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Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: UQ Wire: Is Harken Energy Bush's Watergate?

Is Harken Energy Bush's Watergate? Introduction By Scoop and UQ Wire Editor Alastair Thompson

2: Poll Watch: Herald DigiPoll Has Surprises Galore

A snap NZ-Herald DigiPoll conducted over the weekend shows remarkably different results than all previous Herald DigiPolls, and for that matter all previous polls full stop.

3: Coca-Cola and Latin American Death Squads

* Reminiscent of the slaughter of trade union leaders in the 1980s at the Coca-Cola bottling plant in Guatemala City

4: Poll Watch: Press Poll - Anderton Safe In Wigram

A UMR Research Ltd poll on Wigram commissioned by The Press shows Progressive Coalition leader Jim Anderton comfortably winning his Wigram seat.

5: Scoop Feedback: Thinking Clearly

In This Edition: The clear thinker – Keith Rankin – New Zealand’s Straw Mattress

6: Election Result Now Wide Open

The latest political polls show that this Saturday's election is now wide open with a definite shift to the centre-right, says National's Deputy Leader Roger Sowry.

7: Big News: Making Your Vote Count

It’s the final week of the election campaign and things are getting interesting. Both National and Labour have lost a combined 13.3 percent of the vote since Helen Clark called the election, according to polls. The minor parties and the undecided ...

8: Laila Harré in front in Waitakere

Alliance Leader Laila Harré has released poll results today which put her clearly ahead in the Waitakere electorate.

9: Poll Watch: Marae Digipoll - Maori Seats Labour's

According to a Marae Digipoll published over the weekend Labour is set to comfortably win all seven Maori seats, meanwhile five times as many Maori voters support Labour as support the next most supported party, the Greens.

10: Peter Dunne's Actions Speak Louder than His Words

Alliance MP Liz Gordon is questioning how United Future leader Peter Dunne can claim to promote 'common sense' and pro family policies when his actions in Parliament over the past 2 and a half years have demonstrated that United Future is just a right-wing ...

11: Richard Prebble's Letter from Wellington 22/7/2002

ACT's tracking polls at the weekend put the party at 10 percent - that's 13 MPs. ACT's focus groups say Richard Prebble "won" the third party leaders' debate. Last week ACT's website received a record 500,000 hits.

12: Stateside: Aunt Minnie and the Mow-Ped

The United States Postal Service is conducting a trial use of that damned stupid epitome of everything that's wrong about research and development in this country - the Segway.

13: Black Widow At Large

Then the pesky Greens stood up for their GE principles and the Black Widow began to eat its mate.

14: 'Dangerous Peace Cult' On The March In Auckland

On Saturday, about 200 Falun Gong practitioners and supporters marched down Queen Street from Aotea Square, protesting the three-year anniversary of the Chinese Government's banning of their organisation, labelling it a 'Dangerous Cult'.

15: Scoop Image: Nuclear Flotilla Ready And Waiting

The Nuclear Free Pacific Flotilla pictured out in the Tasman sea yesterday. They expect to meet the MOX Nuclear Fuels shipment later in the day.

16: Gold Cartel Destroying Dev. Countries Economies

A Gold Cartel Aims at Destroying the Economies of Developing Countries Economic Factors or "International Conspiracy" Behind the Depressed Price of Gold? Translation from Al-Hayat , London, Friday, July 19, 2002 Al-Hayat is arguably the ...

17: Lindsay Perigo: 'I've Had it ... Up to Here!'

It's been a while. Sorry about that. Something came along called a general election. We haven't had it yet, but *I* have had it.

18: Image: Greenpeace - Clarkies Corn Cover up - GE

Auckland, 20 July: Giant “Clarkies Corn Cover up” cans greeted Helen Clark on her campaign trail in Auckland today. The giant “Clarkies” cans, and a can-to-Parliament campaign launched by Greenpeace aim to demand Government accountability over the ...

19: UQ Wire: DOJ Loses 9/11 Evidence Control Attempt

Synopsis: Judge Asserts Citizen Rights; Will Decide Discovery Issues, but DOJ Gains Seat Next to United Airlines Defense as Lines Now Drawn in First 9/11 Lawsuit. UAL and Justice Attorneys To Be Last Firewall Against Possible Mariani Access To Pre-9/11 ...

20: Image: Crackers Returns…. And Brings A Friend

Yesterday Afternoon students from all across the Canterbury region joined together to cry foul at the current state of the Tertiary education system. What the gathering students did not know was that late Thursday night a secret call to the Chicken hotline ...

21: Website Features Virtual Election Calculator

The Electoral Commission has designed a special “Virtual Election Result Calculator” on the electoral website, that allows people to calculate the number of seats each political party can gain in the coming election based on the ...

22: Montana New Zealand Book Awards - Winners

Prime Minister Helen Clark tonight announced the winners of the Montana New Zealand Book Awards at a gala function in Auckland.

23: HARD NEWS 19/07/02 - And the Rain Stopped ...

GOOD DAY MEDIAPHILES ... it's daft, really, the Worm - an electronic mood meter driven by 100 flakes who haven't worked out how they're voting yet. The usual swinging-voter lollies - crime, immigration and the Treaty - inevitably hit the hot button. Or, ...

24: DeWorm Law and Order- LEGALISE say Mild Greens

"If cannabis is decriminalised there'll be a lot (500,000) less criminals", say the Mild Greens. And a lot less criminality, prejudice, intolerance, mistrust, alienation and mutual community disrespect amongst New Zealanders.

25: UQ Wire: Investment Espionage And The White House

There is growing evidence that the FBI and other government intelligence entities are more closely linked to the documented accumulation of pre-9/11 insider trading profits than was originally thought.

26: Scoop: Top Scoops + Campaign 2002

Miraculous Exception In United Future’s Polling - UQ Wire: Bush's Watergate - Links & Commentary - Stateside: Look Who’s In My Junk Mail - Flotilla Intercepts Nuclear Cargo - DOC May Make Bid For Young Nicks Head

27: Tube Talk: John Campbell’s Angry Inch

Like his immovable Ken Doll hairdo, John Campbell’s career seems to defy the laws of gravity. As chief anchor of TV3 News, he defies the norms of other newsreader sock puppets by actually attempting to do political commentary.

28: Making Headlines For All The Wrong Reasons

Green Co-leader Rod Donald is laughing off the latest Labour attempt to portray the party as anti-growth.

29: Families under pressure: New CTU research

“A Council of Trade Unions research study released today clearly shows many New Zealand families are under severe pressure as a result of long work hours and changing work hour patterns,” Council of Trade Unions president Ross Wilson said today.

30: RNZAF P3 Orion locates Nuclear Fuel Ship

A Royal New Zealand Air Force P3 Orion successfully located at 9:30 AM the vessels carrying nuclear fuel, Defence Minister Mark Burton confirmed today.

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