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Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Guest Opinion: Helen Clark Beached

Of course there was absolutely no reason for an early election except that Helen was convinced that Labour would win an outright majority in parliament. This just shows that economics is not the only field where she is completely delusional.

2: New Zealand's Persecuted Minority: Property Owners

"For some years, regulations to protect 'The Environment' have buried the people who are actually able to protect their environment - property owners," says Libertarianz spokesman Peter Cresswell. His party argues that property owners are ...

3: No Waiting Lists For Veterinary Care

A survey published in the NZ Herald today shows that health and education are two of the top three concerns in this election - "as they are every election, and with very good reason," says Libertarianz deputy Dr. Richard McGrath. He says ...

4: Feedback: Who's Pulling Ms Fitzsimons' Strings?

It was interesting to read the response by Jeanette Fitzsimons to the advertising campaign that will be run by the Life Sciences Network during this last week of the election campaign.

5: Feedback: On Blue Greens On Green Greens

In response to the weekend recyclers group who call themselves the Bluegreens, regarding their misfire at the Greens stance on economic growth, here's my personal answer to a question in the recent election debate we had over here in London.

6: UQ Wire: Is Harken Energy Bush's Watergate?

Is Harken Energy Bush's Watergate? Introduction By Scoop and UQ Wire Editor Alastair Thompson

7: Coca-Cola and Latin American Death Squads

* Reminiscent of the slaughter of trade union leaders in the 1980s at the Coca-Cola bottling plant in Guatemala City

8: Feedback: Value Education, Pay For It

It seems incredible that most of your correspondents value tertiary education so little that they they don't believe it is worth paying for.

9: Santa’s In Trouble And Calls In Rudolf

How will history judge the 2002 Election? Probably as a gamble that failed. Labour, seeing the glittering prize of an outright parliamentary majority tried to ambush the electorate. It hoped to capitalise on its good fortune over most of its term ...

10: Guest Opinion: I'm A Poor, Poor Farmer

I'm A Poor, Poor Farmer: Percy Schmeiser Comes To Land Of The Kiwi July 21, 2002 By Benjamin Chapman Commentary from the Food Safety Network

11: Real Deal: The Promis-Like Profits Of Harvard

The Boston Globe's article of September 23, 2000 is an interesting follow up to Catherine Fitt’s “Money Lords of Harvard”. Here are seven points worth noting:

12: UQ Wire: Connecting Dots - Profits Of Death Pt. 1

In a returned phone call from the Central Intelligence Agency, press spokesman Tom Crispell denied that the CIA was monitoring "real-time," pre-September 11, stock option trading activity within United States borders using such software as the Prosecutor‘s ...

13: Give Waitakere Electorate A Break

24th July 2002 Give Waitakere Electorate A Break National MP Marie Hasler has asked her rivals to give Waitakere voters a break - to stop harassing them with tiresome, tactical ‘advice’ and let electors think for themselves. "Waitakere voters are ...

14: Supercomputer Weather: Typhoon Feng-Shen Makes 3

Following immediately after direct hits from typhoons Chataan and Halong #1 #2 earlier this month, another typhoon is heading for the Japanese mainland. According to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center , who produced the graphic below, Typhoon Feng-Shen ...

15: Unfortunate Error Or Deliberate Deceit

Leader of New Zealand First and MP for Tauranga for the last 18 years Rt Hon Winston Peters, has expressed his disappointment at the latest act of desperation by electoral opponent in Tauranga, Law School Lecturer, Attorney General and Cabinet Minister ...

16: Opinion: Why I Grow Genetically Engineered Crops

Guest Opinion: Why I Grow Genetically Engineered Crops By Jeff Wilson Commentary from the Food Safety Network

17: The BAD Science of Genetically Engineering Part 3

This is the final article of three that I felt compelled to write so that the claim that opponents to GE farming were unscientific was adequately refuted. I feel that I have completed this duty.

18: UQ Wire: Investment Espionage And The White House

There is growing evidence that the FBI and other government intelligence entities are more closely linked to the documented accumulation of pre-9/11 insider trading profits than was originally thought.

19: Poll Watch: Waitakere Leaning Towards Labour

The crucial Waitakere seat in Auckland – where Alliance Party Leader Laila Harre is hoping to win a place in Parliament for her party - is leaning towards Labour according to a poll commissioned by the Engineers Printing and Manufacturers Union.

20: Nobel Prize winner endorses Progressive Coalition

Progressive Coalition leader Jim Anderton has welcomed the endorsement of Nobel Prize winner, Professor Alan MacDiarmid.

21: Scoop Image: Olympic Rings On Fire

“We are now preparing for the August 13th 2002, 2-year bid, to open the Athens Olympics” - Chilli Club’s Charles Crawshaw.

22: Govt Must Take Responsibility For World Cup Loss

The Government must take some responsibility for New Zealand missing out on joint-hosting the Rugby World Cup, says National Leader Bill English.

23: The Spectre Of A Right Wing Coalition Government

Six years ago the Greens came to Parliament - at first three of us, then seven. And things began to change. Issues were discussed that had never been raised in the House before. The old ways of thinking and acting practised by the old parties were ...

24: Scoop Satire: US Hypocrisy Black-Hole Warning

American hypocrisy involving the accumulation of wanton bigotry and outright deception in the name of truth was creating a localized black hole of earth-engulfing proportions warned Cal-Tech Department of Total Destruction research physicist Dan Dreer in a ...

25: GE-Free and spin-free day

All seven Green MPs will be out on the streets tomorrow reminding people that voting Green at the election is the only way to stop the Government lifting the moratorium next year.

26: Labour On The Way Out?

There is now a distinct possibility that National will be able to cobble together a minority coalition government according to Save Our Squadrons Campaign spokesperson, David Dickens.

27: Greens Want Empty Roads

The Green Party's transport policy is social engineering of the worst kind, ACT Transport Spokesman Penny Webster MP said today.

28: Mallard's Head Should Also Roll Over World Cup

Sir Thomas Eichelbaum's report shows that Labour and Trevor Mallard should also carry the can for the loss of the World Cup, ACT leader Richard Prebble says.

29: Guest Opinion: There's No Free Lunch

VIRTUAL silence reigns, in this election campaign, on our defence and security policies. This is bizarre, since what we do in defence carries heavy freight for our national future.

30: Peter Has Dunne With Family Values

United Future leader Peter Dunne claims to be pro family. Yet his voting record says otherwise:

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