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Govt Welcome Indonesian Decision on Timor’s Independence

- Foreign Minister Don McKinnon today welcomed the Indonesian Parliament's decision to revoke the decree incorporating East Timor into Indonesia, thereby opening the way for East Timor's transition to independence. See… East Timorese can focus on the future - McKinnon [1] . The Prime Minister is also pleased. See… New Zealand Welcomes Indonesian Decision On Timor [2] . Both in the Parliament wire.

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Roundabout Rabbits Poisoned

- The flock of rabbits living on a large grassy roundabout at the end of the Wellington airport, viewed by thousands every day, have been poisoned by the Wellington Regional Council with RCD.

Animal Remedy Board Prudent On Antibiotic Animal Feed

- The Animal Remedies Board has adopted policy recommendations relating to the use of antibiotics as growth promotants and for prevention of disease in food animals in New Zealand. See… ARB Adopts ‘Prudent’ Approach to Antibiotic Feeds [1] and Animal Remedy Board Policy Decisions [2] in the General wire.

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Italy's Prada Team has pulled out into the lead of the Louis Vuitton Cup challenger series.

Scoop [Auckland] here brings you match summaries, Today's match results, Team points to date, Today and tomorrow's weather, and who races who tomorrow. See… Today's match results, Team points to date and much more... [1] in the Auckland Frontpage.

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Tizard Appalled At Attacks on National / ACT’s Billboards

- Labour Auckland Central MP Judith called on residents in Auckland Central not to damage opponents political hoardings. See… Tizard appalled at attacks on opponents' hoardings [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

Bendon Closure A Body Blow – Cullen

- Today's announcement by Bendon is to be deeply regretted as, with unemployment already running at 7 percent in New Zealand, every job is precious,” Labour Deputy Leader Michael Cullen said. See… Bendon closure body blow [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

Country Being Let Down By Hopeless Media – Peters

- Today our country is being let down with a dumbed-down media. A media which will trot out any old rubbish and pass it off as news. See… Forget the cost! Feel the Quantity! - Winston [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

Greens Say Last-Ditch Effort To Derail GE Food Labelling Looms

- A last-ditch attempt is being made by industry and the Australia New Zealand Food Authority (ANZFA) to derail mandatory labelling of genetically engineered foods, Sue Kedgley, Green Party Health Spokesperson said today. See… Greens tell of last-ditch effort to Labelling [1] in the Parliament wire.

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Nats Come To Party (Late) With Student Loan Changes

- Next year tertiary students will be able to pay their loans back faster and will pay less interest because of the bringing forward of changes to the Student Loan Scheme, Tertiary Education Minister Max Bradford and Education Minister Nick Smith have announced. See… Faster Repayments, Less Interest for Students [1] . See also… Labour’s ‘Generous’ Student Loan Scheme A Myth [2] and Q & A: Changes To Student Loans Scheme [3] . Labour Leader Helen Clark said the National Party would have been better to leave it’s flawed student policy alone rather than tinker with it in the heat of the election campaign in a way which scarcely left students better off at all. See… Nats tinker with student loans [4] . Labour’s associate education spokesperson (tertiary) Steve Maharey says the motive behind the Government's announcement of small changes to the student loan scheme is to get elected. See… Labour slams Government's motives [5] . All in the Parliament wire.

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Concerns Mount For Missing Girl

- Auckland Police are searching for a missing eight year old Auckland girl, whose whereabouts have been unknown since yesterday and concern is mounting for her safety. See… Concerns Mount For Missing Girl [1] in the Auckland Front Page wire.

[1] -

Alliance Say Student Loans Likely To Be Sold

- The Alliance has revealed the government was talking about selling the student loans scheme to the Westpac Banking Corporation earlier this year and says a National Act government will sell the scheme making any changes to the scheme before the election redundant. See… Student loans could be sold to an Australian bank [1] in the Parliament wire. Tertiary Education Minister Max Bradford said the Government has no intention of selling student loan accounts to the private sector. See… Liz, Read My Lips: Student Loans Not For Sale [2] in the Parliament wire.

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Derek Fox Cased Out His Options In Labour – Turia

- Labour MP Tariana Turia says she was approached on behalf of independent Maori candidate Derek Fox at least three times to sound out what, if any, future Mr Fox had within Labour. On Crossfire this week Mr Fox repeatedly called Helen Clark a liar for saying he had made such approaches. See… Turia approached by Fox associate [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

Lesson For NZ: Dumped Aussie Premier Shows Polls Way Off Mark

- Victoria's Premier Jeff Kennett, stood before his people yesterday a broken man, but unbowed. In lessons for New Zealand politicians, the opinion polls were way off the mark. John Howard reports. See… Kennett Shows Aussie Polls Way Off Mark [1] in the Headlines wire.

[1] -

Could This Be Concerning Our New Ambassador?

- Senator Jessie Helms the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Senate has opposed the appointment of Carol Moseley-Braun to the position of NZ Ambassador. Moseley-Braun is a personal friend of the First Lady Hillary Clinton and the President appears to be continuing to back the appointment - not that it was mentioned in this morning's White House press briefing… "Q. Has Senator Helms apologised to the President yet? Any phone calls, any… MR. [JOE] LOCKHART: No, Senator Helms has not apologised to the President, nor do I think he's indicated that he feels he needs to." See… General Wire for full transcript of the press briefing. We also have James Rubin on Pakistan, Afghanistan and Indonesia and various other security issues.

Housing Report Damning – Clark

- Labour Leader Helen Clark said a new housing report damning the government's market rents policy has again highlighted the linkage between poor quality housing, poverty and ill health. See… Government damned by housing report [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

Electoral Roll Closes Next Week – 340,000 Still Unenrolled

- Some 340,000 eligible electors have just one more week to enrol before the electoral roll for this year’s general election and referenda closes for printing. See… Electoral Roll Closes Next Week - Enrolments Low [1] in the General wire.

[1] -

Greens Urge ERMA To Deal With King Salmon Before Election

- Green Party Co-Leader Jeanette Fitzsimons today urged the Environmental Risk Management Authority (ERMA) not to sideline New Zealand King Salmon's genetic engineering programme until after the election. See… ERMA sidelining King Salmon GE issue [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

Labour To Recognise Gifted Students

- Gifted students will gain official recognition under a Labour Government, Labour education spokesperson Trevor Mallard said. See… Support for gifted children long overdue [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

Clark To Retract Defamatory Comments

- Labour Leader Helen Clark’s formal retraction and apology for defamatory comments she made about Auckland doctor Joseph John Brownlee will be read in the Wellington High Court today. The case was called yesterday so that a date could be set but Clark's lawyer said the two parties had agreed on terms. Brownlee's lawyer said he wanted to make it clear the apology was a part of a settlement. Roger Sowry, Leader of the House says Labour leader Helen Clark's credibility is under a serious strain after she made false allegations about an Auckland surgeon, said. See… Clark's credibility strained [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

Peters / King Dispute ‘Facts’ Over Mental Health

- Winston Peters says the fact that 400 people met in Auckland this week to discuss the failings of the mental health system, is yet another example of Labour’s policies of the 1990s having gone so terribly wrong. See… Concern Over Failed Mental Health Policies [1] . However Labour’s Annette King cannot understand this, given that Peters has been in government while Labour has been in opposition for nine years. See… Where's the couch Winston? [2] Both in the Parliament wire.

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[2] -

Concerns Mount For Missing Girl:

Concerns Mount For Missing Girl Auckland Police are searching for a missing eight year old Auckland girl, whose whereabouts have been unknown since yesterday. See… Concerns Mount For Missing Girl [1] in the Headlines wire.

[1] -

February Hero Parade In Auckland Is Not Possible

The Hero Board of Trustees has announced that a February Hero Parade is not possible. Sean Lofts and Anne Speir, co-Chairs of the Board, today announced plans for a late November 2000 date instead. See… February Hero Parade In Auckland Is Not Possible [1] in the Headlines wire.

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