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Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: UQ Wire: Investment Espionage And The White House

There is growing evidence that the FBI and other government intelligence entities are more closely linked to the documented accumulation of pre-9/11 insider trading profits than was originally thought.

2: Reflections of an Independent Candidate

The day after the election, I created a bonfire and burned all my election material.

3: Labour’s Infighting Already Started

New Zealand First Leader and MP for Tauranga, Rt Hon Winston Peters, has revealed that there is already a deep division among Labour MPs over the pending appointment of Jim Anderton as a Cabinet Minister.

4: David Miller: Where to From Here?

If you were worried about the course of the next parliament during the campaign then you should be most fearful now.

5: Sludge Report #141 – Negotiating With A Spider

In This Edition: Negotiating With A Spider - Discussions On The Tuffet - Speaking Of Spiders, Of With Her Head

6: Come on, Helen - get with the Program: Mild Greens

"I say it is time to revisit our current policy on marijuana, and to implement more appropriate and effective policy" - Helen Clark (Hamilton, 1994).

7: Iraqi Military Build-up On Kuwait Border

Scoop's intelligence sources have reported that Kuwait has drafted emergency plans and cancelled all leave for its civil defence employees until further notice as its military officials report an Iraqi build-up on its border.

8: Feedback: Sludge on Holland

I take it someone has already corrected your boo-boo about Harry Holland. Helen Clark was referring to arch-conservative PM Sid Holland, and not the Marxist Labour leader who died in 1933. [Can we fix this? Yes we can! - C.D. Sludge.]

9: Greens Took Three Hours To Betray Their Principles

“When Jeanette Fitzsimons offered the Greens’ support for Labour’s budget on Saturday night she betrayed one of her party’s fundamental principles – to keep GE in the lab” claims New Zealand First Leader Winston Peters.

10: Awatere Huata's Message to United, Greens

ACT Education Spokesman MP Donna Awatere Huata today wrote to the leaders of the Green and United Future parties, asking them to focus on education during their negotiations with Labour.

11: UQ Wire: 911 Judge Ignores DOJ Evidence Tampering

A general court order entered in the U.S. District Court in the Southern District of New York was just released by Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein subsequent to his July 12 hearing regarding Mariani vs. United Airlines (UAL) et. al., amid indications ...

12: Sludge Report #140 - Reading The Entrails

In This Edition: Reading The Entrails Of Election 2002 - “She’s A Hard Road Finding The Perfect Prime Minister” - Advice For The Meat In The Sandwich

13: Vexatious And Time Wasting Complaint

“Labour’s appendage, the Progressive Coalition, should stop wasting everyone’s time by laying vexatious complaints,” the New Zealand First leader Winston Peters said.

14: Trinity Roots Tour

Get snuggly warm this winter with Trinity Roots warming you up on 'Release The Pressure' their national winter tour!

15: Stateside: 11 September 1: 27 July Nil

I cried when I watched Laila Harre's concession speech, and I'm not entirely sure why. I guess it's because she's one of the people I would have given an all-round Minnie Award to for her integrity, her hard work, her quick grasp of the business ...

16: Complaint against New Zealand First

The Progressive Coalition is lodging an official complaint against New Zealand First after they attempted to incite racism on election day, says Matt Robson.

17: Political Correctness The Loser

"The wheels of progress turn slowly but turn they do," says Lindsay Mitchell, petitioner for a Parliamentary review of the DPB. "The complexion of the incoming Parliament is significantly changed from our perspective. Outspoken advocates for ...

18: ACT Will Continue to be the Effective Opposition

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters is acting like a jilted bride with his laughable claims that the National and ACT parties are irrelevant, ACT Deputy Leader Ken Shirley says.

19: Where's the Economic Plan, Prime Minister?

ACT Finance spokesman Rodney Hide today called on Prime Minister Helen Clark to detail her government's economic plan to take the country to four percent growth a year.

20: ACT Leader Remains in Hospital

Mr Prebble has been transferred from 24-hour observation to a general ward, where his condition is improving.

21: Live Election Results: Party Vote Status Table

ON THIS PAGE: Live Election Results - Overall Status (Party Vote) - Polling Places Counted - Total Votes Counted - Special Votes - This Page is updated every minute - PRESS REFRESH FOR LATEST RESULTS....

22: Greens Returned - With Interest

The Green Party is delighted at having increased its vote and representation in Parliament, Co-leaders Jeanette Fitzsimons and Rod Donald said today.

23: Alliance Rout - NZUSA/ATSA Misrepresentation

The electoral rout of the Alliance confirms that the New Zealand University Students Association (NZUSA) and the Aotearoa Tertiary Students Association (ATSA) misrepresented the political views of most tertiary students when both organisations endorsed the ...

24: Live Election Results: Party Vote Status Graphic

ON THIS PAGE: Live Election Results - Graphic Showing Vote Count Progress - Graphic Showing Percentage of Party Votes Received by each Party - This Page is updated every minute - PRESS REFRESH FOR LATEST RESULTS....

25: Greens Still Wildly Out Of Step

The Green Party is still wildly out of step with public opinion on the lifting of the moratorium on genetic modification field trials. This today from Terry Dunleavy, national convener of Bluegreens.

26: In Support of John Hamilton

Our commercial tomato grower is absolutely correct in his "A Small Grower's Perspective On GE Dangers." The one factor which is carefully hidden from public view is that, contrary to the propaganda we're fed, it is an imprecise technology. ...

27: ACT Continues to Support GM Moratorium Lifting

ACT Environment Spokesman Gerry Eckhoff today repeated the ACT party's offer to Prime Minister Helen Clark to support the Labour Government over the lifting of the moratorium on Genetic Modification.

28: Okarito Crown land to be retained

The government has announced today that most of the remaining unsold Crown land at Okarito is to be retained in public ownership as reserve and public conservation land because of its outstanding ecological values.

29: Preston Peet: How to Be a Successful Drug Dealer

How the People Seldom Catch Intelligence- (or... How to Be a Successful Drug Dealer) By Preston Peet * - Editor

30: Howard's End: The Joy Of Profit

Well, the election is over with the media, business and union lobby groups already offering their spin about which minor party might, or should, make it to the Cabinet table in the first Government of the new Millennium. Maree Howard writes.

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