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1: What Israel Has Done, By Edward Said

Can Israel be a state like all others? That is the true question of its existence, writes Edward Said.

2: New Zealand’s Oceans Are Hotting Up

The oceans around New Zealand are warming at a rate not seen since the 1930s. Figures from NIWA show that the ocean temperature around New Zealand has increased rapidly over the last 10 years.

3: Leaked WTO Doc Exposes Demands To 29 Countries

In the most significant leak since the Multilateral Agreement on Investment was exposed to public scrutiny in 1997 and eventually sunk, drafts of the European Union's 'requests' of other countries in the WTO services negotiations have just been posted on a European ...

4: Breaking News: Israel Refuses UN Access

This news has just come in. The Israeli government has announced that it will not facilitate entry of the UN Human Rights mission into Israel and the Palestinian territories. The mission was to have been led by UN rights chief Mary Robinson, former anti-apartheid ...

5: Transit Security Failing Heritage Buildings

Transit New Zealand security measures are failing to prevent damage, vandalism and theft from occurring in the upper Cuba Street area since tenants were evicted in February, and concern is mounting over the safety of heritage buildings in the area.

6: Grubby Electoral Deal By Clark And Harre

Prime Minister Helen Clark and Alliance Leader Laila Harre are colluding to breach the principle of the Electoral Integrity Act, National Shadow Leader of the House Gerry Brownlee said today.

7: Man Charged With Baby Kahu Kidnapping

Lower Hutt detectives have this morning arrested and charged a Taumarunui man with the kidnapping of baby Kahu Durie.

8: Scoop Feedback: I’m A Man, That’s What I Am

Thanks, some deep topics are covered there, in a positive chatty way. You could sub-title it The Failure of SNAG. You've nailed the modern man's dilemma exactly - how to be post-SNAG, keep the few useful SNAG qualities, and not revert to brute. ...

9: Baby Kahu Found Safe And Well

Baby Kahurautete Durie is safe, well and back in the arms of her parents Justice Eddie Durie and lawyer Donna Hall.

10: World Corn Gene Bank Contaminated By GMOs

The Mexican government at the Biodiversity Convention meeting in the Hague on Friday confirmed that the worlds home of corn diversity has become contaminated with a GE virus and other GMO material used in genetically engineered corn. This contamination ...

11: Stateside With Rosalea: Hullo Sailor

A supreme court? Steady on, Old Girls! Faint though it is, there is still a glimmer of hope that a stay-at-home Kiwi will win an Academy Award for best director/best picture without Aotearoa having to become the 52nd state of the United States. Australia, ...

12: PC's Opinion: Lust Behind The Privy

For those who lust after power, frustration ensues at any barrier to the exercise of that power. From the U.S. to New Zealand, the reaction of the power-luster to his (or her) power being blunted is the same.

13: HARD NEWS 19/04/02 - Just Sign Here

You'd have thought from the last few political polls that the Prime Minister was utterly untouchable. Labour is polling as high as 56 per cent - twice where National's at and miles clear of the need to patch together a coalition.

14: Beehive Web Site Launch

Cabinet Ministers' speeches and policy documents dating back to the mid-1990s are available on a newly upgraded web site that went live on Monday 15 April.

15: Brownlee’s Claims Grossly Exaggerated

National MP Gerry Brownlee’s claims with regard to the new Health and Safety in Employment Amendment Bill are grossly exaggerated and designed to mislead, Minister of Labour Hon Margaret Wilson said today.

16: Statements Attributed to Stephen Robert Tindall

This statement is to advise all editors and news editors to check the source of material presented to them in the name of Stephen Robert Tindall.

17: Plain English 19/4/2002

Rugby World Cup Today is a sad day for rugby fans like myself. I am hugely disappointed at New Zealand missing out on co-hosting the World Cup, and I know others feel the same. It is not just a game - it is a huge part of our national culture and identity, ...

18: Tindall’s Identity Crisis A Warning

Warehouse founder Stephen Tindall’s current internet identity crisis serves as a reminder that your name is not necessarily your domain,” warns Robert Wiles, Chief Executive of New Zealand’s only personal domain name company

19: Labour's Campaigns For Integrity In Govt A Joke

Laila Harre's election as leader of the Alliance in place of Jim Anderton raises important questions about the integrity of the Government, National Leader Bill English said today.

20: Restoring Testosterone

What’s it like to be a man? No really, what is it like? Short of putting one into therapy for 10 years and extracting marrow from bone we may never know. Not because we don’t want to or because men are aliens but because men don’t seem to know themselves.

21: Encouragement In Keeping On Fitness Programmes

The “loneliness of the long distance runner” syndrome is a prescription for an early drop-off of involvement in fitness programmes, according to Lincoln University doctoral researcher Kim Sinclair.

22: Israel/Occupied Territories: Words Are Not Enough

As the UN Security Council meets today to discuss the grave situation in Israel and the Occupied Territories, Amnesty International reiterates its calls for an international inquiry into alleged human rights abuses against Palestinians in Jenin Refugee Camp ...

23: Free Trade Free-For-All Unmasked

The European Union's "wish list" for trade liberalisation with this country finally explodes the myth that so-called free trade is in the least bit "free," Green Party Trade spokesperson Rod Donald said today.

24: Most Significant Leak Since The MAI

In the most significant leak since the Multilateral Agreement on Investment was exposed to public scrutiny in 1997 and eventually sunk, drafts of the European Union's 'requests' of other countries in the WTO services negotiations have just been posted on a European ...

25: INVESTIGATION: Sept 11th - Unanswered Questions

Within a few months, the events of Sept. 11th, 2001 became but an echo of the events that followed. War in Afghanistan, anthrax, unprecedented powers of detention: the public mind moves from one shock to another, appearing to accept the government’s ...

26: Australian Fact-Finding Visit

April 22 2002 Attorney-General Margaret Wilson will visit Australia this week to see first-hand the operation of the Judicial Commission of New South Wales and the Australian Electoral Commission in Canberra.

27: State Servants Liable For Millions

Thousands of state servants will soon become personally liable for all costs and fines of up to $500,000 that result from prosecutions for breaches of OSH regulations in their work places, National ACC Spokesperson Gerry Brownlee said today.

28: Peters Speech: Race Relations -- What Has Changed?

14 years ago I spoke to you on the subject: “Race Relations—the Last Chance for Change”. Reviewing that speech over the last few days has been an alarming experience. How true some of the predictions made back then have become.

29: The Brain Drain Is Back

It is of great concern that the outflow of skilled New Zealanders has started again, ACT leader Richard Prebble said today in response to the March immigration figures.

30: Keith Rankin:The Traffic Devil is in the Detail

Auckland's billion dollar traffic problem cannot be resolved so long as there are seen as just two factions spouting the slogans: "complete the motorway network" or "no more motorways". Rather, each roading and public transport project ...

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