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Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Exposing Bush and His "Techniques of Deceit"

President George W. Bush and his foreign-policy team have systematically and knowingly deceived the American people in order to gain support for an unprovoked attack on Iraq.

2: French Address By Dominique De Villepin to UN

To what extent do the nature and scope of the threat justify the recourse to force? Use of force can only be a final recourse. Why go to war if there still exists an unused space in resolution 1441?

3: Scoop Images: And Not A Hobbit Was Stirring

The following pictures show the inside of the set for the town of Bree from the Lord of The Rings Trilogy which began shooting in New Zealand yesterday under the direction of Peter Jackson.

4: US Senator Robert Byrd: We Stand Passively Mute

"To contemplate war is to think about the most horrible of human experiences. On this February day, as this nation stands at the brink of battle, every American on some level must be contemplating the horrors of war.

5: Thousands March in Auckland Against USA War

The 10,000-strong Anti-War march led by Global Peace and Justice Auckland [GPJA] delivered a peaceful “No War’ message to the New Zealand public, the Government, and to Auckland City’s commerce/retail heart. Thousands more lined the street offering ...

6: Scoop Images: Wellington Mobilises Against The War

Around 6000 Wellingtonians turned out today for a march against war in Iraq. The demonstration is thought to have been around the largest in the capital over the last couple of decades.

7: Howard's End: Peace Message Clear To World Govts

A million marched in Rome, 1.3 milion paraded in Barcelona, two million in Madrid, a half million in London, 250,000 in New York. From Canberra to Cape Town, from Karachi to Chicago, from Wellington to Warsaw, millions of stern, defiant, impassioned and ...

8: ACC staff knowingly flout ACC legislation

ACC case managers have been forcing claimants to suspect dodgy rehabilitation plans all year round by sending standard “form” or “computer” letters, sanctioned by senior staff. The letters stipulate that every page in the rehabilitation plan be signed ...

9: Firas Al-Atraqchi: Time For Iraq To Act

Friday's U.N. Security Council briefing by UNMOVIC head Blix and IAEA head Al-Baradei allowed the world a short reprieve from talk of war. The condemning report and evidence the U.S. and U.K delegations had been hoping for from the inspectors never materialized ...

10: People Power: New Zealand Citizens Say No to War

Scoop Images of Auckland's 10,000-strong Anti-War Protest.

11: Georgia's Last Minute 2002 Election Machine Fix

Officials from the state of Georgia have admitted that a program "patch" was administered to over 22,000 unauditable touch-screen voting machines in Georgia. This took place shortly before the November 2002 election.

12: Giant NO WAR banner over the America's Cup race

Auckland, Greenpeace flew an 18 by 6 metre 'No War, Peace Now' banner above the opening of the America's Cup yacht challenge today to promote peace, as protest against a war in Iraq spread around the world.

13: Papers make mockery of Clark call on SAS

Secret papers made public in a new book make a mockery of Helen Clark's policy of saying nothing about the New Zealand SAS role in Afghanistan, says the National Party Foreign Affairs spokesman Dr Wayne Mapp. "Her say nothing position on the SAS ...

14: The New Write: Young Nats Newsletter

New Write Uncovers Sas Movements 2. More Bureaucracy For Tertiary Education 3. Act Annual Conference: March 14th – 16th 4. France Labelled A “Second-Rate Country” 5. Hot Goss From Parliament 6. Top Ten Agenda Items At The Act Conference 7. Website ...

15: Bush Meets with Prime Minister Howard of Australia

President Bush Meets with Prime Minister Howard of Australia Remarks by the President and Prime Minister Howard of Australia in Photo Opportunity The Oval Office


As of 13th of February folk in 484 locations around the world (including Antarctica!) had registered their intention to protest on February 15th against war in Iraq. This weekend’s protests are expected to be the biggest ever public mobilisation against ...

17: Scoop Today - Bree, Timor And Everything Else

Scoop has pictures of the inside of bree. All the latest on Timor and comprehensive coverage of the campagn trail... for the Pakistan Coup see earlier special Scoop Today bulletin.

18: Deep Insult to Anti-War Kiwis from Prime Minister

Over the weekend the Prime Minister dismissed the protests by tens of thousands of New Zealanders in 20 centres yesterday as "not as large" as those from previous issues in the past.

19: Georgia/Diebold Voting Machine Investigation IVs

In early February, 2003, programmers for Diebold Election Systems admitted that they had been parking highly sensitive company files (See also Scoop Mirror ) on an unprotected web site, a serious security mistake by anyone's reckoning.

20: Images of Wellington’s anti-War Protest March

Charlie Amner has submitted images of Wellington's Anti-War protest march from this morning: Saturday February 15 2003.

21: Scoop Link: American Coup Makes The Guardian

By 2004, most voters in the US may well be voting by touch-screen systems, provided by a handful of companies, mainly private. Routine oversight of the counting process is effectively impossible.

22: Bush Is Racking Up "Frequent Liar Miles"

Lyndon Johnson is remembered for lying about Vietnam, Richard Nixon for lying about Watergate, Bill Clinton for lying about adultery. George W. Bush is known as a straight shooter. What’s wrong with that picture?

23: Anti War video - WARNING: Horrific Reality of War

Greenpeace has released graphic and disturbing video footage of the reality of war - Scoop Editors advise that this is published solely to cause people to consider the true reality of allowing war to go ahead...

24: Photo-Essay - NZ Citizens Say No to War

Scoop Photo-Essay 2: The Anti-War march led by Global Peace and Justice Auckland [GPJA] delivered a peaceful “No War’ message to the New Zealand public, the Government, and to Auckland City’s commerce/retail heart. Thousands more lined the street offering ...

25: Fitzsimons to PM: This is our Vietnam

Green Co-Leader Jeanette Fitzsimons said Prime Minister Helen Clark is fooling herself if she dismisses yesterday's nationwide protests as "relatively small".

26: Richard Prebble's Letter from Wellington

The Prime Minister undersold the government programme as boring. It is actually dangerous "snake oil". Successive governments have avoided real structural reform by claiming as Clark did on Tuesday to be moving the economy "up the value chain" ...

27: Alliance says people will lead if Clark doesn’t

Alliance Leader, Laila Harré told a Peace Concert in Auckland today that if Blair and Howard were playing America’s poodles over Iraq Prime Minister Helen Clark was taking the part of the sheep.

28: Scoop Image & Poem: United In Peace

A Photograph From Wellington's Peace March With Poem...

29: Artistic Sign Language& The Coming Bush Fall

Sign is symbol, symbol is sign. Consider: *Powell goes to the United Nations so that the missile attacks on Baghdad and Basra can begin -- and, in the lobby of that grand building, Picasso's "Guernica" painting, which depicts the horrific results of the ...

30: The Right Talk - 14 February 2003

At our Napier caucus, the National Party decided there would be four main issues it would put its name on this year, economic growth, welfare dependency, one standard of citizenship and education. These are long term challenges for New Zealand, so ...

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