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No Breach - The Speaker has ruled that Jenny Shipley has no case to answer against a breach of privilege charge over her alleged "I made it up" comment. Mrs Shipley's response to the decision is in the Parliament wire.

ACC Roll-Overs Scoop takes a look at the numbers in the move to private companies from ACC. See the Headlines wire.

Tourism Pay Off Deal Delayed - The expected release of APEC commitments for Tourism Minister Lockwood Smith have led to delays in the release of the deal the government has arranged over payments made to two former Tourism Board directors.

Fraud Busting - The Government says that their benefit crime campaignfound $17 million of taxpayer's money which will be paid back.

Thai Candidate Defiant - In the headline wire, the Scoop listens in on Dr Supachai Panitchpakdi talking about the race for the WTO top job.

APEC - APEC trade ministers are meeting in Auckland this week amongst however some of the gloss has been taken off the event with US Trade Representative, Charlene Barshefsky pulling out for family reasons. Her place will be taken by Deputy US Trade Representative Richard Fisher. In the Parliament wire, Lockwood Smith talks about Apec Trade Ministers Meeting and the delegations involved. Other cancellations include Russia and Peru now sending their deputy minister of trade rather than their ministers and Malaysia's secretary general of trade and industry is attending in place of its Minister of Tourism Trade and Integration.

Biotechnology Conference - Max Bradford wades into the controversial area of biotechnology with a speech in the Parliament wire.

Money To Celebrate - There is announcement of a Millennium injection in the Parliament wire with the Lottery Grants Board injecting further $3million into the Millennium celebrations, with the possibility of a further $1 million in February.

Schier Controversy The Prime Minister is sticking by her Immigration Minister after calls that he should be forced to resign after he gave a frank account of his version of events. (See the Parliament wire) Green MP Rod Donald says it is was an act of cowardice to release the information after the Schiers had left the country. Petra Schier and her family were deported yesterday after a long battle to stayAnother deportee, Russian seaman Arthur Udovenko was also leaving on the same flight. He was one of a number of Russians stranded in Christchurch for months as they waited for the resolution of a wage claim. Mr Udovenko leaves behind his New Zealand wife and their baby daughter.

Plunderers At Work - A week after police busted a Wellington Paua poaching ring. The Greens say city-based illegal harvesters are plundering the Coromandel

SOAPBOX: Privacy And Publicity - Scoop's regular Christchurch based Sunday columnist Matthew Thomas discusses Chatham House Rules and the PM's recent encounter with TVNZ's interpretation of the same beginning with a quote from Samuel Johnson - "To tell our own secrets is generally folly, but that folly is without guilt; to communicate those with which we are intrusted is always treachery, and treachery for the most part combined with folly." - see… SOAPBOX: Unwanted Privacy, Unwanted Publicity in the Headlines wire.

SCOOP IMAGES: "Ooo Aaah Umaga" - The last international rugby test to be held at Athletic Park today proved a memorable one for local heroes Tana Umaga and Christian Cullen who scored three tries and two respectively. The touring French side was thoroughly outclassed by the All Blacks who beat them by the all-time record scoreline of 54-7. Scoop has pictures and a report of the match in the Headlines wire. See.. SC IMAGES: "Oooh Aaah Umaga" Earlier in the same wire, is a look back at a personal memory of Athletic Park.

River Report - The Waitangi Tribunal has come down in favour of river tribes along the Whanganui river. The Tribunal's long awaited report says past and successive Governments are to blame for theft. They say while the river was and is not privately owned it was the common property of the people and compensation should be paid. Tau Henare says the Government will look at the report and respond in several weeks time. Various environmental groups are relaxed about joint management of the river. ACT says the Government must assure that public water is owned by all. Meanwhile the Libertarianz party says give the tribe full ownership of the river

The Return To Kosovo In the headlines wire, the Kosovo Press reports on the return of refugees. Meanwhile, British troops have arrested a man suspected of murdering 56 people in Kosovo and have informed an international tribunal investigating war crimes of the arrest. The man was arrested by military police at his home about 15 kilometres south of Pristina.

DNA Report - The Justice Minister, has announced he has directed the Ministry of Justice to report on ESR's reporting protocols in cases where DNA results are unclear. See the Parliament wire. GDP Data Out - 'It's a recovery Jim, but not as we know it.' The latest trade and economic data show that Imports in May continued to rise and Gross Domestic Product figures for March showed that there is recovery fueled by domestic spending and tourism spending. All the figures are in the business wire. One side of the argument says that the "Trade Deficit Disaster For National ". While National says the"GDP Figures Show Steady Growth". All that and more in the Parliament wire.

Parental Leave Debate - The Alliance is angry that their parental leave legislation has been sidelined by a select committee considering it. They say the Government has bullied the bill off the agenda.

Tariff Debate - The pros and cons of removing tariffs are debated in the Parliament wire. Jenny Shipley says NZ consumers are better off, but others point to 25,000 jobs lost though tariff reduction.

Land Claim - NZ First wonders whether Paraparaumu Airport is another Bastion Point in the Parliament wire. In the same wire NZ First are accused of hypocrisy over the issue.

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