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Yesterday's top 28 rating items on Scoop were...

3: Sludge Report #85 – And One More Makes 169

In April 1995 in downtown Oklahoma a huge explosion set by Timothy McVeigh killed one hundred and sixty eight men women and children, and injured a further 500.

4: Timothy McVeigh’s Departing Poem – “Invictus”

The poem Timothy McVeigh issued instead of making an oral statement before his execution this morning NZT.

5: Lee pledges to defend her political beliefs

"The current attacks on my personal life are being driven by some who want to discredit me politically," said Cabinet Minister Sandra Lee today.

6: Police And Armourguard Officers Storm The Temple

Some 20 police and Armourguard officers stormed the Temple, confiscating band equipment worth well in excess of $10,000 as well as arresting patrons and band members without due cause and assaulting a number of patrons including a female, just before midnight ...

7: Questions For Oral Answer - Tuesday, 12 June 2001

1. Hon KEN SHIRLEY to the Minister of Corrections: What evidence does he have that the Government's rehabilitation programmes for prisoners are getting results?

8: McVeigh Execution Sparks Introspection

Today the USA is divided, divided on morality, on whether the death penalty ought to be the ultimate punishment, divided on whether it's a form of punishment at all or merely ‘putting out the trash’ – removing monsters from the midst...

9: Scoop Images: Southern Snow And Sky

More images from the oh so chilly deep south. Images by Norm McKay . Tekapo Air Safaris Big Sky Over Ohau Snowbound Burke’s Pass

10: Guy’s World: The Metamorphic Symbolism Of Toast

The ultimate symbol of adolescence is not the pierced tongue, not green hair, not Limp Bizkit CDs and not tribal tattoos. It is the toaster that represents the transformation from tyke to teenage dirtbag and beyond.

11: Sludge Report #84 – Shoot, Don’t Shoot

In This Edition: Shoot, Don’t Shoot - A Reader Responds To Police Feedback

12: David Miller: Lesson For NZ From The UK Election

The only people who appear excited by the result of last week’s British general election are the historians who are enthusiastically chronicling the precedents that were set, and those who subscribe to centre- left manifestos and beliefs in other parts ...

13: Scoop Images: Sky Lights Over Lake Ohau

The following images are by Norman Mackay, a resident of Ohau village, on the shore of Lake Ohau near the heart of the Southern Alps. They were taken on a Kodak DC280 digital camera. Norman can be contacted at .

14: SCP HOUSE: Questions Of The Day – 12 June

Today's questions of the day concerned: Prisoner Rehabilitation – Tax Scale Changes – Super Fund Borrowing – Yelashgate – University Funding – Teacher Training – Cancer Treatment Shortages – Elective Surgery Funding – Willie Jackson Vs The Govt – Community ...

15: Steven Wallace Shooting Inquest Delayed Again

The Coroner's Inquest into the police shooting of Waitara student Steven Wallace has been further delayed till September at the earliest.

16: McVeigh: Adopting The Morality Of The Murderer

Amnesty International today expressed regret that the imminent execution of Timothy McVeigh would end a 38-year defacto moratorium on the federal death penalty and accused the US of adopting the morality of the murderer by state-sanctioned killing.

17: Motornet: Back Roading In Subaru's H6 Outback

Subaru's new Outback H6 looks little different from the four-cylinder version, but everyone knows that beauty is skin deep. In the case of the H6, it's what lies beneath the bonnet that really counts....

18: Naomi Klein Tour Of NZ

Naomi Klein, author of No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies, will be visiting Zealand in July in a visit sponsored by her publishers Harper Collins.

19: National Radio Midday Report

Superannuation Bill – Stephen Wallace – Herald Strike – Prison Escapee – McVeigh Execution – Hostage Killed – Middle East – Sentencing Inequalities – Leadbetter Home – PM In Cooks – Lisa Blaikie – Ship Fire

20: President Bush Remarks On McVeigh Execution

THE PRESIDENT: This morning, the United States of America carried out the severest sentence for the gravest of crimes. The victims of the Oklahoma City bombing have been given not vengeance, but justice. And one young man met the fate he chose for ...

21: 2000 Problem Sleepers Wanted For Online Sleep Test

A Wellington psychologist wants 2,000 problem sleepers to test a web-based sleep programme.

22: Goff Using Appeal Court Judges Like Own Officials

ACT Justice Spokesman Stephen Franks has accused Justice Minister Phil Goff of politicising the Court of Appeal.

23: Government sends letter to dairy farmers

The Government has sent all dairy farmer shareholders of Kiwi Dairies and New Zealand Dairy Group co-operatives a letter setting out clearly the regulatory package that would be implemented if the proposed mega-merger goes ahead, Agriculture Minister ...

24: NZ Herald Walks For Four Days

They walked out at 10am this morning over the breakdown in their employment agreement negotiations. They are not expected to return to work before 10am on Saturday.

25: Minister on Samoan removal attempt

Immigration Minister Lianne Dalziel today said she was seeking more detail on the attempted removal of a 21-year-old Samoan woman and her 10-year-old relative.

26: Dayna Berghan: The State Won't Pay For Tampons

Take into account that women menstruate every month and there is no government subsidy on female sanitary products, and you are required to pay Goods and Services tax (GST) on items such as these.


An increase in funding is urgently needed if New Zealand Universities are to maintain their international standing and contribute to a knowledge society, according to Victoria University's Pro Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, ...

28: More Sex Education and Contraceptive Subsidies

"New Zealand needs three things if we really want to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies and abortions in New Zealand. We need comprehensive sexuality education in our schools, we need a detailed sexual and reproductive health strategy that includes ...

29: Greenpeace Sandbags Mobil – No. 1 Villain

Embargoed until 12 noon, 12 June 2001, Wellington: Greenpeace New Zealand today sandbagged Mobil HQ in Lambton Quay, Wellington, and called on Mobil to stop undermining the Kyoto Protocol.

30: Import News: The Dumb Economy

Fisher & Paykel used to be held as an example of "the knowledge economy." Finding it hard to compete, it sought - and got - tariff subsidies from government. Welcome to the dumb economy.

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