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1: UQ Wire: 911 - They Let It Happen On Purpose!

Imagine you wake up from a coma and you learn that 11 months ago, an "Attack on America" destroyed some significant buildings, killed 3,000 people and forced a war against terrorism. You switch on the news and see pictures of Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, ...

2: Possum Bourne update - Tuesday

Medical staff at Dunedin General Hospital remain comfortable that Possum Bourne's condition is where they would expect it to be at this stage of his treatment.

3: Images: Playing Card Deck Shows Way To Regime Cha

In the wake of the U.S.'s "pre-emptive" destruction of Iraq, her people, and her culture, the Trade Regulation Organization is issuing a "55 most wanted" playing-card deck ( similar to the one that the Pentagon issued two weeks ...

4: Saddam Hussein 'May' Be Dead or Severely Injured

WASHINGTON – "Some evidence" suggests Saddam Hussein may have died in air strikes that opened Operation Iraqi Freedom, President Bush said April 24.

5: Possum Bourne update - Monday

Goodwill messages continue to flood in at the Possum Bourne website and via fax. Messages can be left at the website on the message board, or faxed to 09 238 5737.

6: A Bush Administration Enron-doer Bites The Dust

Today Army Secretary Thomas E. White submitted his resignation as Secretary of the Army. The effective date of his resignation is to be determined, and the announcement was made with a minimum of fanfare.

7: Scoop Cartoon: G.I. Joe Millionaire

Cartoon by… ****** ENDS ******

8: Judith Miller reveals Raiders won 2003 Super Bowl

We are grateful to Dennis Hans (see bio below) for bringing to our attention the latest blockbuster scoop by Judith Miller, the embedded super-reporter of the New York Times.

9: Short-sighted U.S. Foreign Policy - Trouble Ahead

U.S. foreign policy is as astounding in its fallibility as it is in its short sightedness. The Bush administration's plans for Iraq are faltering primarily due to incompetence, cultural ignorance, and ethnocentricity.

10: Deck of Cards Helps Identify Regime's Most Wanted

WASHINGTON, April 12, 2003 – Coalition forces in Iraq are using a specially created deck of 55 playing cards to identify the "most wanted" members of Saddam Hussein's regime.

11: U.S. Hegemony: The Dynamics Of Global Power

The United States has failed to persuade the world to support its quest for global hegemony. The belief that America is the "indispensable nation" that needs to continually expand its sphere of influence has been met with resistance from many, both inside ...

12: Scoop Feedback: Death and Casualty From Iraq

The following feedback has been received from Scoop readers in response to our decision to publish graphic pictures from Al Jazeera showing the true horror of war.

13: Data Problems for Oncology Waiting Times

The Ministry of Health is working with District Health Boards to resolve issues surrounding the new way waiting times for cancer treatment are being recorded, spokesperson Dr Colin Feek said today.

14: Possum Bourne update - Sunday

New Zealand's top rally driver Possum Bourne today remains in a serious but stable condition in the Intensive Care Unit of Dunedin Hospital, New Zealand, following a traffic accident on Friday.

15: Cullen Speech to Labour Party Regional Conference

This year’s round of regional conferences takes place against the most uncertain and disturbed international environment for many years. In this situation New Zealand is profoundly fortunate to have a Helen Clark led Labour Government in power.

16: Anti US Activist Apprehended in Dunedin

An Anzac day anti American action nearly resulted in criminal charges being laid against a Dunedin activist on Saturday morning.

17: The New Write

Not withstanding the dire predictions of doomsayers and peaceniks the Iraq conflict has come to a rapid and decisive conclusion. Whilst every death and casualty is a tragedy the tens of thousands of casualties predicted, if not demanded, by those ...

18: Photo-Essay 1: Death and Casualty From Iraq

Editor’s Warning: The images in this series are horrific and depict the reality of injury and death in this US-led War against Iraq. Scoop is determined that its editorial policy will continue to serve truth, accuracy and honesty and that its reportage ...

19: NZ Encourages North Korean Weapons Program

The admission by North Korea that it has nuclear weapons is a very dangerous development that directly affects the Pacific region, ACT Leader Richard Prebble said today.

20: Richard Prebble’s Letter From Wellington

The Letter strongly supports Reserve Bank Governor Alan Bollard's surprise move to cut interest rates - a signal to the market that the Bank will respond to the coming slow-down. In the last slow-down caused by the Asian crisis, both Treasury and the ...

21: State Dept. Daily Press Briefing for April 25

STATE DEPARTMENT 1 Letter from Secretary Powell to Foreign Minister Palacio 15 Secretary Powell s Call to Foreign Secretary Straw 15 Secretary Powell s Call to Foreign Minister de Villepin 15 Secretary Powell s Call to Foreign Minister Kawaguchi 15-16 Secretary ...

22: Scoop Analysis: Clark On Al Gore - Who Was Right?

Who is telling the truth about Al Gore's position on Iraq? In the now famous comments which landed Helen Clark in hot water in Washington, she was quoted as saying she thought the war on Iraq probably wouldn't have happened if the Democratic candidate ...

23: Attack Kills 1, Injures 5 Americans in Afghanistan

WASHINGTON, April 25, 2003 – One American service member was killed and five injured in an attack this morning in Afghanistan, defense officials said.

24: Robson on Politics - Iraq - what now?

In the 1970s and 1980s in Amnesty International writing groups, we asked the New Zealand government to act on human rights abuses in various countries. Two were Suharto's Indonesia and Saddam's Iraq.

25: EU Relationship New Challenges and Opportunities

PM Helen Clark speech to European Policy Centre - This is a time for all the EU’s close friends and partners to re-examine relationships with the Union, to contemplate how enlargement affects them, and to consider whether we could expand the two way ...

26: The Silent Ode - ANZAC Day in Auckland

Prayers From The Fallen: "As I get older all of my friends are dying off. Many were killed during the wars. All those buddies were lost over there," he gestures with his hand. "Please remember I was no hero. I was not brave. I was scared. I ran often."

27: Cullen confirms Government's agenda on Maori

Finance Minister Michael Cullen has finally confirmed the Labour Government's secret agenda for Maori, says National Party Leader Bill English.

28: Streets Of London: Big Breakthrough On Malaria

Researchers finally have ‘all the information’ necessary to develop a new generation of resistance-busting anti-malaria drugs, a professor on a joint Edinburgh-Bangkok project told Scoop.

29: Tony Baldwin: Fonterra’s Director Elections

Accountability in large companies tends to be fickle. Directors love to bask in good news glory. But when things turn sour, most dive for cover. Too often, only the chief executive is left standing in the line of fire.

30: Secretary Of The Army Thomas E. White Resigns

Secretary Thomas E. White today submitted his resignation as Secretary of the Army. Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld expressed his appreciation to Secretary White for his long and able service to the country, first as a career U.S. Army officer ...

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