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Scoop: Weekend Ratings


The Weekend’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Investigator Who Cleared Bush Gets WorldCom Job

A former Securities and Exchange Commission chairman appointed court monitor of WorldCom Inc. on Wednesday was previously responsible for clearing U.S. President George W. Bush of insider trading concerning his involvement in Harken Energy during the lead ...

2: UQ Wire: Harken Energy - Bush’s No Good Trade

One key trade just a few weeks before Iraq invaded Kuwait -- but reported some eight months late after the Gulf War was over -- netted Bush close to $1 million in profit as he sold stock in Harken Energy, an oil company doing business in the Middle East ...

3: The GW Bush - Osama Bin Laden Connection

EDITORS NOTE: The following is a transcript of a link submitted to Scoop by a Scoop reader. Clearly questions are raised in this material about the nature of the relationship between the Bush family and the family of Osama Bin Laden.

4: UQ Wire: 11 Top 911 Talking Points & Questions

UQ asks the reader for your open mind, patience, and healthy skepticism in what follows. We ask only that citizens embrace your democratic responsibility to think for yourselves, because nobody else can do your thinking for you.

5: HARD NEWS 05/07/02 - The Phoney War

GOOD DAY MEDIAPHILES ... talk about a phoney war. Has there ever been a major election issue so poorly understood not only by most of the public, but by the politicians and the press, as genetic modification?

6: Real Deal: Saving Tennessee - The Cartoon Series

A series of Dr Global cartoons tell the story of the $3.3 Trillion US Dollars missing from the US Treasury, and Scoop columnist Catherine Austin Fitts' fight to find them – For daily Dr Global see… .

7: Real Deal: Saving Tennessee

People get ready, there's a train a-coming - You don't need no baggage, just a-get on board - All you need is faith to hear the diesel hummin' - You don't need no ticket, just thank the Lord - Curtis Mayfield

8: Streets Of London: ‘Ein Volk! Ein Reich! Ein Euro!

An anti-Euro campaign film featuring a mock Adolf Hitler declaring his support for a Europe united under one currency has caused outrage in Britain, particularly angering Jewish and war veterans leaders.

9: Ngawha Protest Reports - Nasty Business At Kaikohe

EDITOR’S NOTE: Following are two email reports circulating on the Internet today concerning policing of Kaikohe court appearances of protestors against the planned prison at Ngawha.

10: Scoop Archive: UQ Wire: Harken Energy - Bush's No Good Trade

One key trade just a few weeks before Iraq invaded Kuwait -- but reported some eight months late after the Gulf War was over -- netted Bush close to $1 million in profit as he sold stock in Harken Energy, an oil company doing business in the Middle East ...

11: Bush Denies Harken Energy SEC Filing Breaches

Q Do you have any response, there's this columnist in the New York Times today who says that your role on the Board of Harken Energy back in the 1980s and its sale of Aloha Petroleum, your sale of stock, that amounts to the same kind of corporate ...

12: Is There a Different Law for the PM?

The public will now be left wondering whether there is one law for Prime Ministers and another for everyone else, ACT leader Richard Prebble says.

13: Poll Watch: TV3/NFO Poll – Labour Slipping

A TV3 NFO poll was announced on TV last night had the minor parties as the major gainers, and Labour as the major loser. However Labour is still shown with over 50% of the crucial party vote.

14: Inquiry into allegations against Ms Helen Clark

I am able to formally announce today the outcome of the Police inquiry into the complaint alleging fraudulent activities by Ms Helen Clark.

15: PCP Coalition -

I am incensed that the cannabis health law&order debate which dominated the 1999 election remains unresolved.

16: Scoop: Top Scoops + Campaign 2002

Hard News Is Here! - Streets Of London: Rik Mayall Plays Adolf Hitler - Howard’s End: Whose Country Is NZ Anyway? - Stateside Independence Day Special: Fixing Elections - Nasty Ngawha Goings On At Kaikohe’s Court - Poll Watch: Slipping Labour Could Still ...

17: Life In The Green Gulag

"For anyone who has ever wondered what life under green rule would look like, with the release yesterday of the Greens' environmental policy they now have their answer: 'Rules, rules, and more rules'," says Libertarianz environment spokesman ...

18: Transport Strategy Claims Outrageous

Acting Transport Minister Judith Tizard tonight rejected claims that petrol tax may increase as a result of the government's draft New Zealand Transport Strategy.

19: Howard's End: International Laws That Bind

Watching the politicians outline their 10-year vision during the leaders debate on TV3 last night, you had to wonder whether New Zealand will even exist in the form we know today in 10 years, because there are over 40,000 international agreements ...

20: Peters On Clark Painting

“I have always thought that this was a trivial matter – especially at election time,” said New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters.

21: D'You Want Busybodies With That?

Libertarianz Leader Russell Watkins launched an attack on the Food Safety Authority today, saying: "The taste of your Jackboot is really going to sour the sausage sizzle!" He was responding to new regulations requiring fund-rainig groups to ...

22: Scoop Feedback: ZZZzzzzttt

In This Edition: ACC Farce – Ideological Dichotomy - Purchase Of Canadian GM LAV III'S For The New Zealand Army – Idiotic – Get Passionate! And Angry!

23: Road lobby over-reacting - Greens

The joint response by the AA, the Road Transport Federation and Business New Zealand to the draft New Zealand Transport strategy is an extreme over-reaction to the first attempt to introduce a more balanced, sustainable transport strategy for New Zealand, ...


25: Stateside: Fourth of July Special

"As the pamphlet 'Common Sense' was to the American Revolution, so 'Fixing Elections' could be to the movement for alternative voting systems in our day.... It deserves the widest readership possible." So says Richard Winger, editor ...

26: Feedback: Reply To Adrian Picot On GE

One need look no further than the second sentence in Picot's article for the inevitable error, so profound yet so subtle, a blunder that underpins the popular folk theory and total misconception about what science actually is.

27: Press Briefing - Damage Control On Harken Energy

Ari Fleischer - This is one of the most widely reported stories of the '90s and then going into the campaign. It's been an issue in his campaigns that political opponents have raised against him, going back to 1994, in his first campaign ever for office.

28: Don't Vote for what you Don't Want

Labour's employment relations policy should sound alarm bells for right-thinking voters considering voting for Labour to keep the Greens out. They need to think carefully about what they are signing up to.

29: Government's Transport Strategy Is A Horror

The Government's draft Transport Strategy is an attempt at dangerous social engineering, ACT Transport Spokesman MP Penny Webster said today.

30: Cullen Must Come Clean On Tax Plans

"Acting Transport Minister Judith Tizard has admitted that another tax hike is on the cards if Labour is re-elected," says National Party Leader Bill English.

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