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Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Lawsuit Charging U.S. Lab Origin Of HIV/AIDS

U.S. Forced To OK Lawsuit Charging U.S. Lab Origin Of HIV/AIDS UN Observer And International Report

2: UQ Wire: The Kissinger Bombshell

Our lord and emperor George W. Bush has just tied together the entire ball of 9/11 lies and related wax, stuck a wick in it, and handed us the match. He has done so by appointing Henry Kissinger chairman of the long-awaited "independent" ...

3: Elle Intimates Strips Off With Billboard Campaign

Rush-hour traffic was treated to a striptease in Auckland today as the second of two new Elle Mapcherson Intimates billboards were unveiled by a pair of Kiwifire dancers.

4: UQ: Rosenbaum’s Penile Prose Vs Vidal’s Triumph

I personally do admit to a taste for sparing no words when a mean-spirited, pompous piece of you-know-what has the gall to ridicule the right to ask questions - spitting down his vindictive from the spit-polished towers of the intellectual prostitute, ...

5: UQ Wire: Kissinger - Bloody Hands Full of Gold

It has become the joke of the day that the Bush Administration is stuffed full of "political dinosaurs" from the Cold War era who want to rattle their sabers and make one last stand like geriatric John Waynes.

6: Big News: ACC Boss Misleads Public Again

Big News with Dave Crampton ACC Boss Accused Of Misleading The Public Over Rehabilitation Costs

7: Plague of Political Correctness Spreads

It’s bad enough ratepayers will be paying more because of Maori consultation provisions in the local Government Bill, now roads users will be hit too, says the National Party Local Government spokesman Gerry Brownlee.

8: Abbott Murder Trial: Sixty Four Seconds

At the conclusion of yesterday’s evidence in the trial of Senior Constable Keith Abbott for the murder of Steven Wallace the difficulty of the jury’s task was shown in sharp relief through the eyes and ears of almost-eye-witness Todd Wilson.

9: Scoop Archive: UQ Wire: Gore Vidal's The Enemy Within

Gore Vidal is America's most controversial writer and a ferocious, often isolated, critic of the Bush administration. Here, against a backdrop of spreading unease about America's response to the events of 11 September 2001 and their aftermath, we publish ...

10: Tomás Smith: The Poverty of Power

1. Does a system that systematically destroys what is produced and what has been produced in the past have a future? 2. Does a system that cannot embrace the breakthroughs and developments in science and technology to the benefit of humanity have a future? ...

11: John Kaminski: When Medicines Are Meant To Kill

Have you noticed? In the mainstream corporate media, some stories are never written. Throughout American history the media have deliberately ignored certain subjects. Two areas especially overlooked are government drug smuggling and population control ...

12: Guest Opinion: Suffering Suffrage!

Take a deep breath-or better yet, a stiff drink. Don't watch any news if it makes you too sick, and try to get plenty of fluids (hopefully of the aforementioned variety). But before succumbing to the war fever that is supposedly gripping the nation, take ...

13: Truth An Endangered Species At DOC

The Department of Conservation is misleading the public on the effect of thar on the Mt Cook lily," ACT New Zealand Agricultural, Forestry and Fisheries Spokesman Gerrard Eckhoff said today.

14: Jason Leopold: Wag the Bush

What if this whole squabble with Iraq is just an attempt by President Bush to cover up a White House sex scandal? What if the President was caught getting it on with a girl scout in the Oval Office and was about to be exposed so he cooks up a phony ...

15: Marc My Words - 29th Nov. 2002

Two years . it's been two long years for Senior Constable Keith Abbott to put the Waitara shooting behind him.

16: Wellington Voters Choose STV - Aucklanders Applaud

Auckland City electoral reform advocates are thrilled with the result of the Wellington City referendum on the local voting system which ended today, seeing the majority of those who voted choosing Single Transferable Voting (STV) over the current First-Past-the-Post ...

17: UQ Wire: Take the Homeland Security Quiz!

Question One: Do you approve of the new Homeland Security Department, signed into law by President Bush?

18: UQ Wire: Christopher Hitchens & Chairman Kissinger

While I take issue with the slight against the "9/11 skeptics" in his last paragraph below, I feel that what Christopher Hitchens has documented about Kissinger must lead even the least 'skeptical' to seriously question the Bush Administration's ...

19: Chris Floyd: Slouching Toward Tyranny

We've said it before, and we'll keep on saying it: A country whose leader has the power to imprison any citizen, on his order alone, and hold them indefinitely, in military custody, without access to the courts, without a lawyer, without any charges, ...

20: Wellington Referendum: STV 52.0% - FPP 47.6%

Electoral System Option Count %age - For, Single Transferable Vote 21451 52.0% - For, First Past The Post 19626 47.6%

21: Kissinger - The Wrong Man for Every Season

* A compelling case can be made that he belongs in jail rather than at the head of the investigation into September 11 * His stint as chairman of the 1983-84 National Bipartisan Commission on Central America was not at all bipartisan and produced a ...

22: Laila Harre's Speech to Alliance conference

I want to begin by acknowledging Alliance members, our friends and our voters. It’s been a big year. Many people here have shouldered a huge and unexpected load, and Alliance activists have risen to the challenge.

23: UQ Wire: Kissinger Commission? Huh?

'Follow all facts, wherever they lead'; these were Bush's words today (November 27, 2002) at a signing ceremony at the White House establishing the "National Commission on the Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States." [H.R.4628; SEC. 601-610]

24: English Asleep at the Wahi-Tapu Wheel

Libertarianz leader Russell Watkins describes the National Party as "deceitful, unprincipled parasites to whom property rights are just another principle to trade away."

25: Naked in Nuhaka: Tipping Point

I've only ever seen a dead whale once before, in Opoutama when I was a young boy. Somewhere stashed in my Dad's photo collection is a shot of me standing beside the morose, dead corpse of a much smaller whale, about 12 feet long with dried-out dark ...

26: Howard's End: Nonsense Follows Nonsense at ACC

On Thursday the Transport Select-Committee, which covers ACC matters, will meet to discuss launching an investigation into ACC after senior politicians demanded urgent action. In their deliberations they ought to remember that now and then one ...

27: Bill English Speech: The Line In The Sand

It’s gone too far. And no one knows better than you - the people of Welcome Bay. It has gone too far when people minding their own business in Welcome Bay have their land shut up by bad law, woolly thinking and opportunism.

28: Will Ministers Kill Maori Television?

Today Cabinet must decide if it will deliberately consign the new Maori Television Service to failure by forcing it to use a second-rate platform, ACT Commerce Spokesman Deborah Coddington said.

29: ACT Outlines Flaws of Local Government Bill

ACT New Zealand will strenuously oppose the passage of the Local Government Bill, which the Labour Government proposes to ram through Parliament under urgency before Christmas, ACT Deputy Leader Ken Shirley said today.

30: 'Pre-emptive' strikes would legitimise terror

France's raid on the Rainbow Warrior in Auckland would have been legal and appropriate under John Howard's rationale for "pre-emptive" strikes on countries that harbour groups seen as a threat to another country's national interests, Green Foreign Affairs ...

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