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Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...


1: Flight 77 Mystery A Disinformation Campaign

"Then, when the government hands out photos of the actual impact taken by a security camera, the same media will work hard to dismiss all critics of the government, indeed the internet community as a whole, as not worthy of serious note. Intelligence ...

2: Sludge Report #127 - The Hunt For Flight 77

In This Edition: The Hunt For Flight 77 - A Truly Remarkable French Website - Disinformation Warning! - Not Everyone Is Convinced - Eyewitness Reports Of The Crash….

3: Sludge Report #129 – Great Pics, But No Flight 77

“Moment of impact at Pentagon” screams the headline. And startling new pictures all right (Why haven’t we seen these before!). But hold it a second. There is still no plane!

4: Transcript: “Earth Shattering” World Bank Scoop

Transcript of Interview of Greg Palast, Journalist for BBC and Observer, London, by Alex Jones

5: Scoop Feature: The Background To 911 Is Oil

The myth of perpetual American prosperity is destroyed by this layman-friendly analysis of the global oil picture and the hard choices facing the planet. Enron employees are only adding to a list of innocent American victims that is going to increase ...

6: INVESTIGATION: Sept 11th - Unanswered Questions

Within a few months, the events of Sept. 11th, 2001 became but an echo of the events that followed. War in Afghanistan, anthrax, unprecedented powers of detention: the public mind moves from one shock to another, appearing to accept the government’s ...

7: Two Suns In The Sunset

In less than two years, G W Bush has transformed the United States from leading peace-maker to world totalitarian nuclear aggressor.

8: Sludge Report #130 – Flt 77, Searching For Answers

In This Edition. Flight 77: The Search For An Answer - Link: CNN Is Looking for More Pentagon Impact Pictures.

9: Still Images: "The Bank" Movie

Four still images from "The Bank", a new movie thriller set in the world of high finance, a modern day story of alchemy.

10: Police Raid Michael Moore Booksigning In San Diego

It's a few minutes before midnight, on Friday night on 3/8/2002. I'm in San Diego, and I have just escaped being arrested by the San Diego police. This book tour keeps getting more surreal, but the last hour has been unlike anything I have yet seen.

11: Scoop Images: 757 or F16? You Be The Judge Image Highlighting The Plane That Hit The Pentagon...

12: Enron: The Anatomy of a Cover-Up

Fitts believes that the most damning evidence in the Enron case was allowed to slip away so that political damage to the current administration could be minimized and money stolen protected from recapture.

13: SCP HOUSE: Questions Of The Day – 12 March

Today's questions of the day concerned: Aquaculture Moratorium – Zimbabwe – Parole Reform – Mental Health Patients In Jail Cells – Confidence In Ministers – Rodney Hide, Scams and Fiji Speeches – Palmerston North Home Care – MS Drugs – NZ Vs Australia ...

14: Sludge Report #131 – Sludge Scoop Haunts Hide

In This Edition: Sludge Scoop Haunts Hide - The Free Money For The Greedy Mystery (Episode II) - What’s This All About? (Links From The Scoop Archives)

15: March Plans Hot Up For "Wake Up Auckland"!

"The Wake Up Auckland" campaign looks forward to a large and enthusiastic march on Saturday 16 March. The march will leave sharp at 11 am at Queen Elizabeth Square and will proceed to Myers Park for a rally and concert.

16: Michelle! Your Horse Is Sick

Desperation. Michelle Boag describing National as “a horse that's been training hard”, and “fit for a sprint down the home straight”. Really? Polls show the poor beast's weighted down, can hardly drag its sorry hooves to the starting gate.

17: How Low Can This Government Go?

“I am aghast,” says New Zealand First’s Peter Brown MP “that this government has sunk so low that it is prepared to dispense with the services of chaplains in our hospitals. These Chaplains provide an essential service to people who are sick. They ...

18: Scoop Images: Hokitika Wildfoods Fun

Photographer Ian Gill was at the Hokitika Wildfoods Festival, capturing the smiles and grimaces of punters as they sampled the wide-ranging menu of acquired tastes. Click through to view his gallery.

19: Scoop Links: US Nuclear Weapons Hit List

U.S. Nuclear Plan Sees New Weapons and New Targets - Nuclear Targeting Draft Shifts Focus From Russia - U.S. Works Up Plan for Using Nuclear Arms - US 'has nuclear hit list' - DoD Statement on Nuclear Posture Review

20: Questions For Oral Answer - Tuesday, 12 March

1. Hon BILL ENGLISH to the Minister for the Environment: Does the Government support the amendments proposed by the Primary Production Committee to the Resource Management (Aquaculture Moratorium) Amendment Bill which would now enable most of the applications ...

21: Kiwi Makes Flight To Intl. Gaming Developer Conf.

Tim Nixon is taking his first trip to California this month, thanks to a generous sponsorship grant from Electronic Arts (EA) NZ. The 19-year-old student is making history as the only student from the Asia Pacific region, and one of only 25 applicants ...

22: Coming Soon: Multi-Billion Dollar Media Mergers

On Feb. 19, a federal appeals court struck down Federal Communications Commission regulations that had prevented cable television companies from owning broadcast TV stations. The court also ordered the government to redraft current rules limiting ...

23: Sludge Report #10 - Free Money For Greedy Mystery

Today's Sludge Report relates a strange tale involving the visit of a NZ MP to Fiji on a speaking trip, free money for the secretive and greedy, and a so called "financial freedom" movement which promotes tax avoidance, offshore trusts and VERY high yield ...

24: Definition Of A 'Hate Crime'

New Zealand First will strenuously oppose the sinister amendments in the Sentencing and Parole Reform Bill currently before Parliament, particularly the so-called ‘hate crimes’ provisions.

25: Chris Sanders Seminar: The Illiquid Economy

The working title of our seminar today is The Illiquid Economy. The title was intended to convey the sense of one of the most important characteristics of today's dollar-based international reserve system.

26: Snapshot Of Dairy Farming Life

If there’s one generalisation you can make about New Zealand dairy farmers, it’s that you can forget generalisations. With all the entries now in for the inaugural Westpac Trust NZMP Farmer of the Year competition, a fascinating picture is emerging ...

27: Consumers know the difference

Tegel says that research and market feedback show that consumers see a distinction between antibiotics and growth hormones. "New Zealanders see antibiotics and hormones as two different issues. Sue Kedgley appears unwilling to credit them with ...

28: Chris Sanders: The Unsustainable Nation

If any of us had known before the 11th of September just what was getting ready to happen, buying volatility would have been an obvious trade to do. We didn’t know, and didn’t buy. In the run up to the events in mid September, volatility in stocks ...

29: Sludge Report #14 – Rodney’s Speech In Fiji (1)

Sludge is delighted to provide the following transcript of the speech delivered by ACT MP Rodney Hide at the Investors International conference in Fiji in January last year.

30: West Coast Revels In Wildfoods Festival

Toilet paper producing companies would have done a roaring trade at last weekend’s Hokitika’ Wildfoods festival, according to Festival organiser Mike Keenan. “This year we had more wild and wonderful food stalls than ever but it can take its toll ...

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