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1: UQ Wire: It’s Patriotic to Ask Why

On June 10th, a band of concerned citizens came together at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. to raise questions about September 11th. They called the meeting the 9/11and Public Safety Conference. Among them were members of families who had ...

2: The 911 Evidence that May Hang George W. Bush

The Case Against G.W. Bush: a Preliminary "Hearing" in the Court of Common Sense

3: Stateside: The People vs. the Executive Office

Heaven knows, I didn't go to the Amelia Earhart Symposium at the Western Aerospace Museum on May 17-18, 2002, in order to become intrigued about that pioneering pilot's disappearance. She flew. She fell out of the sky. Joni Mitchell wrote a song about ...

4: Big News: The List Vote - Power To The Parties

Its not very often a deputy leader of a party is omitted from the list prior to an election. United Future is the first to do it – and on current polling their second ranked list candidate, Gordon Copeland, will make it into parliament on July 27 instead ...

5: UQ Wire: Dr Rosenberg Analysis of Anthrax Attacks

UQ WIRE EDITOR’S NOTE: The following paper, first published 05 February 2002, is widely considered a seminal article on the issue of the Anthrax-by-mail incidents which closely followed the 911 attacks on the WTC and Pentagon.

6: End the Abominable War on Drugs

"It's your body" announced Libertarianz Deputy leader and Deregulation of Health spokesman Richard McGrath today announcing the Libertarianz policy on drugs.

7: Bye Bye Act

The fiasco over the announcement of the Act Party list is further evidence that the party is in meltdown, Labour MP Pete Hodgson said today.

8: Invasive species spread into New Zealand waters

There are more than 150 exotic marine species in New Zealand’s coastal waters already, and at least one new species arrives every year according to a report in the National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research’s (NIWA) new Aquatic Biodiversity & ...

9: Philip J. Rappa: Requiem to the Civics' Silliness

The occupation of the White House is in its eighteen-month and still, I can no longer keep silent as my visceral anguish bleeds from pen to page. As a patriot and a citizen, my conscience summons me to express my contempt and demands that I repudiate what ...

10: Scoop Feedback: ZZZzzztt…

In This Edition: Prebble Peddles Pork Pies! - White hats for G8 - I See Red - 1080 All Over Taranaki

11: NZ Made Beauty Product Celebrates 10 Glowing Years

A New Zealand made beauty product that has become a household name is celebrating its tenth birthday.

12: Cullen Nets Two Porkies From English

Finance Minister Michael Cullen today challenged Bill English to give an assurance that National would back Labour on confidence and supply if the Greens tried to pull the plug over GE.

13: ACT 2002 Party List

ACT 2002 Party List 1 Richard Prebble 2 Rodney Hide 3 Muriel Newman 4 Stephen Franks 5 Donna Awatere Huata 6 Deborah Coddington 7 Ken Shirley 8 Gerry Eckhoff 9 Heather Roy 10 Kenneth Wang 11 Paul King 12 Owen Jennings 13 Penny Webster 14 Andrew Davies ...

14: Big Business Bullies, Sellotape ® NZ Limited

Sellotape ® New Zealand Limited have recently sent out a number of letters to New Zealanders who have used the word "Sellotape ® " on their websites. It appears they are attempting to crack down on the use of their trademark in a colloquial/generic ...

15: Richard Prebble's Letter from Wellington 1/7/2002

They're the promises you make when you're making no promises. Labour is a party that has run out of ideas.

16: Labour In Debit? - Winston Peters Speech

Why are we having an election in the middle of winter? What constitutional crisis brought this on? It is clear isn’t it?

17: Labour’s Pledge to National Voters

Alliance Leader Laila Harré has labelled Labour’s 2002 Election Pledge card “Labour’s Pledge to National Voters.”

18: More Bluegreens Than Red Greens In Next Parliament

Bluegreens is an independent group of New Zealanders advising the National Party on environment and heritage issues.

19: Scoop Images: Still Razing Arizona

Monster Arizona wildfire Rodeo/Chediski is still burning brightly in this satellite image fresh off the NASA MODIS imaging satellite system. The image shows the fire as of 18.25hrs UTC on June 28th. The fire – Arizona’s largest ever - has now burned ...

20: Labour's Election 2002 Pledge Card

"The Next Steps" "Our Commitments To You"

21: ACT Party Releases List - Prebble Speech

We have selected candidates from Australia and the United Kingdom – Roland Weber and Matt Ball.

22: Eyewitness Report: A Visit From The Israeli Army

We finally had a house visit of our cities uninvited guests. Sixteen fully armed Israeli soliders entered our home as part of the house to house searches that they have been carrying out for 4 days now in Ramallah, while we sit under 24-hr curfew.

23: Brain Drain in Full Flight

ACT Leader Richard Prebble today attacked Helen Clark's statements concerning immigration at Labour's party launch as dishonest campaigning.

24: Compare the Party Lists on

All the parties contesting this year’s general election have issued and registered their Party Lists.

25: Image: The Two Towers Teaser Poster has arrived!

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers stars (in alphabetical order) Sean Astin, Cate Blanchett, Orlando Bloom, Billy Boyd, Ian Holm, Christopher Lee, Ian McKellen, Dominic Monaghan, Viggo Mortensen, John Rhys-Davies, Andy Serkis, Liv Tyler, Hugo Weaving ...

26: Together, We Can Rebuild New Zealand

I recently received a letter from a family who had visited New Zealand in 1991 and had become "enchanted with the slower pace of life, the lack of traffic, the friendliness of people, the racial harmony, good education, low crime and general ...

27: PM’s Statement on Taxes as Fake as her Paintings

ACT Finance Spokesman Rodney Hide MP said today that Helen Clark's statement on Morning Report this morning that New Zealand has tax rates `lower than anywhere in the western world, in fact lower than anywhere in the whole OECD except Mexico' was ...

28: Alliance Campaign Launch - Laila Harre Speech

I am often asked by profile writers and journalists why I turned to politics when most of my peers were turning to the first 15. Perhaps the truth is that I was just more scared of fast growing boys than the fast growing protest movement.

29: Your Babies, Not Mine

As Paid Parental Leave comes into force today, Libertarianz spokesman Sally O'Brien says that "if people choose to have a family that is their business. It is not the responsibility of every other taxpaying New Zealander to pay a parent's salary ...

30: Judge's Decision Overrides NZ's Sovereignty

Justice Baragwanath's decision amounts to a free entry, open-door policy and constitutes a refusal to recognise the imperative of border security, says National's spokesperson for Immigration, Marie Hasler.


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