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Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: One Law For All - The Steven Wallace Killing

The background contents of this report titled 'One law for all' was compiled by Advantage Advocacy and appears at on the Internet. The reports author is DERMOT GREGORY NOTTINGHAM. The report was ...

2: Sludge Report #68 – Who Is Terrorising Who?

Is it more terrifying to be killed by a suicide bomber or by a tank-shell, or by a bomb, or by a bullet as you drive your car to work? Does any means of violent death make you more dead than the other?

3: TVNZ Newsreader To Undergo Surgery

One of the country's leading broadcasters Angela D'Audney has been admitted to an Auckland hospital after being diagnosed with a brain tumour.

4: SCP HOUSE: Questions Of The Day –23 May

Today's questions of the day concerned: Celia Lashlie – Yelashgate – Usury – Yelashgate – Foot and Mouth – Yelashgate – Sunday Star Times Gets It Wrong – Australian Budget – Tibet – Tertiary Funding – Northland – Poverty.

5: Questions For Oral Answer - Wednesday, 23 May

1. HELEN DUNCAN to the Minister of Education: Has he received a report from the State Services Commission on the Specialist Education Services' termination of Celia Lashlie's contract; if so, what are the key findings of the report?

6: Big News: Demilitarisation Of The Sally Army

Well, there’s the old joke: how many Salvation Army Officers does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: change, what’s change?

7: “Harry Potter” Trailer Cinema Premiere

The theatrical trailer for the year’s most-anticipated family film - “Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone” will make its cinema screen debut in New Zealand for the first time on Thursday, April 5.

8: Sludge Report #69 – Nightmare on N. Street

...May twenty-first... Scene... a CIA office somewhere in the Middle East

9: Feedback: Content Is King – Irrational Optimism

Your "Playing Monopoly" [ Sludge Report #67 – Playing Monopoly On The NZ Web ] was an excellent call. I've been net involved for as long as i can remember. I have had an Arpanet/Milnet address since my involvement in Honeywell in 1979 (grin). ...

10: Sludge Report #66 – Steven Wallace’s Last Words

Depending on whether you follow the Police version of events, or those of other eye-witnesses to the shooting of Waitara youth Steven Wallace on April 30th 2000, there are variant versions of just what Steven Wallace’s final words were.

11: Justice Campaigner Complains Re: Steven Wallace

Justice Campaigner unimpressed with Susan Hughes empty statements about 'putting up or shutting up' relating to the issuance of a private prosecution, and death threats to Abbott.

12: Sludge Report #67 – Playing Monopoly On The NZ Web

In This Edition: Xtra and Microsoft Playing Monopoly On The NZ Web - The Worst Portal In New Zealand Online Media - Xtra’s Attempts To Be Everything To Everybody - So What Should Be Done?

13: SCP HOUSE: Questions Of The Day – 22 May 2001

Today's questions of the day concerned: Tertiary Funding – Cancelled GST Refund Cheques – Budget Suggestions – Yelashgate - Children’s Rights – New Taxes – Sport Inquiry – Reducing Reoffending – Private Training Establishments – Yelashgate – Health ...

14: Scoop Archive: Police Accused Of Economic Sabotage

"Deliberate police action to choke the supply of a popular consumer item has only served to make it more scarce and drive prices up," said Libertarianz spokesman Richard McGrath, noting a recent incident where Lower Hutt police stole hydroponic ...

15: $19,000 Spooks PR Effort A Waste Of Good Trees

The Green Party has criticised the Government for spending over $19,000 on the “Securing our Nation’s Safety” publication in order to justify increasing State surveillance of New Zealanders’ private lives and business activities.

16: Scoop Images: Brumbies/Reds Bruiser

The brutal story of the ACT Brumbies 30-6 Super 12 semi-final victory over the Queensland Reds at Bruce Stadium, in pictures.

17: West Coast gold mine false economy

The Green Party is urging the Labour-Alliance Government to turn down a permit for access to a proposed open-cast gold mine involving the clearance of 260 hectares of indigenous forests on the West Coast, saying the environmental risks are too great.

18: Sludge Report #60 – Free Tiger Woods

NOTE: Authors of this report will be anonymous and wide ranging, and occasionally finely balanced. Indeed you are invited to contribute: The format is as a reporters notebook. It will be published as and when material is available. C.D. Sludge can ...

19: ACT Calls for Faster Growth

The ACT Party is calling for a tax cut to boost the economy, as growth continues to slow despite the low dollar and favourable terms of trade.

20: 'State Theft Finished In Five Years,' Say Libz

Consistent with their work ethic, Libertarianz have released their alternative budget exactly one day ahead of Michael Cullen. "But unlike Michael's budget," points out Libertarianz Finance Spokesman Tim Sturm, "ours shows that we can ...

21: Sludge Report #65 – Killing The Silence

In This Edition: Killing The Silence - The real story behind the shooting of Wellington student Steven Wallace by a Police Officer on April 30th 2000 in the town of Waitara.

22: National Radio Midday Report

Kaikoura Crash - Fire - Cold South – Trampers Found – Middle East – Marina Debris – Lamb Prices – Social Breathalizing – Maori Queen – Dash-8 – Picket Manslaughter Trial – Constable Breaks Neck

23: Congrats Sutton, you've finally woken up

National is pleased Agriculture and Biosecurity Minister Jim Sutton has finally woken up to the huge concerns of New Zealanders about foot and mouth disease by bringing the introduction of instant fines forward, National's Biosecurity Spokesperson Eric ...

24: Winston: The Forgetful Fisherman's Friend

NZ First leader Winston Peters' complaint that environmental groups are being funded to participate in fisheries management while recreational fishers miss out is both wrong and comically forgetful of his own political record, says Fisheries Minister ...

25: Budget Must Respond To Skyrocketing Food Prices

Ann Hercus' shopping basket has skyrocketed in price by $25 since Labour came to office 18 months ago. On the eve of the Budget, Opposition Leader Jenny Shipley has called on the Government to deliver relief for low and middle-income New Zealand ...

26: Govt Must Come Clean Over Its Contempt

"Exactly what is the Government up to with it's Social Security Bill?" National's Social Services spokesperson Bob Simcock asked today.

27: Scoop Images: Hobbiton Bridge

Scoop's Hobbit strikes yet again. Hobbiton bridge is revealed in all its glory….enjoy.

28: Scoop Images: Hobbiton By The Water

Scoop's Hobbit strikes again. This time the furry fellow with a flair for photography has produced another - never seen before - shot of Hobbiton in the the Waikato. Showing it in the sun, before it was burned down. It looks like it was a tranquil and magical ...

29: Don’t Take The Bite Out Of Antibiotics

Doctors around the country are urging people to make sure antibiotics don’t lose their effectiveness by overusing them.

30: Scoop Archive: More Racist Seats - More Pain For NZers

The move by the BOP regional counsel to establish guaranteed Maori seats is "a great leap into apartheid," says Libertarian Tim Wikiriwhi, who calls on those concerned to join him and do all they can to stop it.

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