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Scoop: Daily Ratings

Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Anderton And Clark In This Together

It is very clear that whatever Jim Anderton announces this afternoon has the fingerprints of the Prime Minister all over it, says National Party Leader Bill English.

2: Scoop Feedback - Israel's Illegal Occupation

Selwyn Manning, you've got your facts wrong when you write in your Sunday, 31 March 2002 article that Israel is "continuing an illegal occupation of Palestinian territory."

3: Image: Nasa’s Picture Of The Day, The Sun

Taken yesterday from the SOHO spacecraft, this false-color image shows the active Sun near the March Equinox, the beginning of Autumn in the south and Spring in the northern hemisphere.

4: Rhetoric On Whale Sanctuary Leaving NZ Isolated

Australia’s plan to re-introduce the twice-failed proposal for a so-called “whale sanctuary” in the South Pacific is outrageous, Japan’s Fisheries Agency said today.

5: Alliance Splits

Alliance leader Jim Anderton announced this afternoon that he and Sandra Lee will not stand under the Alliance banner at the next election and indicated the pair would form a new party.

6: Doctor Resigns in Ethics Attack

Saying he could "no longer remain a member of an organisation hellbent on becoming an arm of Big Government," Libertarianz health deregulation spokesman Dr Richard McGrath labelled the NZ Medical Association's new Code of Ethics a "manifesto ...

7: Waiau Fandango: From The News Desk

Anti-social, unpopular, unproductive, insecure, the media addict, will never own a desirable car, never enjoy a well-balanced wardrobe, love Meg Ryan, or have reasonable insurance premiums.

8: Political Correctness Hides True Census Results

Newly released census figures on the ethnic makeup of the New Zealand population have been put through a filter of political correctness, says National MP Annabel Young.

9: No Mandate For Split

Jim Anderton's abandonment of his own party gives politics a bad name, ACT leader Richard Prebble said today.

10: Jim Puts Power Before Integrity

It was the Prime Minister who said if the party hopping bill" is too weak, people will just laugh at it", well its proven so weak Jim Anderton has just driven a bus through it with 6 of the Alliance members on board, says National Party ...

11: The Language Of Politics

New Zealand’s ‘New National’ faces a dilemma. Its leader Bill English is trying to portray his party as moderate and ordinary, for moderate and ordinary New Zealanders. English wants young people, Maori and Pacific people, to vote for his ‘New National’. ...

12: Minister Disappointed With Anderton’s Announcement

Laila Harré said that she is very disappointed with the decision announced by Jim Anderton today to stand against the Alliance at the next election.

13: Talk To Us About Confidence And Supply: Peters

“The bloody-minded pursuit of power that today will see the demise of the Alliance Party undermines MMP but need not alienate the will of the people,” New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters said today.

14: Has Jim Anderton Joined Social Credit?

Jim Anderton's announcement today doesn't answer the really interesting question - "what will happen to the Democrat Party which is part of the Alliance?" ACT leader Richard Prebble said.

15: Government Considering Appeal

A High Court decision released today has found that aspects of the previous government’s Special Education 2000 policy are inconsistent with the Education Act.

16: Alliance Split Sad But Government Secure – Cullen

Finance Minister, Leader of the House and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Michael Cullen, said today that the impending split in the Alliance was sad but that the government remained secure.

17: National MP Ready To Fight For Wigram

"Jim Anderton's decision to walk away from yet another political party proves he is a loner who does only what suits him," says National MP and Wigram candidate Alec Neill.

18: Report From The Siege Of Bethlehem

At 1am the siege of Bethlehem began, with tanks entering the Al Azza / Beit Jibrir refugee camps from four different direction (the four entrances to the camps). At 2am these same tanks began shelling the camp. U.S. made F-16s occasionally fly overhead, ...

19: Alliance Wars A Big Yawn

United Future leader, Hon Peter Dunne, says that today's announcement by Deputy Prime Minister Jim Anderton that he will be standing for a different political vehicle at the next election is hardly news.

20: Anderton's News Conference On Alliance Split

When we invited Helen Clark to speak at the Alliance conference in 1998, the Alliance made a choice. We chose to be a constructive, co-operative and common sense partner in a progressive centre-left government.

21: 2001 Census Snapshot

One in 10 New Zealand residents lived in Auckland City at the time of the 2001 Census, according to latest figures from Statistics New Zealand. The population count of our largest city reached 367,737 usuaresidents, followed by Christchurch (316,227), ...

22: Battery Hen Liberated From Mainland Poultry

Several Waikouaiti factory farmers were woken up at dawn by noisy protests today. Animal rights activists visited the home of Jeff Winmill (farm manager for Mainland Poultry) at 7.30am with drums, whistles and megaphones. At the same time, another ...

23: Stateside: The Mum is dead, long live the Mum

Here's a cartoon I'd like to see: the Queen Mum is leaning down out of her cloud in heaven, grabbing two young whippersnappers by the ears and banging their daft heads together.

24: Prebble's Letter From Wellington: Re-regulation NZ

Yesterday, new frontal impact regulations for imported cars came into effect. Officials told Transport Minister Mark Gosche the regulations will push up the cost of imported Japanese cars by $4000 and won't save lives. Owners of Japanese imports, being unable ...

25: Lord Of The Pins

When I first called Paul Badali of Badali Jewelry with the idea of making a pin for the Oscar nominees, I never thought in my wildest dreams we'd see them wearing the pins live on television.

26: Sex Changing Hormones Present In Waikato River

Green co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons today said research published by Auckland University in 1998 showed that hormone disrupting chemicals being discharged into the Waikato River were changing the sex of fish.

27: Overstayer Numbers Top 20,000

Overstayer numbers are at the same level as before the Immigration Minister introduced her farcical amnesty intended to reduce the figures, ACT Immigration Spokesman MP Penny Webster revealed today.

28: Cooked Properly Chicken Is Absolutely Safe

As with other meats if you handle and cook the chicken properly, chicken is absolutely safe to eat. Cooking kills all bugs.

29: Kevin Campbell, Alliance MP On Party Split

Jim Anderton has given his commitment to lead the Parliamentary team through to the next election. I support him in that and will continue to work constructively with the other Alliance MPs in Parliament under the leadership of Jim Anderton. It is ...

30: Look, No Hands

Prepared meals in the supermarket chiller could soon have their own ‘birth certificate’, thanks to world-class food handling technology developed by an entrepreneurial King Country farmer turned businessman.

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