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Scoop: Weekend Ratings


The weekend’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: BREAKING NEWS: Voting System Integrity Flaw

Yesterday, technicians of the company that supplied voting machines for the surprising 2002 results in the state of Georgia, admitted to a file-sharing system that amounts to a colossal security flaw.

2: USA Viewers: Want to Impeach Your President?

George W. Bush Must Answer to the People - The U.S. Constitution provides the means to prevent George W. Bush from engaging in a war of aggression against Iraq, and from advancing a first strike potentially nuclear preemptive war. It's called impeachment.

3: 9/11 Inquiry Chair Tied To Osama's Brother In Law

Now you would think that being a business partner of the brother in law and alleged financier of Enemy No. 1 would be considered a bona fide conflict of interest, particularly when your mandate --as part of the 9/11 Commission's work-- is to investigate Enemy ...

4: ISM Activists Beaten and Shot at Nablus Checkpoint

When ISM activists Maria, Margaret (Maria's mother) and Linus (all from Sweden) and Danish reporter Tommy approached the Azmut checkpoint east of Nablus they saw 4 Israeli soldiers holding between 40 and 50 Palestinian men, women and children captive at ...

5: Was Downing St’s Iraq dossier plagiarised?

The UK government's carefully co-ordinated propaganda offensive took an embarrassing hit today after Downing Street was accused of plagiarism.

6: The Saddam Hussein Interview

Scoop details here the interview between Saddam Hussein and former UK Labour MP Tony Benn. We hear why - according to Saddam - Iraq has no interest in war and possesses NO weapons of mass destruction.

7: UQ Wire: 911 - They Let It Happen On Purpose!

Imagine you wake up from a coma and you learn that 11 months ago, an "Attack on America" destroyed some significant buildings, killed 3,000 people and forced a war against terrorism. You switch on the news and see pictures of Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, ...

8: Submitted: Have The Brits Got"Psy-Ops" On Da Job?

Hours Before U.S. Secretary Of State Colin Powell Was To Deliver His Speech Before The U.N. Security Council, British Defence Intelligence Officials Leaked A Top Secret Report To Bbc, asserting that there are no current links between Iraq and the al-Qaeda ...

9: Scoop Images: The Last Iraq War Looked Like This

A few days after the end of the Gulf ground war, an American soldier inspects the carbonized bodies of Iraqi soldiers killed when their convoy of vehicles was bombed and strafed by Allied aircraft as the convoy attempted to retreat from Kuwait back ...

10: Confronting the Empire - Noam Chomsky Speech

We are meeting at a moment of world history that is in many ways unique – a moment that is ominous, but also full of hope. The most powerful state in history has proclaimed, loud and clear, that it intends to rule the world by force, the dimension in which ...

11: If the UN vetoes the US, it risks irrelevance?

President Bush is determined to attack Iraq. It is also clear that if he cannot convince, he will bully the international community into compliance with his wishes. First Bush and now Powell have threatened that UN Security Council by stating that “it ...

12: US Defence Rejects, “Not In Our Name” statement

Stars and Stripes, the Department of Defense’s official newspaper for servicemen and women overseas, pulled the Not In Our Name statement of conscience from their Wednesday edition at the last minute. The statement was to have run as a full-page ...

13: Clampdown On Illegal Street Racing

More streets are to be restricted to non-residential traffic on weekends and public holidays in order to tackle the scourge of illegal street racing in Manukau. This will include a large stretch of Te Irirangi Drive between Dawson Road in Otara and ...

14: Rumsfeld: World Stage Not a Court of Law

The world stage isn't a court of law, and the United States isn't trying to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Saddam Hussein is a threat, but to convince reasonable people of this, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said today.

15: An Open Letter to the U.N. about Colin Powell

An Open Letter to the U.N. about Colin Powell By Dennis Hans February 4th 2003

16: Iraq: Concealment, Deception And Intimidation

This UK Government report draws upon a number of sources, including intelligence material, and shows how the Iraqi regime is constructed to have, and to keep, WMD, and is now engaged in a campaign of obstruction of the United Nations Weapons Inspectors.

17: Upton-on-line Diaspora Edition

Welcome back to upton-on-line for 2003 after a Christmas/New Year ‘holiday’ in New Zealand (as if any such thing is possible for ex-pat kiwis at such a frenetic time of year) and nearly ten weeks of serial computer crashes.

18: Scoop Images: Helms Deep Press Conference (1)

The following pictures show film director Peter Jackson with members of the cast and crew of the Lord of the Rings trilogy of films, the filming of which is now drawing to a close in the Wellington region.

19: INVESTIGATION: Sept 11th - Unanswered Questions

Within a few months, the events of Sept. 11th, 2001 became but an echo of the events that followed. War in Afghanistan, anthrax, unprecedented powers of detention: the public mind moves from one shock to another, appearing to accept the government’s ...

20: The Real But Unspoken Reasons For The Iraq War

Although completely suppressed in the U.S. media, the answer to the Iraq enigma is simple yet shocking - it an an oil CURRENCY war. The Real Reason for this upcoming war is this administration’s goal of preventing further OPEC momentum towards the ...

21: Images: Lord Of The Rings Exhibition At Te Papa

In anticipation of the release of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, the central instalment in writer/director/producer Peter Jackson's epic trilogy based on the J.R.R. Tolkien masterpiece, Te Papa proudly announces a world exclusive and a bold ...

22: Firas Al-Atraqchi: Who is Khidhir Hamza?

This week Khidhir Hamza, a former Iraqi nuclear scientist who defected to the U.S. in 1994, testified before a U.S. Senate panel investigating Iraq's nuclear armaments. Hamza told U.S. Senators that Iraq was three years away from creating up to three ...

23: US Armed Saddam Hussein With Chemical Weapons

On August 18, the New York Times carried a front-page story headlined, ``Officers say U.S. aided Iraq despite the use of gas''. Quoting anonymous US ``senior military officers'', the NYT ``revealed'' that in the 1980s, the administration of US President ...

24: Words On Columbia's Fiery Destruction

Is the shuttle program has much to do with space exploration. The program's main focus has always been the military exploitation of earth orbit with a few interesting civilian matters thrown in to help hold the public's imagination and support.

25: The USA must abide Int. Justice Court Order

The USA must live up to its stated commitment to the United Nations and abide by yesterday's order of the International Court of Justice by ensuring that no Mexican national is executed pending the Court's final judgment in the case brought against ...

26: Howard’s End: Maori are Right, NZ's Media Flawed

Maori elders are right, mainstream media and politicians pay lip service to the Treaty of Waitangi with no-one asking the fundamental question - if the Magna Carta, an English Constitutional document, can be enshrined into our New Zealand law as recently ...

27: 'I Was Only Following Instructions': Nata

Media adviser Josefa Nata swore allegiance to former President Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara but helped in the swearing-in of Ratu Jope Seniloli for the release of hostages, particularly Adi Koila Nailatikau, the High Court heard yesterday.

28: Paradise Lost Can Be Regained

Weekly Column by Dr Muriel Newman: Although we like to think our country is a child-rearing paradise, the OECD this week released a devastating picture of life for young New Zealanders. The study found that New Zealand's rates of juvenile crime, youth suicide, ...

29: Don't Jump to Wrong Conclusions on Jumping Genes

There has been confusion in the media about the relevance to GM crops of a complex paper by Dr Jeremy Timmis and colleagues, published today by the journal Nature.

30: US Space Shuttle Columbia Explodes Over Texas

Breaking News: NASA declared an emergency in the early hours of Sunday morning New Zealand time after the space shuttle Columbia exploded over Texas. The Shuttle was on a descending heading toward Florida where it was scheduled to land.

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