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Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: UQ Wire: Investment Espionage And The White House

There is growing evidence that the FBI and other government intelligence entities are more closely linked to the documented accumulation of pre-9/11 insider trading profits than was originally thought.

2: Not Important! Think Again: Money Laundry Special

The United States is in the process of creating a national network of informers. Thus, in imitation of some of the nastier regimes around the world, including those against which the US waged the Cold War, the Bush regime is in the process of recruiting ...

3: UQ Wire: DOJ Loses 9/11 Evidence Control Attempt

Synopsis: Judge Asserts Citizen Rights; Will Decide Discovery Issues, but DOJ Gains Seat Next to United Airlines Defense as Lines Now Drawn in First 9/11 Lawsuit. UAL and Justice Attorneys To Be Last Firewall Against Possible Mariani Access To Pre-9/11 ...

4: UQ Wire: DOJ To Attempt Shut Down of 9/11 Evidence

On June 20, Bush Administration officials quietly informed a New York judge of their intention to commence legal actions likely to be far-reaching in their constitutional, political, and individual rights implications pertaining to current lawsuits and ...

5: Poll Watch: Herald DigiPoll - Dunne In Hot Seat

Yesterday’s NZ Herald DigiPoll shows the Labour Party, “would win 58 seats - tantalisingly short of a majority in the 120-seat Parliament, even with Jim Anderton's support. …Assuming he retains his Ohariu-Belmont seat United Future leader Peter Dunne could ...

6: Scoop Satire: Inside George Bush's Diary

The last time I wrote at length in my journal, in January, the first of the business debacles was just starting to unfold. [ See "Inside Bush's Diary: Bobbin' & Weavin' Over Enron." ] Course, I had to tell a major whopper -- that I didn't ...

7: Chicken to make surprise Appearance in Wigram

Alliance candidate for Wigram Sean Gourley will today be appearing with a 6ft tall chicken, representative of Jim Anderton, outside Barrington Mall, on Barrington Street at 4pm. This action is in direct response to Mr Anderton’s recent refusal to accept ...

8: Scoop Interactive: Scoop's GE Honours Survey

Who do you think most deserves to be honoured this coming New Year for their contribution to the GE Debate?

9: Candidate Privacy Rule Ridiculous

I am astounded that I cannot get contact details of candidates who are seeking my vote.

10: A Huge Leap Backwards In Transport

News today that Qantas has shelved plans to expand its New Zealand domestic services, and that the government is negotiating to buy back the railway track, signals a huge step backwards to the 1970s when New Zealanders had no choice and transport services ...

11: Scoop Image: Typhoon Halong Over Tokyo

Just off NASA's MODIS satellite this latest image of Typhoon Halong shows the storm directly over Tokyo.

12: Real Deal: Edgewood Technology Services (Part 2)

Just as Fitts was beginning to demonstrate how quickly the Afro-American mothers of HUD's Edgewood Terrace project in Washington, D.C. could master computer programs, data processing and software design she began to sense the approach of an oncoming ...

13: Rail Buyback A Priority - Greens

The Green Party is welcoming a Government commitment to resume discussions with Tranz Rail after the election on the possibility of buying back the rail track.

14: Not Important? Think Again - July 15th

Dennis Hastert, Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives allows, “Some people will try to politicise this issue, yes.” The issue to which he is referring is white-collar crime, corporate fraud, and theft. Hastert and his colleagues in ...

15: Political Accountability For Poverty, Meeting 16/7

“Politicians are forgetting the basic issues that are facing New Zealanders. The Wellington People’s Centre wants to place poverty on the election agenda!” says Centre Co-ordinator Lisa Matthews.

16: Alliance meltdown

The meltdown of the Alliance is examined in some detail in the current issue of 'revolution' magazine.

17: Please note…correction

The costings of National policy released today contained a small error, the effect of which was to understate the level of National’s fiscal indiscipline.

18: Read My Lips: Oil Was Well with Harken

"Read My Lips: Oil Was Well with Harken" ( George W's 'Perfect Storm' ) … by Tom Flocco

19: Howard's End: Tax & Spend UK Budget

New Zealand will have to work much harder to keep its doctor's and nurses from travelling to Britain following the announcement of a massive $NZ 20 billion house-building program mostly aimed at housing key health workers.

20: Anything That's Peaceful? Not the Greens!

"Be afraid, be very afraid!" announced Libertarianz Leader and Tauranga Candidate Russell Watkins today responding to the news that the Green Party believes the occupation of private land at Young Nick's Head is "necessary and peaceful."

21: Sweet Corn Did Not Contain GE Material

There have been a number of widely circulated emails and press releases describing my involvement in this issue which, I believe, contain serious misunderstandings. I would like to bring my response to your notice. If you wish to mention any part ...

22: National’s Accounting Would Make Enron Blush

“The National Party’s accounting would make even Enron executives blush,” Finance Minister Michael Cullen said today.

23: Industry may be holding proof of contamination

Evidence that corn grown in New Zealand was potentially GE-contaminated is still being kept from the public.

24: Real Deal: Edgewood Technology Services (Part One)

The Story of Edgewood Technology Services - (Part One) or… How I Lost $100 Million Discovering Who Makes Money Making Sure the Solari(Popsicle) Index Does Not Go Up

25: Howard's End: Writing On The Wall For Super Fund

While politicians in New Zealand want to create a superannuation fund which will invest some of the money in the off-shore money markets, the South Australian government fund faces long-term losses of half a billion dollars. Maree Howard writes.

26: UQ Wire: Harken Energy - Bush’s No Good Trade

One key trade just a few weeks before Iraq invaded Kuwait -- but reported some eight months late after the Gulf War was over -- netted Bush close to $1 million in profit as he sold stock in Harken Energy, an oil company doing business in the Middle East ...

27: Cullen's Dodgy Accounting Practices

"Michael Cullen must have employed the same dodgy accounting practices he used to hide almost $1 billion of extra spending in his Budget when trying to cost National's policies," says National's economic spokesman David Carter.

28: SOL: Atomic Kitten To Cover The Tide Is High

Let it never be said Scoop publishes unsubstantiated rumours? This one’s been well corroborated.

29: Update On NZ Navy Support To HMS Nottingham

HMNZ Ships Endeavour and Te Mana continue to provide support to HMS Nottingham while she undertakes repairs. Both New Zealand ships are helping the Nottingham with such things as:

30: Labour Fails To Honour Its Pledge To Senior NZers

"By refusing to honour her famous 1999 pledge card promise to reverse National's cuts to superannuation, Prime Minister Helen Clark has betrayed the most vulnerable 12 per cent of New Zealanders," a Grey Power spokesman said today.

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