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Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Sludge Report #146: A Tip-Off From Langley

In This Edition: War within days or war within weeks? - How Reliable A Guide To The Future Is Colin Powell - Would Powell Lie? - A Tip-Off From Langley – Where To Look For The Trigger! - What To Make Of All This?

2: Scoop Images: The Last Iraq War Looked Like This

A few days after the end of the Gulf ground war, an American soldier inspects the carbonized bodies of Iraqi soldiers killed when their convoy of vehicles was bombed and strafed by Allied aircraft as the convoy attempted to retreat from Kuwait back ...

3: Invasion Of Iraq May Collapse Global Economy

In the next few weeks, the struggling global economy may be put to the test if Washington chooses to invade Iraq. There are many risks involved in bombing Baghdad, the most important being a spike in oil prices.

4: Sludge Report #147: Sludge Gets Psy-oped!

In This Edition: Feeling Confused Yet? - 122 Pages Of Carefully Fabricated Crypto-BS - Sludge Gets Psy-oped! -Col. Flagg’s Perspective – Forensic Advice Invited

5: Venezuela: Tainted Journalism or Paranoia?

As part of the ongoing debate concerning the current political instability in Venezuela, we are reprinting an article, authored by Thor Halvorssen, published in the commentary section of the The Washington Times on Jan. 22, 2003, attacking the position of the ...

6: Donald Rumsfeld Disparages Just About Everyone

Donald Rumsfeld Disparages Just About Everyone In Just Two Weeks, Rumsfeld Insults, Disparages and Demeans Veterans, the French, the Germans and the Joint Chiefs of Staff: The Ship of Fools is Running Our Ship of State

7: John Kaminski: The Real Terrorist Is George Bush

America is frightening the world. The vaunted beacon of freedom has turned into a Ku Klux Klan bonfire.

8: UQ Wire: 911 Commission - Forgedda Boudit

A cruel sham is being perpetrated on the American public and especially on the families of the victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center towers and the Pentagon

9: Campaign To Stop Freedom To Roam

ACT New Zealand Rural Affairs Spokesman Gerry Eckhoff today promised to battle the Labour Government's moves to abolish the rights of New Zealand landowners, with a campaign to stop freedom to roam.

10: A New Majority Nirvana Out Of Reach of National

For National to ever take power, core voter constituencies of Maori voters, Pacific Islands voters, trade unionists, students, beneficiaries would have to be won over. But if National did this its small, selective, group of core supporters would walk.

11: Jason Leopold: Bush Turns To Propaganda

President Bush said the Iraq conflict is like watching a “rerun of a bad movie.” But clearly, the only bad movie Americans are being forced to watch all over again are the Nixon-like qualities - the paranoia, the secrecy and lies - that Bush recycled ...

12: Howard’s End: Citing Mid-East Intelligence Sources

If Scoop's Mid-East intelligence reports are correct there will not be an invasion of Iraq until at least March 1 when Tony Blair delivers a promised dossier to Russia's President Putin over the whereabouts of Iraq's hidden locations of VX nerve agent ...

13: PM talks peace but supports military build-up

The Green Party is accusing Prime Minister Helen Clark of playing a double game over the Iraq crisis.

14: Full Security Council Briefing: Blix

The Security Council this morning heard formal briefings by the heads of the weapons inspections regime in Iraq, Hans Blix and Mohamed ElBaradei, on the first 60 days of their work, fulfilling a requirement of resolution 1441 (2002), on which the current ...

15: Withheld Bush Evidence Weakens The Case For War

A detailed report in the January 24 Washington Post by Joby Warrick, headlined “U.S. Claim on Iraqi Nuclear Program Is Called Into Question” adds to a growing body of evidence that the Bush administration is hoarding intelligence information that disproves ...

16: UQ Wire: 911 - They Let It Happen On Purpose!

Imagine you wake up from a coma and you learn that 11 months ago, an "Attack on America" destroyed some significant buildings, killed 3,000 people and forced a war against terrorism. You switch on the news and see pictures of Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, ...

17: Media Release - Kenneth Wang

In response to intense media interest, ACT New Zealand is circulating the following media statement on behalf of Kenneth Wang, tenth on the Party List.

18: Supercomputer Weather: Cyclone Beni And Friend

The following images show the present 132 hour (6 Day) NOAA Medium Range Forecast track for Cyclone Beni, presently South of the Solomons, and the newly forming cylone presently to the east of Fiji. While this forecast can not be considered reliable ...

19: UQ Wire: Is Someone Trying To Kill Rudi Dekkers?

Rudi Dekkers ditched his helicopter into the Caloosahatchee River in Fort Myers, FL. this morning, suffering only minor injuries. Dekkers, who runs one of the twin 'terror flight schools' in Venice, FL. which trained three of the four pilots of ...

20: New Zealand Underground and Overground in UK

No matter where they go this week – underground or overground, London residents will be surrounded by images of New Zealand.

21: The economic cost of family breakdown

Family breakdowns are just as much an economic as a social cost to New Zealand, United Future leader Peter Dunne told the South Island Methodist Mission's open day in Christchurch today.

22: Protest Against Te Mana & NZ's Gulf Presence

A protest is being organised in Auckland to oppose the sailing of the New Zealand Navy frigate, Te Mana, which will leave Devonport Naval Base (to replace the frigate Te Kaha) for duties in the Gulf region on Tuesday 28 January.

23: John Chuckman: Bulldozing Hope

I'm not sure exactly why it is, but nothing I have read recently about Israel's treatment of the Palestinians touched me quite so deeply as the destruction of about 60 shops in the village of Nazlat Isa.

24: David Miller Online: Europe’s Dilemma over Iraq

What was Donald Rumsfeld thinking when he labeled France and Germany as representing ‘old Europe’? Already there has been wide spread criticism within both countries over Mr. Rumsfeld’s use of the term and one wonders why he chose to use it in the ...

25: Clampdown On Illegal Street Racing

More streets are to be restricted to non-residential traffic on weekends and public holidays in order to tackle the scourge of illegal street racing in Manukau. This will include a large stretch of Te Irirangi Drive between Dawson Road in Otara and ...

26: Health Ministry balloons as reductions promised

National says it is concerned about growing numbers of staff at the Ministry of Health when the Government has said it will cut staff numbers this financial year.

27: The Problem is Peace - War is the Solution

Anticipation. It is almost palpable here. Rumors and speculation ride the desert winds and cruise across the horizon like the squall line of a coming sandstorm.

28: Marc Ash: Standing On The Dead

In October of 1942, under the Trading With the Enemy Act, the U.S. government halted operations at New York's Union Banking Corporation. A bank official was charged with ''Running Nazi front groups in the United States.'' His name: Prescott Bush.

29: Images: Lord Of The Rings Exhibition At Te Papa

In anticipation of the release of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, the central instalment in writer/director/producer Peter Jackson's epic trilogy based on the J.R.R. Tolkien masterpiece, Te Papa proudly announces a world exclusive and a bold ...

30: Real Deal: A Conversation About The Popsicle Index

When I was a kid, the way our neighborhood would figure things out is by sitting on the stoops in front of our homes and having a conversation. Some conversations lasted an evening, some conversations went on all summer and some --- like who was ...

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