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The weekend's top 29 rating items on Scoop were…

2: Dangly Earring Craze Snowballing

The following email, urging women to get their Christine Rankin styled glad rags on in support of women workers, is doing the rounds across the country. Meanwhile, broadcasters Robert Rakete and James Coleman both donned Rankinesque dangly earings ...

3: HARD NEWS 29/7/01 - The Ultimate Fashion Victim

GOOD DAY MEDIAPHILES ... Most of the court cases we televise just aren't that interesting as news television. Seriously, when was the last time you saw an Employment Court case on TV? But this one, with spin doctors shadowing both sides and the plaintiff ...

4: Scoop Images: Steve Maharey's Hit Record

Subversive Art #3 Eliminate Her , coming to an inbox near you.

5: National Offers Way Ahead On Air New Zealand

National has offered the Labour Government support in order to progress the recommendation by the board of Air New Zealand that Singapore Airlines should be allowed to increase its shareholding in Air New Zealand.

6: Cops Blow It With Student Strip Search

Green Party Youth Affairs Spokesperson Nandor Tanczos today said the police had blown an opportunity to educate young people about the risks of drug abuse by strip searching five students on suspicion of possessing cannabis.

7: Sludge Report #90 – Closer To Home

As Foreign Minister Phil Goff sounds off about the handing over of European war criminal Slobodan Milosevic on the TV news tonight, please spare a thought for a news event of considerable more import, far closer to home.

8: Scoop Update #1: Our Day Of Reckoning Approaches

This is the first message in what we expect will be a very occasional series of broadcast emails to you - the community of My Scoop subscribers. It is intended as update on where Scoop is at, where we have been and where we are going.

9: Scoop Images: More Magic Ohau

Four more photos of the magical lake Ohau area from Norman Mackay .

10: Sludge Report #91 – NZ's Flat (Shrinking) Economy

Reading the headlines in the papers lately, C.D. Sludge has been rather surprised to read, over and over again, reports appearing to indicate that the NZ economy is AOK, hunky-dory, in short, a box of birds. It isn't.

11: Sexism, Statism, & Stealing

"Brawling in the House over 'sexism' is sickening," says Libertarianz associate spokesman for deregulation of Welfare, Lindsay Mitchell. "Not least because we tax-payers are forced to fund this shrill debate. Sexism is not the issue - its ...

12: Lindsay Perigo: Self-Respect, Not Self-Obsession

Yesterday I was a tad under the weather from staying up very late the night before, talking & quaffing with friends into the wee hours. It was one of those "meaning of life" conversations, with some good-natured sparring punctuating its more ...

13: Student Debt Set To Cripple NZ

Student debt will cripple the economy within the next two decades unless the government moves with some urgency to address the increased financial burden that has been placed on students over the past decade according to Chris Hipkins, President of the Victoria ...

14: Putting A Rocket Up Local Arts

Next Friday at The Embassy Wellington band Ebb plan to put the proverbial rocket up the local arts scene with their multimedia extravaganza Plush Bomb... An all night party, in the divine purpose built party palace the Embassy movie theatre.

15: Sludge Feedback: Shrinking Or What?

Your analysis rightly shows exactly what is happening. We are working out at the gym and on a crash diet at the same time.

16: British Oil The Main Beneficiary Of Timor Crisis

SCOOP NEWS ANALYSIS - British Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook's, arrival in New Zealand prior to September's APEC forum caused Thailand Foreign Ministry official, Kobsak Chitikul, to ask, "Why is Mr Robin Cook here?" Britain is not a member ...

17: Cannabis (almost) on Energy Agenda

A two day conference on cleaner vehicle emmissions "New Zealand Road to Cleaner Air" commencing today may consider the implementation of horticulturally derived fuels such as bio-diesel made from cannabis-hemp.

18: National Radio Midday Report

Probation Workers – GDP – Montana Wines – Christine Rankin - Milosevic Extradition – Powell In Middle East – Microsoft Case – Knifing – Dannevirke Burglaries – Strip Search – Safer Cars – Climate Change – Foreign Policy School

19: Colin Powell BriefingOn Aircraft en route to Egypt

Press Briefing by Secretary of State Colin L. Powell Aboard Aircraft en route Borg El-Arab, Egypt

20: Mass Suspensions In Probation

"There have been mass suspensions in the Community Probation Service this morning," said PSA national secretary Richard Wagstaff. "We are appalled that the Probation Service has taken this aggressive approach, provoking yet another day of industrial ...

21: SCP HOUSE: Questions Of The Day – 28 June

Today's questions of the day concerned: Christine Rankin – Secondary School Leavers – Christine Rankin And The PM – Wellington Police Numbers – NZ Post – Police Cars – DHB Funding – Border Control Measures – Court Fees – Child Labour – Knowledge Economy ...

22: Closing The Gaps Has Failed

The Maori Affairs select committee has delivered a strong attack on the failure of the government's Closing the Gaps programme, in its supplementary estimates report to Parliament yesterday.

23: Scoop Archive: New 'Human Wrongs' Commissar A Helengrad Nanny

Libertarianz Leader Peter Cresswell expressed disgust today at the ignorance of the Chief Commissar of the Human Wrongs Commissariat, politically correct appointee Rosslyn Noonan, who claims: "Access to the telecommunications network is a human right."

24: GDP Result Disappointing But Historic - Cullen

"The zero March quarter gross domestic product result is disappointing, but is also three months out of date," Finance Minister Michael Cullen said today.

25: Do the Right Thing Japan - and NZ too, Please

Greenpeace to Japan: ”Do the Right Thing” (and New Zealand too, Please) Auckland 28 June 2001 - Greenpeace called on Japan to reaffirm its commitment to climate protection, by clearly indicating that it would ratify the Kyoto Protocol; and to clearly distance ...

26: Keith Rankin: In Defence Of Equitable Home Tax

The opprobrium heaped onto the 2001 Tax Review committee for suggesting a home ownership tax was so loud and so righteous that it pre-empted any reasonable public debate on both that issue and the other issues raised by the taskforce.

27: Nats Hysterical Haste To Sell Out Flag-Carrier

Opposition leader Jenny Shipley is being accused of hysterical haste to sell out New Zealand's flag carrier.

28: Economy Transformed - To A Standstill

Today's GDP result, showing no economic growth whatsoever for the March quarter, confirms the economy is being transformed in the wrong direction National's Finance spokesman Bill English said today.

29: Scoop: Just Politics

Montana Decision Good For The Sharemarket – Franks - Gosche Proposes Tougher Car Safety Rules - Student Debt Spiralling Out Of Control - Nats Offer Labour Support For Air NZ Deal - Submission Opposing Snooping Bill - Mapp Demystifies Goff’s Creative ...

30: Treasury Confirms It - Govt Borrowing For Super

Treasury has today confirmed that the government would have to borrow most of the contributions to the Superfund over the next five years.


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