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Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Public information sparked kidnap investigation

Public information sparked the investigation which led to police foiling a kidnapping in Wellington tonight.

2: Keith Rankin: Permutations and Combinations

What are some of the plausible (though not necessarily probable) configurations of parties in the new Parliament and their implications for Government? How safe are the senior politicians of National and Labour? And how can voters most effectively ...

3: Tube Talk: Kim And Kiefer Keep It Real

Amid the mindless crap generated by politicians during election time, it’s nice to know there are two tireless troupers fighting for good tube time.

4: Big News: Stdunned!

Peter Dunne must be happy. People are taking notice of him now that he may have power in the formation of the next coalition. United Future has stunned everyone by polling more than 6 percent. Peter Dunne’s reaction on Sunday night when rung to be told ...

5: Anderton Ambused – Crackers Returns Home to Roost

Earlier this week Crackers and her newly found mate Cocky ambushed an unsuspecting Deputy Prime Minister Jim Anderton at a local candidates meeting.

6: Women’s Refuge Complaint About ACT Party Leaflet

24 July 2002 Women’s Refuge Makes Complaint About Act Party Leaflet Women’s Refuge has called for an apology and a retraction from the ACT party, in a complaint that was filed with the Advertising Standards Authority, the Human Rights Commission, ...

7: Poll Watch: TV1 And TV3 Final Election 2002 Polls

TV1’s Colmar Brunton Poll and TV3’s NFO Poll have recorded remarkably similar results on the night before the final day of the election campaign. Today will not be recorded among National Party Leader Bill English's finest moments.

8: Poll Watch: National Ahead In Coromandel

A Waikato Times Versus V-Poll published today shows Green Party Co-Leader Jeanette Fitzsimons running third in the race for her Coromandel electorate. The poll of 453 voters has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.6 per cent.

9: Guest Opinion: Helen Clark Beached

Of course there was absolutely no reason for an early election except that Helen was convinced that Labour would win an outright majority in parliament. This just shows that economics is not the only field where she is completely delusional.

10: Poll Watch: Waitakere Leaning Towards Labour

The crucial Waitakere seat in Auckland – where Alliance Party Leader Laila Harre is hoping to win a place in Parliament for her party - is leaning towards Labour according to a poll commissioned by the Engineers Printing and Manufacturers Union.

11: Peter Has Dunne With Family Values

United Future leader Peter Dunne claims to be pro family. Yet his voting record says otherwise:

12: Scoop Feedback: A Grower Speaks Up On GE

In This Edition: A Small Grower’s Perspective On GE Dangers - The Injustice of the Paid Parental Leave Bill - Re: The Terry & Guy Show - A Labour Truism Perhaps

13: Not Important? Think Again - 25 July 2002

The Real War on Terror Stands Up - Is it aimed at Islamic Terrorism or Organised Labour? Let us see now…

14: Beware The Prime Minister …

Wellington Central Alliance candidate and political bard Robert Reid finished his campaign in style last night.

15: Greens Let The Moratorium Cat Out Of The Bag

"Rod Donald has let the GM moratorium out of the Green Party's bag, with his reminder this morning that the Greens are seeking only a three-year extension of the existing moratorium." This today from Terry Dunleavy, national convener ...

16: The Pundits Were Wrong

The polls have already proved the pundits wrong. New Zealand has a real election this Saturday.

17: Libertarianz Have Got Plans For Big Government

Russell Watkins and the Libertarianz say they have got big plans for Big Government - "they want to stamp out big government, big time! And in your lifetime." They plan, they say, "to get politicians out of your face, out of your pocket, and out of your ...

18: Feedback: Who's Pulling Ms Fitzsimons' Strings?

It was interesting to read the response by Jeanette Fitzsimons to the advertising campaign that will be run by the Life Sciences Network during this last week of the election campaign.

19: A House Divided - Winston Peters Speech

Rt Hon Winston Peters Public Rally Red Square, Tauranga 12.00pm Thursday 25 July 2002

20: Ron Ellison: Conventional Wisdom

Back in March we wrote about Latin America and the Argentine crisis. Conventional wisdom at the time, a point we questioned even then, held that the risk to the region from Argentine contagion was non-existent. Now with Brazil’s recent troubles and ...

21: Campaign Closing Speech - Bill English

But I’ve been inspired by the hard work I’ve seen in every part of New Zealand over the past several weeks by candidates, their support teams and rank and file party members.

22: Life Science Network Advertisement

Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Genetics are disappointed to see that the LSN has committed the very fault they attribute in their ad to "anti GE fanatics" - misinformation.

23: The New Write 24/7/2002

This Saturday New Zealanders get to choose their future. On election day the side-shows over Paintings and Corn will be forgotten and New Zealanders will look at the real issues that are affecting them and their children

24: Santa’s In Trouble And Calls In Rudolf

How will history judge the 2002 Election? Probably as a gamble that failed. Labour, seeing the glittering prize of an outright parliamentary majority tried to ambush the electorate. It hoped to capitalise on its good fortune over most of its term ...

25: CRIs Buy Into Pro-GE Election Lobbying

Crown Research Institutes should have better uses for taxpayer money than helping to pay for pro-GE ads, a spin hotline and pro-GE election kits for candidates, the Green Party said today.

26: Labour On Disability Issues

Labour’s approach to disability issues is based on a commitment to human rights, partnership and inclusion. Significant progress has been made on implementing our 1999 Manifesto policies in relation to Disability Issues. The portfolio of Minister ...

27: Poll Watch: Herald DigiPoll Has Surprises Galore

A snap NZ-Herald DigiPoll conducted over the weekend shows remarkably different results than all previous Herald DigiPolls, and for that matter all previous polls full stop.

28: UQ Wire: Connecting Dots - Profits Of Death Pt. 1

In a returned phone call from the Central Intelligence Agency, press spokesman Tom Crispell denied that the CIA was monitoring "real-time," pre-September 11, stock option trading activity within United States borders using such software as the Prosecutor‘s ...

29: The BAD Science of Genetically Engineering Part 3

This is the final article of three that I felt compelled to write so that the claim that opponents to GE farming were unscientific was adequately refuted. I feel that I have completed this duty.

30: Scoop: Top Scoops + Campaign 2002

Public Money Not For Pro-GE Lobbying – Greens - TODAY’S GE BUNFIGHT IN FULL: - Keith Rankin: A Cornucopia Of Coalition Combinations - She’s A Hard Road Running The Perfect Campaign - Tube Talk: The Ice-Cool Instinct Of Kim Hill - Howard’s End: Calling Young ...

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