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Tonight’s Moon Biggest Kiwis Will Ever See

- For the first time since 1866 the Summer Solstice and a full moon will coincide tonight, with the moon being the biggest and brightest moon you are ever likely to see. See... Tonight’s Moon Biggest Kiwis Will Ever See [1] in the Headlines wire. See.. Or Not.... [2]

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Final Parliamentary Questions of The 20th Century

- Today's questions for oral answer from the Office of the Clerk, the first of the New Parliament and probably last of the year...and the 2nd Millennium. SUBJECTS COVERED INCLUDE: Monetary Policy - Government Policy - Minister For Auckland - ACC - Mental Health - Youth Rates - Student Benefits - Winz - Derek Quigley - Computer Contracts - Possums - Universities. See... HOUSE: First Question Session For New Government [1] in the Headlines wire for Scoop's coverage of the question session.

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- Universities, employers, disloyal MPs, people of New Zealand... If there are any doubts still lingering over whether this new government is planning to shake things up, then this speech appears intended to dispel them. See... FULL TEXT: Speech From The Throne [1] in the Headlines wire. However National MP Annabel Young says the new government is making promises that it won’t be able to keep. See... Govt promises exceed available money [2] in the Parliament wire. The leader of the NZ republican Movement says The speech from the throne is absurd [3] in the Politics wire. The Speech to the Throne today showed that the government is heading down the right path, says Green Party co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons. See... Inquiries not enough say the Greens [4] in the Parliament wire. ACT Leader Richard Prebble says the minority coalition Government's programme as outlined in the speech from the Throne is a huge step backwards. See... Huge step backwards [5] in the Parliament wire.

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[5] -

Select Committee Members - Provisional List

- Note: This list is preliminary and subject to change. Select Committee Chair-persons have not been elected yet. See... Select Committe Members - Provisional List [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

Justice Minister To Recommend Abortion Law review

- The Minister of Justice, Phil Goff, says he will recommend to Cabinet that there be a review of the Contraception, Sterilisation and Abortion Act. See... Report Of The Abortion Supervisory Committee [1] in the Parliament wire. The Abortion Law Reform Association of New Zealand welcomes the Minister of Justice's response to the latest Abortion Supervisory Committee Report. See... Abortion Law Reform Assn Welcome Moves [2] in the Politics wire. SPUC are concerned that the report may lead to more of a “culture of death”. See... SPUC On Abortion Report [3] in the Politics wire.

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[3] -


New Cigarette Pack Health Warnings Hit Shops

- Cigarette packs with larger, stronger health warnings have begun to appear in shops. The packs also display a health warning in Maori. See... New cigarette pack health warnings hit shops [1] in the General wire.

[1] -

Victoria University Urged To 'Get It Right' Next Time – AUS -

- The Association of University Staff (AUS) is urging Victoria University's Council to ensure that the process for appointing a replacement for departing Vice-Chancellor, Michael Irving, is open and democratic. See... Victoria University urged to 'get it right' next [1] in the Education wire.

[1] -

Waikato Court Decision To Stand

- The Association of University Staff (AUS) has welcomed Waikato University Vice-Chancellor Bryan Gould's decision to abandon his appeal against the High Court decision, which struck down his proposed restructuring of parts of the University. See... Waikato Court decision to stand [1] in the Education wire.

[1] -

Taxpayers have rights! - Ombudsmen

- ACT Finance spokesman Rodney Hide says the Ombudsmen's Own Motion investigation into the IRD's handling of official information tabled today was the greatest victory ever struck on behalf of taxpayers. See... Taxpayers have rights! - Ombudsmen [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

Deputy PM On Economic Outlook

- The blow-out in the current account recorded today shows the total failure of the National party's economic management, Alliance leader and deputy Prime Minister Jim Anderton says. See... Treasury briefing makes economic development Vital [1] . He also says the account deficit shows the clear need for industry development. See... Account crisis emphasises need for industry devpt. [2] Both in the Parliament wire.

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[2] -

Urgent Assistance Needed For Unemployed Students

- Green MP Sue Bradford is calling for urgent assistance for unemployed students over Christmas and for the rest of the summer. See... Urgent Assistance Needed For Unemployed Students [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

HortResearch Staff Face Bleak Christmas

- At least eight HortResearch staff face a bleak Christmas and an uncertain future after being told their jobs are to be axed,' PSA organiser Malcolm Blair said today. See... HortResearch Staff Face Bleak Christmas [1] in the Science wire.

[1] -

Christchurch Council Posts $1.2 Million Surplus For Sept Quarter

- While local authorities had a $47.2 million debt from non-trading activities in the September quarter, the Christchurch City Council has not contributed to it. See... Council Has $1.2 Million Surplus For Sept Quarter [1] in the Politics wire.

[1] -

Rape Crisis Pleased With ACC Reform Pace

- Rape Crisis praised the swift action by the new Government to introduce legislation reforming the accident compensation sector. See... Rape Crisis Pleased With ACC Reform Pace [1] in the Politics wire.

[1] -

Health Minister Puts Upheaval Ahead Of Health – Creech

- The new Health Minister is putting structural upheaval of the health system ahead of improving people's health, Opposition Health spokesperson Wyatt Creech says. See... Health Minister Puts Upheaval Ahead Of Health [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

Green Party MP Calls For New Oath Of Allegiance

- Green Party MP Keith Locke wants to see a Republican-friendly oath of allegiance in time for the next swearing-in of Parliament. See... Green Party MP calls for new oath of allegiance [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

Bunkle Welcomes Commitment to GE Labelling

- Associate Minister for the Environment, Phillida Bunkle today welcomed the new government's commitment to full, clear and unambiguous labelling of genetically engineered foods. See... Bunkle Welcomes Commitment to GE Labelling [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

Architect For Colin McCahon House Site

- An architect has been chosen for the development of a new studio and accommodation for artists at the site of Colin McCahon's house in Titirangi. See... Architect For Colin McCahon House Site [1] in the General wire.

[1] -

Time For A Defence Summit

- The Coalition Government's recent announcement to review the F-16 jet contract should be extended to a full defence summit says, Peter Dunne, leader United New Zealand. See... Time For A Defence Summit [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

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