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Scoop: weekend Ratings

The weekend’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: INVESTIGATION: Sept 11th - Unanswered Questions

Within a few months, the events of Sept. 11th, 2001 became but an echo of the events that followed. War in Afghanistan, anthrax, unprecedented powers of detention: the public mind moves from one shock to another, appearing to accept the government’s ...

2: Darwin Awards 2001

It's that time again . . . . .They are finally out again. You all know about the Darwin Awards - It's an annual honour given to the person who did the gene pool the biggest service by killing themselves in the most extraordinarily stupid way.

3: Major Breakthrough In The Mussel Industry

The mussel industry today announced that it has developed the techniques and technology to domesticate the greenshell mussel industry in the same way that other biological industries are farmed. This it says will have major implications for the future development ...

4: International Heavyweights Give Israel Ultimatum

Russia, the European Union, United Nations and the United States of America have jointly issued Israel an ultimatum – demanding an immediate, meaningful ceasefire and Israeli withdrawal from Palestinian cities, including Ramallah.

5: Report On Independent Petrol Retailers Released

The Associate Minister of Energy, Hon Paul Swain, today released a report on the role of independent retailers in the petrol market.

6: Image: Unusal Rocks In Death Valley

How did those big rocks end up on that strange terrain? One of the more unusual places here on Earth occurs inside Death Valley, California, USA.

7: Encouragement In Keeping On Fitness Programmes

The “loneliness of the long distance runner” syndrome is a prescription for an early drop-off of involvement in fitness programmes, according to Lincoln University doctoral researcher Kim Sinclair.

8: Internationals Report Israeli Army Brutality

Thirteen internationals: 1 Swede, 1 Italian, 3 British and 8 American traveled from Bethlehem and Jerusalem to Jenin, where there are reports of 300 dead and countless injured. They filed this report.

9: University Of Auckland Brings Jazz Great To Town

American jazz piano legend Andy Jaffe is visiting New Zealand this month, giving two public lectures and a concert at The University of Auckland.

10: PC's Opinion: Killing The Beachfront Barbie

As part of a nationwide project for the Discovery Channel, Helen Clark is travelling the country with the Channel's cameramen to "show 120 million viewers what this country has to offer."

11: Open Letter To The World By Ariel Ben Attar

I understand that you are upset by us, here in Israel. Indeed, it appears that you are quite upset, even angry. (Outraged?) Indeed, every few years you seem to become upset by us. Today, it is the "brutal repression of the Palestinians"; ...

12: It's a Massacre - IDF Buries People Alive in Jenin

Eyewitnesses in the Palestinian settlement Jenin say the Israeli army is systematically bombarding and attacking houses by air in the refugee camp, then sending in bulldozers to demolish homes while people are still inside.

13: 'Wigram For Sale'

National Party leader Bill English officially opened Alec Neill's campaign to win the seat of Wigram during a visit to the electorate today.

14: Further Explosion Of Chicken Myths

Tegel Foods says the decision of the Advertising Standards Authority is a victory for commonsence, and validates completely its approach to addressing the long-standing myths about the production and quality of New Zealand poultry.

15: Scoop Feedback: Wasted Loot

In just this week alone, the media has informed us that Air New Zealand needs a further bailout of $1.7 billion over and above the initial bailout of $185 million. That consultants used by the Treasury in this bail out cost $3 million. That various ministries ...

16: NZ Science Delivers Revolution For Mussel Farming

Outstanding research at the Cawthron Institute in Nelson has produced a breakthrough for the mussel farming industry, says Minister of Research, Science and Technology Pete Hodgson.

17: Greens Will Appeal Tegel Ad Ruling

Green MP Sue Kedgley today said she would be appealing the decision to turn down her complaint against Tegel's 'exploding the myth' ads.

18: Hobbs Speech: Australia - NZ Planning Congress

Thank you for the invitation to close your joint national congress of the Royal Australian Planning Institute and the New Zealand Planning Institute. I understand you've had some lively discussions and interesting debates since I opened the congress on Tuesday ...

19: Remarks after Meeting Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah

Remarks By Secretary Of State Colin L. Powell After His Meeting with Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah Casablanca, Morocco

20: WINZ Thefts Highlight Need For Culture Change

Green Social Services Spokesperson Sue Bradford today said news that 28 WINZ staff have stolen nearly $1 million from the Department over the last two years highlighted the need for a shift in culture within the Department.

21: Fun With The Red Crescent..And A Political Concern

Hi everyone—we’re all still here in one piece, getting almost blase about having guns and tank- cannons leveled at our heads. ;) the last few days have centered around ambulances: here are some highlights.

22: Summary Execution Used As West Bank Solution

Summary execution is being used on unarmed men suspected of being Palestinian resistance fighters in Jenin. Reports have emerged today that Israeli soldiers have “completely demolished” one entire section of the Jenin refugee camp, and then continued a “sweep” ...

23: The First Latin American Film Festival

In a first for New Zealand, a festival of movies from Latin America comes to the Paramount Theatre in Wellington from Anzac Day through to 1 May 2002.

24: Firas Al-Atraqchi: The Arabs Are Dogs

The Arabs are dogs. That's the latest finding from a series of seminars titled, "Arabs in the Twenty-first Century" held in Burma last week.

25: The beginning or the end of GM technology in NZ?

Following the report of the Royal Commission on Genetic Modification the Government has asked the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to investigate the development of an industry code of practice to ensure effective separation distances between ...

26: Young Dead Wrong

“National Party revenue spokesperson Annabel Young has completely misunderstood the government’s decisions relating to the tax treatment of Maori authorities,” Revenue Minister Michael Cullen said today.

27: Does American Media Favour The Palestinians?

Unfortunately, last Saturday, CNN's Reliable Sources segment proved that laughter is a bitter chalice of poison.

28: Worst Possible Site Chosen For Northland Prison

The Government's decision to go ahead and build a new regional prison on what has to be the most unsuitable site in Northland, is precisely why government's ability to get it's hands on taxpayers money should be strictly limited.

29: Scoop Images: Helms Deep Press Conference (1)

The following pictures show film director Peter Jackson with members of the cast and crew of the Lord of the Rings trilogy of films, the filming of which is now drawing to a close in the Wellington region.

30: A Page In The History Of Humankind Is Being Turned

35th Meeting (AM) International Criminal Court Will Enter Into Force On 1 July 2002, As 10 States Deposit Ratification Instruments At Headquarters

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