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1: Ten Reasons Why Bush MUST Have His War

The Bush Administration desperately needs this war. Without it, not only might the world discover that the emperor has no clothes, but that he was never elected in November,2000.

2: Dennis Hans: The Disinformation Age

The Disinformation Age: How George W. Bush and Saint Colin of Powell are lying America into an unnecessary war — and what honest journalists can do about it By Dennis Hans

3: Scoop Feedback: Schools, Traitors, Tall Masts & NZ

In This Edition: Schools Are Failing Industry - What A Joke - Tall Mast Syndrome - The Sorry State Of NZ Defence

4: Scoop Archive: UQ Wire: Tracking All Hijackers (LIHOP Series)

Tracking All Hijackers (LIHOP Series) From forthcoming "911Skeptics Unite! -the encyclopedia" - now up in a preview at See also... UQ Wire: 911 - They Let It Happen On Purpose!

5: Exposing Bush and His "Techniques of Deceit"

President George W. Bush and his foreign-policy team have systematically and knowingly deceived the American people in order to gain support for an unprovoked attack on Iraq.

6: Matthew Reid: Frightening Times

These certainly are frightening times. Flip on the TV, open up a newspaper or go to a show-everywhere you look there's some Hollywood hot shot or music biz bigwig taking a courageous stand against the 'Bush/Blair Bomb Squad.'

7: Doreen Miller: Criminalising An Act Of Love

According to a recent Fox News report, U.S. leaders are considering prosecuting for war crimes any U.S. citizen who travels to Iraq to be a human shield in an effort to protect the Iraqi people. Yes, the United States now intends to make it a crime ...

8: David Miller: Why the French Must Tread Carefully

I have never been a great admirer of the French and the manner in which they conduct themselves on the world stage. I find it amazing that for a nation that has suffered more military defeats than victories and several painful withdrawals from empire, ...

9: The Slippery Slope Approaches in Colombia

Washington seeks a "strong response" to the current abduction crisis in Colombia, setting the basis for an accelerated posting of U.S. military personnel to the country

10: UQ Wire: What, Me Worry?

So many emails. So many people worried and confused. So many people acting as if it doesn't make sense. Yes, there's good reason to be confused.

11: Questions For Oral Answer - Tuesday March 4

1. DAVID PARKER to the Minister of Finance: What recent reports has he received on growth in the regions?

12: PINR: Afghanistan's Continued Struggle

Afghanistan is currently seeking political legitimacy not only in the context of Central Asia but in the greater world as well. The administration of Hamid Karzai is faced with a series of obstacles towards that goal.

13: Build New Navy Ships in NZ urge Manufacturers

Three of the six tenderers for the navy’s new ships are willing to provide work to New Zealand companies. The Canterbury Manufacturers’ Association sees the project, code-named Project Protector, as a time for the government to act on its oft-spoken ...

14: People's Guide To Tolkien An Amazon Bestseller

Last Week, leading Tolkien fan website announced the upcoming release of The People's Guide to JRR Tolkien, written by its own staff writers and published by the new imprint Cold Spring Press, whose fantasy titles are already receiving ...

15: NZ Rowing plan to enter up to 6 boats in Olympics

Media Release - March 2 NZ Rowing plan to enter up to six boats in Athens Olympics

16: Why Politicians Must Dump Prostitution Bill

The Society calls on all politicians, especially those who have claimed publicly to care about the welfare of women and young persons, to vote against the decriminalisation of prostitution, as contained in the socially irresponsible Prostitution 'Reform' ...

17: Clampdown On Illegal Street Racing

More streets are to be restricted to non-residential traffic on weekends and public holidays in order to tackle the scourge of illegal street racing in Manukau. This will include a large stretch of Te Irirangi Drive between Dawson Road in Otara and ...

18: Govt supports two new wind farms with Kyoto credit

The Government has agreed to help the development of two proposed new wind farms by giving them credit for the clean energy they would produce.

19: Demonstration In Sydney Against US Iraq War Plans

Sydney (Saturday, September 28, 2002, Tribune Media Network): Several hundred people turned out today, at downtown Sydney to condemn the US plans on war against Iraq and against the ongoing Israeli aggression against the people of Palestine.

20: Bush Tied to Terror Suspect Sami al-Arian - Image

George and Laura Bush with Sami Amin Al-Arian during the 2000 campaign in Florida. Al-Arian is charged with 50 counts of terrorism. Al-Arian even went to a White House briefing with Karl Rove.

21: No Complaints

ACT Leader Richard Prebble said today that he had spoken to both the Speaker and the Head of Parliamentary Services regarding the way that ACT manages its parliamentary staff.

22: Collins tells Maharey: "J-Lo not at MITO"

Steve Maharey should catch up on his pop music says Clevedon MP Judith Collins, after an embarrassing blunder by the Minister of Broadcasting.

23: UQ Wire: The Crimes Of 9/11 (Part 1)

Where is the line between investigative discretion and obstruction of justice? What level of forewarning of attack is so compelling that failure to order protective measures makes officials liable to prosecution for reckless endangerment?

24: New Zealand rowing trialists named

New Zealand Rowing today released their squad of national trialists to compete in the national trials at Lake Karapiro on March 15-20. The New Zealand squad to compete in the world championships in Milan in August will be named after the trials on March ...

25: US White House Press Briefing by Ari Fleischer

MR. FLEISCHER: Good afternoon. Two announcements for you today. The President began his day with a phone call to Colombian President Uribe. They had very substantive conversations. The President views President Uribe as a close friend and ally. They ...

26: ACT Leader Defends Staff

ACT New Zealand Leader Richard Prebble today said the attack by the New Zealand Herald on ACT staff members was scurrilous.

27: UQ Wire: 911 - They Let It Happen On Purpose!

Imagine you wake up from a coma and you learn that 11 months ago, an "Attack on America" destroyed some significant buildings, killed 3,000 people and forced a war against terrorism. You switch on the news and see pictures of Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, ...

28: John Cory: The Aftermath – Has Already Begun

The corporate media is busy hyping Showdown: Iraq - guessing at start dates and offering its tabloid version of "two-headed alien threatens the world.” The ratings driven drivel fails to provide context, depth, and historical perspective.

29: Powell Interview by Mr. Anwar Khalil of Pakistan

Well, sir, as perhaps you already know, there is a growing concern among Pakistani people that a military action against Iraq will adversely affect the whole region, including Pakistan, and that war should be avoided at all cost. How do you propose ...

30: Govt manipulates to avoid Parl debate on Iraq

Helen Clark is trying to avoid a debate on Iraq in Parliament while she is predicting full-scale war to break out on March 17, National says.

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