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Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Captions: The Mother Of All Photo Opportunities

We have had an outstanding reaction to our "Mother Of All Photo Opportunities" photo caption competition. A big thank you to all the readers who entered. Your wit and insight can be viewed below. To those whose entries are missing, remember this ...

2: Three-yearly cervical screening reduces cancer

New Zealand evidence shows that population based cervical screening is beneficial for the people it is targeted at, National Cervical Screening Programme (NCSP) clinical leader Dr Hazel Lewis said today.

3: Hard News 05/05/03 - Helen's Travels

So, according to the Dominion Post and One News Helen Clark has told Britain and America they might live to regret unleashing the "law of the jungle" through their war in Iraq. But, oddly enough, she didn't. She didn't even tell the Guardian ...

4: Caption's Wanted: AWOL George Returns To Service

U.S. President George Bush will tonight mark what is being billed as the end of the War in Iraq with a speech delivered aboard an aircraft carrier.

5: Weapons of Mass Distraction: Where? Find? Plant?

The Bush administration's refusal to allow UN inspectors to join the hunt for weapons of mass destruction in U.S.-occupied Iraq has elicited high interest in foreign news media.

6: Scientists Find Seafloor Hotspots South Of Tonga

A joint New Zealand and Australian oceanographic expedition has found eight hydrothermally active submarine volcanoes and five seafloor vent fields south of Tonga.

7: Scoop Links: CIA & Pentagon Push For Total Control

Below are a series of links to recent articles concerning the latest legal developments in the War on Terror on the U.S. home-front.

8: Scoop Mystery: Inventing Private Lynch? Or Not…

Another day another inexplicable event on the world wide weirdness. This time we have the odd case of the prescient registration of an Internet Domain Name.

9: The Mirage Of Iraq's Weapons Of Mass Destruction

In late August 2002, I listened with trepidation to President Bush's burgeoning false allegations about Iraq's nuclear military capability.

10: Thom Hartmann: The Crime Of The Century

During this lull in the fighting between the 2002 election cycle Iraq conflict and the soon-to-come 2004 election cycle conflict, it's a good time to (anonymously) sit in a library or bookstore and browse "The Turner Diaries" and Gore Vidal's "Perpetual ...

11: Unemployable?

There's one reason ­ among many perhaps ­ why Rodney Hide (the ACT MP) and Katherine Rich (from National) don't have a job with Mana, and are unlikely to land one. It's to do with getting things right.

12: Scoop Feedback: Death and Casualty From Iraq

The following feedback has been received from Scoop readers in response to our decision to publish graphic pictures from Al Jazeera showing the true horror of war.

13: Mapping the Real Deal: The American Tapeworm

By managing it’s hosts desire, a tapeworm manipulates its host to set aside self-interest and please its parasite. And so the tapeworm proceeds to consume its host’s energy and health, with the host doing most of the work.

14: Maori seats safeguard against majority's tyranny

The Maori seats must be retained because they remain an important safeguard against the tyranny of the majority, Associate Maori Affairs Minister and MP for Tamaki Makaurau, John Tamihere said.

15: Clark Looks For Next Job

ACT leader Richard Prebble strongly criticised Helen Clark's attacks on Britain and the United States during her visit to London as reported in The Guardian newspaper.

16: John Chuckman: Friedman's Life As A Pet Hamster

If you ever had a pet hamster when you were young, you know what I mean about hearing its regular scrambling and spinning on the exercise wheel. The squeak-squeak sound becomes an amusing background noise of everyday life.

17: Int Day of Action for Justice in Palestine

Hi--this is the call to action that came out of discussions in the ISM after Rachel Corrie's murder by bulldozer and the shootings of Brian and Tom. We're hoping ISM groups and supporters will plan actions in many different countries that can support ...

18: Richard Prebble's Letter From Wellington

Labour’s solution is to bring huge pressure to get those who hold Maui Gas contracts to sell. Maui Gas “take or pay” contracts supply gas at a price that’s about half the world price. Pressure is going on to the owners of the methanex plant that converts ...

19: Stateside: Lifeless dummies on a closed course

2004 Presidential Election - I surrender. You just looked too, too good, Mr Prez, in your flying suit. Where do I get a job as the presidential strap-tightener? And when's the AWOL George action figure coming out, so I can put it with my GI Joe?

20: Kidd Millennium: Joker’s Wild

Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, the former Information Minister of Iraq delivered mega doses of comic relief offsetting a war filled with images of bedlam and mayhem. Perhaps, not quite as astute as the archetypal medieval jester, this Iraqi official did remarkable ...

21: A Free Press Means A Free People - Charter

Saturday 3 May 2003 was International Press Freedom Day, and newspapers all over the world are reprinting this charter. Its provisions were approved by journalists from 34 countries at a world conference on press censorship held in London in January ...

22: Battle to protect Iraq’s children is far from won

Iraqi children still face grave threats to their survival, health and general well-being, despite the end of the war and the rapid process of change underway in the country, UNICEF warned today.

23: DIY detectives reveal 'secret' spray ingredients

Revelations of the "secret" ingredients of painted apple moth insecticide Foray 48B have brought a new call from Green MP Sue Kedgley for an urgent Government-funded independent inquiry into the health effects of the spray.

24: Pan Products in New Zealand

The New Zealand Food Safety Authority has prepared a list of dietary supplements manufactured by Pan Pharmaceuticals that have been sold in New Zealand based on information provided to NZFSA by New Zealand suppliers.

25: An open letter to the Editor of the Dominion Post

I write in response to the Dominion Post editorial of Friday, May 2, more in sorrow than in anger at the cynicism targeted at the United Future-driven Families Commission. To dismiss it as some sort of MMP compromise is to simply miss the point.

26: Stealing Policies Won't Save Bill Says Winston

Rt Hon Winston Peters has accused Bill English of political plagiarism and doing policy somersaults with his call today to abolish the Maori seats in Parliament.

27: Vehicle Emissions Q&A

What is the proposed Vehicle Emissions Policy? The government is looking at a number of short-term and long-term options to bring New Zealand’s vehicle emissions down; the health impacts of vehicle emissions are too high. These options focus on improving ...

28: No Sign of Alleged Weapons of Mass Destruction

Despite the U.S. having secured military control in Iraq, the Bush administration has not yet uncovered Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction.

29: Hard News 03/05/03 - Rock 'n' roll etc

The annual New Zealand Music Awards has had its share of bum notes over the years. Deep down it was your Dad's awards ceremony and it was usually at its most awkward when they tried to package it for television...

30: ACC Claimants Call For More Ombudsman Powers

ACC claimants are calling for the insurance ombudsman to have increased powers and some control over ACC practices following further revelations over the weekend that America's largest disability insurance company, UnumProvident, has been fined $1 ...

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