos in the Headlines wire.

APEC - In the parliament wire, the Prime Minister says that APEC Women's Meeting brings leaders to New Zealand. Jenny Shipley also says she will continue APEC talks during a visit to North Asia

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