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Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Media Coverage of 9/11 Warning Scandal

* Syndicated columnist Norman Solomon, examines the media's coverage of the 9/11 warnings story and White House secrecy in dealing with the Enron scandal

2: Lindsay Perigo: Charlatans With Political Power

In my list of personal heroes on SOLO's Capturing the Spirit page I included the name of Malcolm Muggeridge. The page had been up barely a week before some indignant person was demanding to know how I could rank such a dreadful religionist among the ...

3: Questions For Oral Answer - Wednesday, 29 May 2002

1. JEANETTE FITZSIMONS to the Prime Minister: Has she made my New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone Extension Bill a matter of confidence in the Government?

4: Scoop Images: Deaf People Thank Ruth & Paul

Deaf and disabled people rallied on the steps of Parliament today to celebrate the creation of a telephone relay service to allow deaf people telephone access, and to thank Minister for Disability Issues Ruth Dyson and Telecommunications Minister ...

5: SCP HOUSE: Questions Of The Day – 29 May

Today’s questions concerned: Nuclear Free Zone Extension – Party Hopping – School Funding – George Bush “Most Dangerous Man In World” – Criminal DNA Blood Samples Reform – Hobsonville Subdivision – Paparua Prison Death – John Davy And The SSC – ...

6: Lindsay Perigo: Team Of Champions

It was the best & worst of New Zealand on Saturday night. The best - the Crusaders' thrilling victory over the Australian Brumbies in the Super 12 rugby final. A more seamless, relentless, clever & at times dazzling performance we haven't seen ...

7: $2,300,000,000: Dr Cullen’s finest hour

On reflection, Paulo Politico says Budget 2002 is Finance Minister Michael Cullen's 'Finest Hour". After three years in office, the Labour Minister of Finance was able to report to the House that the operating surplus for the 2001/02 financial year ...

8: Kiddie porn, broomsticks, ruptured souls & spirits

Libertarianz Party spokesman, Scott Wilson, has accused SPCS of being “obsessed with sex” and of falsely labelling the ‘banned’ film Bully as “kiddie porn” in its scoop news release of 11 May. SPCS President Rev. Gordon Dempsey responds by calling these ...

9: Media Beat: Memo To George, Dick and John

MEMO To: George, Dick and John Re: Counteracting the Media Evildoers - Damage control efforts are on track after those rough days in mid-May.

10: INVESTIGATION: Sept 11th - Unanswered Questions

Within a few months, the events of Sept. 11th, 2001 became but an echo of the events that followed. War in Afghanistan, anthrax, unprecedented powers of detention: the public mind moves from one shock to another, appearing to accept the government’s ...

11: HortResearch slammed over misleading GM study

A new study by HortResearch into consumer attitudes to GM food is being criticised as flawed and potentially misleading and may become the subject of a formal complaint.

12: Sludge Report #138 – This Winter Of Discontent

In This Edition: This Winter Of Discontent - MMP Hysteria - Helen’s Undefended Left Front - Opportunity Knocks For Harre, Fitzsimons & Donald.

13: What Have The Greens Done?

Last week's stand by the Green MPs in rejecting the vote on the HSNO bill and re-stating our opposition to the lifting of the GE moratorium in 2003 has generated much heated debate in media and political circles. However, the heat has often produced more ...

14: Tube Talk: Take A Bow, Shortland Street

There were many noteworthy events on TV this week – David coming out to his mother in Six Feet Under, Aiden proposing to Carrie in Sex & The City, the unashamed hideousness of Michelle Boag’s teal pantsuits. But the week belonged, appropriately ...

15: Fascism, Baise Moi And Freedom Of Expression

Libertarianz spokesman, Scott Wilson, is adamant that the temporary restriction orders imposed on the films Baise-Moi, Visitor Q, and Bully, is the work of “book burning jackbooted busybodies”. It is unfortunate that one associated with a political movement ...

16: Satire: Growth "Not Worth The Bother" - Treasury

A secret Treasury report found down the back of a sofa of a tinny house somewhere in Aro Valley yesterday has caused eyebrows to be rasied after its conclusion suggesting that there's not much point in worrying about growing the New Zeal Inc. economy at ...

17: Real Deal: DOJ Declines to Pay Hamilton Securities

On March 18, 2002, United States District Court Judge Louis F. Oberdorfer issued a scheduling order for United States of America, ex. rel., Ervin and Associates, Inc. v. The Hamilton Securities Group et al. (the qui tam case) and the related case ...

18: Criticism of consumer GE research is mischievous

The attempt by GE-Free NZ to cast doubt on the latest research into consumer attitudes about GM food can only be described as mischievous the Chairman of the Life Sciences Network Dr William Rolleston said today.

19: Air NZ Invites Competition

The Government airline's decision to return to a coffee and dry biscuit culture must lead to more competition on domestic air routes, says National's Transport Spokesperson Belinda Vernon.

20: SCP HOUSE: Questions Of The Day – 28 May

Today’s questions concerned: Jim & The Progressive Coalition - Red Tape Reduction – Treasury’s View On Tax – Nuclear Fuel Shipments – PPTA Settlement – Deaf Telephone Services – SSC Advice On John Davy’s Appointment – Overseas Aid Budget – Hobsonville ...

21: Feedback: Kicked Around By Oz & More

In this issue: Why continue to be kicked around by Australia et al? – Memo To Firas Al Atraqchi – Who is Right?

22: Hawkins Having Second Thoughts On Censor?

New Zealand First Deputy Leader, Peter Brown, is asking why Internal Affairs Minister George Hawkins is having second thoughts on keeping the Chief Censor in office.

23: Paris Briefing by Senior Bush Official

This morning, the President went to the Karazan Cathedral for an orthodox service, and then went to St. Petersburg Grand Choral Synagogue for a meeting with the very diverse and re-born Jewish communities in Russia.

24: Bush Meets with French President Chirac

President Bush Meets with French President Chirac Remarks by President Bush and President Chirac in Press Availability Palais de L'Elsyee Paris, France 5:03 P.M. (Local)

25: Cullen Fund In More Trouble

"The Cullen Fund - Labour's highly flawed flagship superannuation policy - is in further trouble, less than a year after receiving hundreds of millions in taxpayers' funds, " says National's Finance spokesman David Carter.

26: Helen Clark Meddles with TVNZ

Prime Minister Helen Clark's statement in an interview with express newspaper that she expects television programme Queer Nation to be aired earlier because of the Charter is disquieting, ACT Broadcasting Spokesman MP Penny Webster said today.

27: Firas Al-Atraqchi: Freedom for All, Except Arabs

CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, NBC and a host of other television networks fell all over themselves this Memorial Day to honor those who died for freedom, American values, and justice.

28: July 27 Election Tipped By Helpful House Officials

While the PM’s office remains mum on the issue an increasing weight of evidence is pointing towards a July 27th general election date.

29: Budget 2002 Debate -- Stephen Franks

I want to take a bit of a risk with my allotted time in this Budget debate. I want to break with what appears to me, from my relatively short experience, to be a time-honoured tradition. It probably is not a breach of the Standing Orders, but it would certainly ...

30: Government Inconsistent On Tax

ACT leader Richard Prebble has accused the Labour government of being inconsistent on tax, by giving special tax exemptions to visiting overseas super yachts crews.

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