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Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Images: Flying Frodo Air

Air NZ's chief operating officer Andrew Miller launches Air NZ's bold worldwide promotion of Lord of the Rings - Unveiling a special Boeing 747-400 emblazoned with Frodo imagery. For more information see… Air NZ Unlocks The Secrets Of Middle Earth.... . Pics: ...

2: Air NZ Unlocks The Secrets Of Middle Earth....

The Lord of the Rings fans can enjoy a birds eye view of some of the most famous locations in the movie trilogy thanks to the extensive flight network of Air New Zealand - “Airline to Middle-earth.”

3: Sweden Offers Free-speech Refuge To U.S. Officials

STOCKHOLM - Blaine Williams hasn't stopped grinning since he arrived in Sweden two weeks ago. Several times a day he'll approach a complete stranger, offer a handshake and a smile, introduce himself as a former CIA analyst from America, and proceed ...

4: Scoop Links: Rape Accusations Against George Bush

Margie Schoedinger of Missouri City, Texas has filed a lawsuit against George W. Bush in Fort Bend County Court. In her suit she is alleging "race based harassment and individual sex crimes committed against her and her husband." The suit lists ...

5: "I Was Raped By The Agents Of Bush-Whacko"

Today, December 10, 2002 at approximately 1:00 pm EST, at my residence 1651 Goldston Carbonton Road, Goldston, NC, I noticed 2 then 3 then 4 cars enter my driveway. I went out to greet them and asked if I could help them with something.

6: ACC bullies claimants before Christmas

ACC Case Managers and staff at ACC subsidiary Catalyst are sending illegal rehabilitation plans to claimants asking for them to be signed and returned by Christmas. If they are not signed the implication is that entitlements could be cut. One claimant received ...

7: Howard's End: What Our Country Can Do For Its MPs

News over the weekend that MP's have rushed through a clause in their pay and perks legislation putting them in the same class as the Governor-General in being exempt from some income taxes, again raises serious questions about the powers of our Parliament ...

8: Images: PM Promotes Invest NZ With Frodo And Bilbo

A private screening in New York of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers for influential US investors may stimulate new investment in key New Zealand industry sectors, and attract more film production to the country.

9: Behind the Veil: Saudis Aren't As Bad As Painted

Having lived and worked with my husband in Jeddah Saudi Arabia for the last 18 years, maybe I can shed a little light on the subject of recent revelations concerning the alleged funding of 911 terrorists by members of the Saudi royal family.

10: Bernard Weiner: Arrogance Leads To Bush's Undoing

The last time "Shallow Throat" and I talked, at a dimly-lit D.C. suburban tavern several months before the midterm election, the highly-placed GOP mole within the Bush Administration was extremely nervous about being discovered. This time, there ...

11: Scoop Link: CIA Linked To Venezuelan Coup Plans

Uruguayan EP-FA congressman Jose Nayardi says he has information that far-reaching plans have been put into operation by the CIA and other North American intelligence agencies to overthrow Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Frias within the next 72 hours.

12: Another own-goal for Peters

NZ First leader Mr Peters scored another own-goal in his press statement on the jailed paua smugglers in Auckland, Immigration Minister Lianne Dalziel said today.

13: Xmas presents for the Iraqi People

Helen Clark and George Bush's Xmas presents for the Iraqi People: Bombs bombs bombs bombs bombs bombs bombs bombs bombs bombs bombs bombs bombs bombs bombs bombs bombs bombs bombs bombs bombs bombs bombs bombs...

14: Lucid Feature: Meth-head or Madness

Wellington has weed. Wellington has E. Wellington has L.S.D. Sweet poetry to some maybe, but not all. A veritable drug cornucopia awaits today’s youth for experimentation and enjoyment. Look around you. Have lots of girls you know suddenly lost weight ...

15: Minister rejects return to compulsory unionism

The review of the Employment Relations Act will include consideration of how collective bargaining provisions can be strengthened and I am sure that the government will receive a number of proposals around this, Labour Minister Margaret Wilson said today.

16: Recovered History: When Donald Met Saddam

As diplomats and weapons inspectors in New York, Washington, London, Paris, Moscow, and Beijing pour over the 12,000 pages of Iraq’s weapons declaration it is a good time to resurrect a key part of un-told story of Iraq’s relationship with weapons ...

17: Richard Prebble's Letter From Wellington

In cabinet Margaret Wilson has a paper to replace the present Deputy Commissioners on the Environment Court with her own political appointees. The Deputy Commissioners are appointed for five years and work with the Court to assist the judges. The Letter ...

18: Wellington's 'Parade For Peace' Draws 500

Photos by John Anderson of the December 14th 'Parade For Peace' in Wellington. Over 500 people marched the streets in the biggest demonstration in Wellington to date against the impending war on Iraq.

19: UQ Wire: The Pure Essence of Stupid

On a number of different occasions, permutations of the following comment have appeared on a variety of online forums. Essentially, this is a fragment of what may be the most crystalline rant ever recorded on the internet. I have no idea who the original ...

20: Eco-Economy: US Dollar Hegemony Has Got To Go

There is an economics-textbook myth that foreign-exchange rates are determined by supply and demand based on market fundamentals. Economics tends to dismiss socio-political factors that shape market fundamentals that affect supply and demand.

21: Is This Charity Or What?

New Zealand First leader Rt Hon Winston Peters has offered a bouquet to the staff of Telecom for choosing Lifeline as the recipient of a $30,000 donation from Telecom, and a brickbat to Telecom for spending $23,000 on a full-page advertisement in the ...

22: Letter from Richard Prebble to the PM

This is to respond to your statement in Parliament today that the government is considering appointing me to be a judge in the new Supreme Court to replace appeals to the Privy Council.

23: Homeland Security - A Discussion Paper

Labour’s response to increased threats to security that New Zealanders face following the Bali bombings have been piecemeal and have totally ignored critical areas of preparedness.

24: Transend report outlines spending, governance

Minister for State Owned Enterprises Mark Burton has today received the Auditor-General’s report on allegations of impropriety at New Zealand Post subsidiary Transend Worldwide Limited.

25: Rugby Union?s New CEO Welcomed

The dairy industry's loss is rugby's gain. Chris Moller's international experience and authority should help repair the damage of last year's debacle, ACT Sport and Recreation Spokesman Stephen Franks said today.

26: HARD NEWS 12/12/02 - On the P and Other Stories

Public Address continues to go nicely - although I'm finding it a bit difficult to attend to business amid the parties and (more to the point) multiple Christmas deadlines.

27: Wellingtonians Say "No War on Iraq"

An ad hoc group of Wellington organisations and individuals has come together in opposition to any new war on Iraq. Local activists and grass roots groups, unions, political parties, students, artists and entertainers have been meeting fortnightly ...

28: Air NZ Unlocks The Secrets Of Middle- Earth

Air New Zealand Unlocks The Secrets Of Middle- Earth … From 20,000 Feet! The Lord of the Rings fans can enjoy a birds eye view of some of the most famous locations in the movie trilogy thanks to the extensive flight network of Air New Zealand – ...

29: Greens warn against terror hysteria

Green MP Keith Locke says that government plans to import smallpox vaccine is an "over-reaction", which will only fuel anti-terrorist hysteria.

30: Kissinger Steps Down From 911 National Commission

It is with regret that I accept Dr. Kissinger's decision to step down as Chairman of the National Commission to investigate the events of Sept 11, 2001 and the years that led up to that event.

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