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Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: UQ Wire: June 10th Press Conference Transcript

First Panel (Members of 9/11 Families) Catherine Austin Fitts Moderator - Introduction Kyle F. Hence - Survey of Questions Julie Sweeney Lorna Brett FAA / Airline Accountability Mary Schiavo, Esq. FAA/Airline Accountability Open Q & A from the Press

2: UQ Wire: It’s Patriotic to Ask Why

On June 10th, a band of concerned citizens came together at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. to raise questions about September 11th. They called the meeting the 9/11and Public Safety Conference. Among them were members of families who had ...

3: Stateside: The People vs. the Executive Office

Heaven knows, I didn't go to the Amelia Earhart Symposium at the Western Aerospace Museum on May 17-18, 2002, in order to become intrigued about that pioneering pilot's disappearance. She flew. She fell out of the sky. Joni Mitchell wrote a song about ...

4: Correctives: Stop This Lewd Lycra Display NOW!!!

"The Corrective Party are shocked, disgusted, horrified, outraged, degraded, stapled, folded and spindled by the LEWD spectacle of PUMPING BUTTOCKS and LUST-INDUCING LYCRA that stimulates UNTOWARD thoughts in watchers!!!"

5: Scoop Link: Blairs Butt Of George Michael's Satire

George Michael knows Shoot The Dog represents the biggest risk of his controversial career. Even bigger than his arrest for getting too friendly with a Los Angeles policeman in that now infamous public loo incident.

6: The New Write 2/7/2002

The controversial youth political website has been relaunched.

7: The 911 Evidence that May Hang George W. Bush

The Case Against G.W. Bush: a Preliminary "Hearing" in the Court of Common Sense

8: Scoop Satire: Advert. Executive Gene Discovered

Edinburgh: After decades of painstaking and often bitterly contentious experimentation, scientists at The Royal College of Executive Genetic Research believe that they have identified the genetic make up of advertising executives (AdExecs) - long regarded ...

9: Not Important? Think Again - 2 July 2002

We have been saying for some time that the housing markets in the UK and the US have got real legs. It is true that prices are high, if not stupid. But with monetary policy in both countries on hold, interest rates very low, and monetary policy accommodative, ...

10: U.S. Criticized for Nuclear 1st-Strike Doctrine

U.S. First Strike Military Doctrine Draws Criticism That Washington Believes Itself Exempt from International Law - Interview with Matthew Rothschild, editor of The Progressive magazine

11: School's Open - Clark's Latest Forgery

Helen Clark has sunk to new levels by having a school open during the holidays so she could visit it with a camera crew, National's Education Spokesperson Nick Smith said today.

12: Afghans Need Aid, Not SAS

New Zealand's SAS contingent should be withdrawn from Afghanistan following the American bombing of a wedding party, Green Party Foreign Affairs spokesperson Keith Locke said today.

13: Goff Criticises Green Stance On Terrorism

Foreign Affairs Minister Phil Goff has criticised the suggestion by Keith Locke that withdrawal of the New Zealand forces from Afghanistan may be a condition for Green support for a post-election coalition.

14: Libz - Reluctant Politicians

Below is the Libertarianz party list for their third election since registration in 1996 - as delivered this morning to the Chief Electoral Office in Wellington.

15: Images: Anne Noble Photographs From Antarctica

As the retrospective of Anne's work, States of Grace, at City Gallery makes clear, Anne is an artist who works in series exploring ideas in depth before moving onto a new field on inquiry. Her experience as artist-in-residence in Antarctica has produced ...

16: UQ Wire: Dr Rosenberg Analysis of Anthrax Attacks

UQ WIRE EDITOR’S NOTE: The following paper, first published 05 February 2002, is widely considered a seminal article on the issue of the Anthrax-by-mail incidents which closely followed the 911 attacks on the WTC and Pentagon.

17: Images: The Debit Card

These images go with Richard's Speech titled, "ACT Leads e-Politics Campaign"

18: UQ Wire: Michel Chossudovsky - Political Deception

Was it an ‘intelligence failure’ to give red carpet treatment to the ‘money man’ behind the 9-11 terrorists, or was it simply ‘routine’

19: National And Labour Flirt With Grand Coalition

Alliance Leader Laila Harré has challenged Bill English to come clean and confirm that National will support Labour on confidence and supply votes, essentially forming a Grand Coalition between Labour and National.

20: Big News: The List Vote - Power To The Parties

Its not very often a deputy leader of a party is omitted from the list prior to an election. United Future is the first to do it – and on current polling their second ranked list candidate, Gordon Copeland, will make it into parliament on July 27 instead ...

21: ACT Leads e-Politics Campaign

Welcome to the first e-politics news conference. This news conference is being live-streamed on to ACT's website ( It will be posted on our website this afternoon.

22: Philip J. Rappa: Requiem to the Civics' Silliness

The occupation of the White House is in its eighteen-month and still, I can no longer keep silent as my visceral anguish bleeds from pen to page. As a patriot and a citizen, my conscience summons me to express my contempt and demands that I repudiate what ...

23: David Miller: Peace On The Korean Peninsula?

The timing of the North Korean attack on a South Korean naval vessel this week was no coincidence. With South Korea co-hosting the World Cup, the world’s attention has been focused not only on its team but also on the nation and the people themselves. ...

24: More Bluegreens Than Red Greens In Next Parliament

Bluegreens is an independent group of New Zealanders advising the National Party on environment and heritage issues.

25: Act's Slash And Burn Agenda

The Act Party "credit card" being released today will confirm its commitment to the politics of division, Labour Party strategist Pete Hodgson predicted.

26: Scoop Feedback: ZZZzzztt…

In This Edition: Prebble Peddles Pork Pies! - White hats for G8 - I See Red - 1080 All Over Taranaki

27: National Will Show Leadership On Environment

New Zealand needs a Government focussed on practical issues like land erosion, water quality and pests rather than pseudo-green issues like genetic modification, cannabis liberalisation and opposition to free trade, said National Leader Bill English today ...

28: More Mediocrity From Labour On Tertiary Education

Green Tertiary Education Spokesperson Nandor Tanczos today said Labour was continuing to ignore the structural problems in the tertiary sector, instead offering more tinkering around the edges.

29: Mystery Over Turia's "Colonisation" Speech

A speech by Associate Health Minister, Tariana Turia, blaming "mental illness, criminal offending and other social problems" amongst Maori on "colonisation" must be a great embarrassment to Prime Minister Helen Clark, says National MP Murray ...

30: Scoop Images: Still Razing Arizona

Monster Arizona wildfire Rodeo/Chediski is still burning brightly in this satellite image fresh off the NASA MODIS imaging satellite system. The image shows the fire as of 18.25hrs UTC on June 28th. The fire – Arizona’s largest ever - has now burned ...

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