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1: Open Letter to Bush: You Are Disgracing America

Dear George W. Bush, Congratulations! With your decision to bomb and invade Iraq, you are about to make yourself both an enemy of the state and an international war-criminal.

2: Letter from Michael Moore to George W Bush Re: War

Dear Governor Bush: So today is what you call "the moment of truth," the day that "France and the rest of world have to show their cards on the table." I'm glad to hear that this day has finally arrived. Because, I gotta tell ya, having survived ...

3: Bill Grigsby: With Bush, Every Day Is Opposite Day

If you have children, and you've been searching desperately for a way to explain the twisted logic of contemporary U.S. politics to them, you should document the process when they begin therapy, any notes you might have will come in handy.

4: Women From Washington State Shine for ISM

Today's update focuses on two remarkable women from the US state of Washington. Rachel Corrie from Olympia writes an update on the Gaza Strip's hottest hot spot, while Susan Barclay writes a note of thanks to her supporters (yet still we wonder, is ...

5: Statement On The Murder Of Rachel Corrie

In Rafah, Gaza Strip today Rachel Corrie, a 23-year old American woman from Olympia, Washington, who was a volunteer with the International Solidarity Movement, was killed by the Israeli Army. Rachel was standing in the path of the bulldozer as it advanced ...

6: A Memorial to Rachel Corrie

Promoting Awareness of Those Who Are Oppressed: Scoop here presents a memorial photo-essay and reports of the Non-Violent protest works of United States peace activist Rachel Corrie. Rachel was murdered by the Israel Defence Force in Rafah, Gaza, on Sunday. ...

7: UQ Wire: Into the Darkness

An associate of mine, a former political appointee, recently spoke to a Republican friend of his who serves in a senior position in what has become the Office of Homeland Security. He reports that this official, along with many of his colleagues across ...

8: The Truth About War And U.S. Oil Stocks

While oil prices have fallen 16% in the past four days and petrol prices have followed, those thinking that the oil crisis of 2003 is over would be well-advised to look past these short term market movements and glance at the fundamentals of supply and ...

9: Rachel Corrie in her own words

Scoop Editor’s Note: Rachel Corrie was murdered by the Israel Defence Force in Gaza this weekend. She was protesting against the bulldozing of Palestinian homes. Rachel had a loud-hailer and was clearly visible. The soldier bulldozed her into the ground. ...

10: UQ Wire: The Idiot Prince Will Have His War

The actual tactical situation, never terribly auspicious because of the Kurdish wild card that receives far too little attention, has deteriorated for the US. The denial of a ground front from both Saudi Arabia and Turkey has completely reshuffled the ...

11: Rafah: Rachel Corrie Murdered by Israeli Army

At about 5.20 pm today Rachel Corrie from Olympia in Washington State, USA died of her injuries in A-Najar Hospital in Rafah after being deliberately run over by an Israeli military bulldozer.

12: Condolensces for Rachel Corrie

Since last night I have received dozens of requests for an address to which people can send condolences to Rachel's family. I apologise for the delay but I was reluctant to disturb her parents with this request until they had time to come to terms with ...

13: Courage And More Martyrs

I was in the centre of Nablus yesterday, about 5 o'clock in the afternoon, when a youth was shot and killed by the IOF. He is SAMER ZORBHA, aged 18, a student at the High School in Nablus.

14: Scoop Link: Market Rally May Not Be What It Seems

STOCK markets rallied last week because it looked as if war with Iraq was going to be postponed. Yesterday the markets rallied because it looked like the war was about to begin. The two reasons contradict each other. The explanations do not make sense ...

15: U.S. Policy on Sust. Dev, Energy & Climate Change

Paths to a Sustainable Future: U.S. Policy on Sustainable Development, Energy and Climate Change

16: Scoop Cartoon: Get Out Of Dodge!

Cartoon by Kidd Millennium...

17: Pax Christi USA Nationwide Civil Disobedience Call

Erie, Penn. – Responding to what the Vatican last night labeled “a crime against peace,” the largest Catholic peace organization in the United States immediately called on its members and people of faith throughout the world to undertake a massive ...

18: Internal Dissent Against Iraq War In State Dept.

Interview with Daniel Ellsberg, former U.S. government military analyst who released the "Pentagon Papers," conducted by Scott Harris

19: Questions Of The Day Transcript - 18 March 2003

1. Hon BILL ENGLISH (Leader of the Opposition) to the Prime Minister: In light of her statements regarding an invasion of Iraq, “I think it’s a very bad precedent to go in without explicit sanction from the UN”, and that she believed some of New ...

20: Exposing Bush and His "Techniques of Deceit"

President George W. Bush and his foreign-policy team have systematically and knowingly deceived the American people in order to gain support for an unprovoked attack on Iraq.

21: Intervention in Iraq Would Be a Crime - Vatican

VATICAN CITY, MARCH 17, 2003 ( The president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace said that a military intervention in Iraq would be a "crime against peace."

22: Stateside with Rosalea: Eureka!

Great news, Californians! There is a way you can put the Bush-anointed 48 hours to good use, AND support the troops by giving them a vibrant democracy to come back home to.

23: NY Jews Condemn Killing Of American Peace Activist

NY Jews Condemn Killing Of American Peace Activist - Funeral Rally At 4 P.M. Today, Clinton And Schumer Offices

24: Satellite Images: Iraq Bathed In A Winged Cloud

Image taken by the NASA MODIS satellite Terra 01/28/03 07:50 UTC

25: Questions For Oral Answer - Wednesday, 19 March

2. Hon RICHARD PREBBLE to the Prime Minister: In light of the failure of the United Nations Security Council to resolve the Iraq crisis, will she now review New Zealand’s foreign policy which she described yesterday “has at all times been based on its ...

26: John Kaminski: Open Letter To The American People

We now face a daunting task. An unpleasant and possibly fatal realization now confronts all of us in our daily lives. Many of our most powerful leaders need to be arrested for numerous and continuing crimes against humanity.

27: Kindness Or Bombs - You Choose

This whole USA-Iraq War crisis boils down to two things: either you support a mass killing of children option, or you subscribe to an ongoing course of diplomatic resolution. It is your personal choice. Here, courtesy of UNICEF, Scoop presents a Photo-Essay ...

28: Howard under house arrest

Canberra Wednesday, 19 March, 2003 : John Howard has been placed under ˜house arrest™ by Greenpeace, dressed as United Nations blue berets. Howard™s action of committing Australia to war in Iraq was found to breach articles 2(4), 42 and 51 of the UN Charter.

29: Clampdown On Illegal Street Racing

More streets are to be restricted to non-residential traffic on weekends and public holidays in order to tackle the scourge of illegal street racing in Manukau. This will include a large stretch of Te Irirangi Drive between Dawson Road in Otara and ...

30: More than the fate of the Iraqi regime at stake

Opening a debate on Iraq in Parliament, Prime Minister Tony Blair warned that the issue 'will determine the pattern of international politics for the next generation'.

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