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Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Sweden Offers Free-speech Refuge To U.S. Officials

STOCKHOLM - Blaine Williams hasn't stopped grinning since he arrived in Sweden two weeks ago. Several times a day he'll approach a complete stranger, offer a handshake and a smile, introduce himself as a former CIA analyst from America, and proceed ...

2: UQ Wire: Security, Secrecy and a Bush Brother

A company that provided security at the World Trade Center, Washington D.C.'s Dulles International Airport and United Airlines between 1995 and 2001 was backed by a private Kuwaiti-American investment firm whose records were not open to full public disclosure, ...

3: Eco-Economy: How America Restores Credit Rating

Talk of empire is everywhere, yet seldom has the word been applied in the context of American foreign policy. That is beginning to change.

4: Scoop Images: Cyclone Ami Strikes Fiji

Cyclone Ami has struck Fiji. News reports from the Island group indicate a loss of life and communications with the Northern Island have been interrupted. Click on images below for big versions…(For breaking news see…. Google News )

5: Air New Zealand needs a Plan B

The withdrawal of United Airlines from the Auckland - Los Angeles route is a timely reminder market competition can lead to both cuts and expansion of capacity to satisfy supply and demand, the Employers & Manufacturers Association (Northern) says.

6: UQ Wire: The Essence Of GWB's Inner War-Child

Please look at this face. Tell me. What do you see? Do you know who this man is talking to? He's making a speech in front of a group of soldiers in Texas, on January 3, 2003. He's talking to the television.

7: Jason Leopold: The Return of Voo-Doo Economics

This economic stuff is a bit confusing. President Bush says his $674 billion stimulus package--which boils down to huge tax cuts that mainly benefit the rich--will spur economic growth. In California, the nation's most populous state, Democratic Governor ...

8: David Miller: Method in the Madness

It is interesting to see that the British Government is revising its hard-line stance on Iraq while deploying a naval task force to the Persian Gulf at the same time. Suddenly Mr. Blair is stating that the United Nations inspectors in Iraq need more ...

9: I Was Nabbed, Beaten, and Deported: Jaggi Singh

Again, my thanks and gratitude to everyone who helped me after my recent nabbing, detention and deportation. I'm overwhelmed by your support and solidarity. Thanks to all of you, in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Nablus, Beit Sahour, Montreal, Toronto and ...

10: Is Bush About to be ‘Stiffed’?

Germany’s now on the UN Security Council. Will it vote yes to an Iraq war? And is its goal to 'stiff' Bush and have Europe become the balancing superpower preventing the USA from achieving its stated goal of sustainable global dominance?

11: Jaggi Singh Beaten and Deported from Israel

ISM Activist Abducted And Beaten To Be Deported To Canada - Jaggi was to be deported to Canada for visa violations. The Canadian Consulate visited him in prison and provided laisse passé documents for his return to Canada. Jaggi is now at Ben Gurion airport ...

12: BTL: Korean Crisis Aggravated by Hostile Rhetoric

Interview with Karin Lee, senior associate with the East Asia Policy Education Project at the Friends Committee on National Legislation conducted by Scott Harris

13: Scoop Images: Helms Deep Press Conference (1)

The following pictures show film director Peter Jackson with members of the cast and crew of the Lord of the Rings trilogy of films, the filming of which is now drawing to a close in the Wellington region.

14: America Killing Its Own Soldiers

A study of the irresponsible and continuing use of depleted uranium ammunition by the United States armed forces proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that exposure to this poisonous substance guarantees cancer, birth defects and other lethal hazards.

15: Scoop: Top Scoops + Just Politics (Welcome Back!)

Iraq Has No Smoking Guns: Blix - Which Country is the Biggest Threat to World Peace? - Is Germany About to 'Stiff' Bush? - I Was Nabbed, Beaten, and Deported: Jaggi Singh Tells all - NZ POLITICS: Brownlee Gears Up For Leadership Challenge - Scoop Letters ...

16: Solomon Islands Aerial Photographs (Big Images)

A selection of photographs taken by Sergeant Andy Hall, RAAF, showing some of the scenes of Tikopia and Anuta islands in the Temotu Province of the Solomon Islands. These photos were taken in the immediate aftermath of Cyclone Zoe.

17: Clampdown On Illegal Street Racing

More streets are to be restricted to non-residential traffic on weekends and public holidays in order to tackle the scourge of illegal street racing in Manukau. This will include a large stretch of Te Irirangi Drive between Dawson Road in Otara and ...

18: Government Keeps Homeless Families On The Street

ACT New Zealand Social Welfare Spokesman Dr Muriel Newman today accused the Labour Government of creating Auckland's housing crisis.

19: Maori television gets more taxpayer money

The National Party’s attacking a decision to pour more money into the mythical Maori Television Service.

20: The RMA - Protecting Our Clean, Green Image

The Government is intending to pass an amendment to the Resource Management Act that will severely reduce the quality of environmental decision-making, says Forest and Bird.

21: Chaudhry Hits Back In 'Indian Plight' Controversy

SUVA (FijiLive/Pacific Media Watch): Deposed Fiji prime minister Mahendra Chaudhry has pledged to continue highlighting the plight of Fiji-Indians at every international forum, whatever the criticism at home, the Daily Post reports.

22: Avarice and Greed Displayed by Taranaki Maori

"The naked greed and avarice of some Maori in Taranaki toward the filming of The last Samurai is disappointing, embarrassing, and a threat to further investment in this country, ACT New Zealand Deputy Leader Ken Shirley said today.

23: DoD News Briefing - Maj. Gen. John F. Sattler

(Special Briefing Via Telephone Onboard the USS Mount Whitney in the Gulf of Aden. Also participating: Maj. Stephen Cox, public affairs officer, Combined Joint Task Force Horn of Africa.)

24: Hunting radicals holding heritage to ransom

The Green Party is horrified by threats to New Zealand's precious flora and fauna by pro-hunting radicals who claim to have released possums on Kapiti Island, and have threatened to release stoats on Codfish and Stewart Islands, Green Party Associate ...

25: Waihopai Spybase Protest January 24-26

The world has changed since the last Waihopai protest (2001). Reflecting that, this year’s one will have an explicitly anti-war theme. It will be serious, not lighthearted like some of the more recent ones. The timing is coincidental, but this protest is ...

26: Threats to conservation sanctuaries shocking

Threats to assault some of New Zealand’s most valuable conservation sanctuaries were nothing short of eco-terrorism, Conservation Minister Chris Carter said today.

27: UQ Wire: 911 - They Let It Happen On Purpose!

Imagine you wake up from a coma and you learn that 11 months ago, an "Attack on America" destroyed some significant buildings, killed 3,000 people and forced a war against terrorism. You switch on the news and see pictures of Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, ...

28: PC threatens to derail Waitangi Day

The National Party’s calling for Helen Clark and northern Maori to resolve their differences, so Waitangi Day celebrations aren’t plagued by ‘massive protests’.

29: Govt indulges in expensive Kyoto propaganda

New Zealanders will be on the receiving end of an expensive propaganda campaign using taxpayer money to sell recent Government initiatives this year, says National Party Agriculture Spokesperson David Carter.

30: NZ will pay price for bumbling diplomacy - Smith

“Trade Minister Jim Sutton’s bumbling diplomacy is putting New Zealand’s interests at risk,” according to the National Party’s Trade spokesman, Dr Lockwood Smith.

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