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Scoop Today - Wired News For The Informed

Scoop Today - Wired News For The Informed

Sunday Musings: Give Peace A Chance - Kevin Roberts And A Big Black... 747? - Sunday Papers - Lomu On The Market - An Internet Startup In The UK Lets You Be ... Well Anyone You Want To Be - New Legal Aid Rules Announced - Victims To Be Given Opportunity For Say In Court - Elder Defends Kapahaka Decision - and much more…

The Weekend's Scoops

Sunday Musings: Give Peace A Chance

- Scoop's Alastair Thompson analyses the latest developments in the Kosovo tragedy, observes on the relevance of continued military action in the Gulf, and argues peace is not a two way street. See... Balkans Editorial: Teach Your Children Well [1] in the Headlines wire.

[1] -

Kevin Roberts And A Big Black... 747?

- The 747 I'd like to fly the world in - with the All Blacks. Scoop talks with the... unusual Kevin Roberts. See... SCP Interactive: Edge Theory: An All Black Plane? [1] in the Headlines wire.

[1] -

Sunday Papers - Lomu On The Market

- The Sunday news leads today with an exclusive report that rugby superstar Jonah Lomu is on the market. As the All Blacks prepare for the World Cup, Jonah Lomu has been put on the world player market. Last week the London Club Saracens rejected the $1.7 million-a-season asking price. Lomu is said to be making the move because he wants more time on the field and the decision coincides with All Black coach John Hart's decision to confine Lomu to a part-time role in the All Blacks. For more on what is in today's Sunday papers see... Sunday News [1] and Sunday Star Times [2] in the News Monitor wire.

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[2] -

An Internet Startup In The UK Lets You Be … Well Anyone You Want To Be

- A successful internet startup in the UK has taken the internet email name business to a new level and appears to be making money on the way. See... Funmail: Would You Adam And Eve It? [1] in the Business wire.

[1] -

New Legal Aid Rules Announced

- "Legal Aid spending will be capped by a two-stage plan which will see the granting of legal aid centralised, and eligibility reviewed", Justice Minister, Tony Ryall, said today. See... New Accountability and Innovation For Legal Aid [1] in the Parliament wire. ACT is claiming credit for the announcement see... ACT MP Wins Tighter Controls For Legal Aid [2] .

[1] -
[2] -

Victims To Be Given Opportunity For Say In Court

- Justice Minister, Tony Ryall, today announced important new initiatives that will, for the first time, give victims the legal right to have their voice heard in the justice system. See... Real Rights For Victims [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

Elder Defends Kapahaka Decision

- The Minister of Internal Affairs, Jack Elder, says the Shanghai visit of a champion Auckland school kapahaka group, partly funded by his Lottery Ministerial Discretionary Fund will be of considerable benefit to New Zealand. See... Minister Says Funding Figures Manipulated [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

Slave Labour For Wealthy In Christchurch?

- A Christchurch court decision this week has shown that unemployed people can be used as unpaid labour on the private estates of wealthy landowners under Community Wage scheme regulations. See... Unpaid labour on private estates of the rich [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

John Howard On Republicanism

- From time to time the issue of whether New Zealand should become a republic is raised by some of our politicians, notably Mike Moore and Jenny Shipley. See... Magna Carta Society: The Republican Debate [1] in the Politics wire.

[1] -

IMAX Rules

- The most modern entertainment complex in the world has opened for business today in the heart of Auckland City. See... 21st Century Entertainment Arrives at Queen Street [1] in the Auckland wire.

[1] -

Waipareira Trust Wants To Reward Tamihere

- Officers of Waipareira Trust are determined to bid farewell to its chief executive, John Tamihere, with a reward. See... Waipareira Trust Wants To Reward Tamihere [1] in the Auckland wire.

[1] -

The Battle Over Britomart Continues

- Legal action looms over Auckland City Council after it rejected demands from Britomart developer Jihong Lu for $15million for costs incurred due to delays. See... Britomart Deadlock Could Be Costly for Aucklanders [1] in the Auckland wire.

[1] -

Taking A Leaf Out Of Luxton's Book

- The "Food and Fibre" moniker so favoured of the Government appears to be taking root across the ditch. See... Agriculture Action Plan To Include Food And Fibre [1] in the Australia wire.

[1] -

Balkans Stability Pact Summit

- Leaders of Nato and the Balkans republics have been meeting in Sarajevo to discuss the path to peace. Scoop has extensive coverage of the meetings in the General wire courtesy of the White House and US State Department. See... Balkans: Clinton in Photo Op with Leaders [1] , Balkans: Albright Address To KFOR Troops [2] , Balkans: Madeleine Albright Address To Kosovars [3] , Balkans: KFOR Commander Press Conference [4] , Balkans: Fact Sheet Promoting Democracy in Serbia [5] , Balkans: Fact Sheet on Building Peace In Bosnia [6] , Balkans: Fact Sheet on Stability Pact [7] and Balkans: Fact Sheet on Trade and Investment [8] .

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[2] -
[3] -
[4] -
[5] -
[6] -
[7] -
[8] -

Meanwhile The US Is Keeping Up The Pressure On Cuba

- The international spotlight on the human rights situation in Cuba will not be dimmed, says the US Secretary of State. See..

Reserve Bank Governor's Socks

- In response to a request under the Official Information Act arising from public interest in expenditure by the heads of Crown entities, the Reserve Bank today released details of Governor Don Brash's travel and entertainment expenses for the past two years. See... Reserve Bank Governor Washes His Own Socks [1] in the General wire.

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