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Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Iraq Oil Wealth May Be Headed Toward Privatization

Under White House Control, Iraq's Oil Wealth May Be Headed Toward Privatization - Interview with Michael Renner, a senior researcher with World Watch Institute, conducted by Scott Harris

2: Shallow Throat: How to Take Bush Downnnnnnnn

Appalled at the damage being done by the HardRight ideologues who had hijacked the GOP, "Shallow Throat" -- the highly-located mole in the Bush Administration, who revealed secrets from behind the White House curtain -- had had enough and had moved ...

3: Greg Palast IV: The Lies Are Brilliantly Crafted

The USA is home to the largest, longest, deepest river of burbling bullshit known to man - home of the brave and of double-talk, nonsense, half-truths, Tom Brokaw, disinformation, baloney, CNN, white lies, black lies and Katie Curic - laughably ...

4: Will Europe And Russia Seek To Check U.S. Power?

Now that the United States has expressed its desire to weaken the United Nations politically and to create a new world order in which the U.S. can become the sole, unrestrained power in the world, it will be important to watch how Europe responds.

5: Cartoon: Two Flags

Cartoon by…

6: Halliburton Breaks Law While Profiting From Terror

Cheney’s Old Company Continues To Break Laws While Profiting From Terror By Jason Leopold

7: Deck of Cards Helps Identify Regime's Most Wanted

WASHINGTON, April 12, 2003 – Coalition forces in Iraq are using a specially created deck of 55 playing cards to identify the "most wanted" members of Saddam Hussein's regime.

8: Dimson Kooky Caption Competitions Are In

Again Scoop readers have proven outstanding caption writers – this time for the Dimson Kooky Caption Competition. Perhaps Ari Fleischer in the White House could benefit from your talents!

9: Mothers Say: Label All GE Foods

“New Zealand mothers demand the right to know what GE foods they are feeding their children” Alannah Currie, Madge spokeswoman.

10: US Colonel Admits 500 Tons of DU Were Used In Iraq

In three separate interviews a U.S. Special Operations Command Colonel admitted that the U.S. and Great Britain fired 500 tons of D.U. munitions into Iraq.

11: Propulsion And Weapons Details Of HMS Marlborough

The British warship HMS Frigate Marlborough will be in Auckland from May 14 – 21. Scoop asked New Zealand Defence: "Has the British Government detailed whether the Royal Navy Frigate HMS Marlborough is nuclear armed and or powered?”

12: SRA Commentary: War As You Like It

Markets have not yet absorbed the realities of the new war. This is particularly true of equities, which have behaved since the "end" of the Iraq campaign as though it was all over. It is not over.

13: Questions For Oral Answer Tuesday, 13 May 2003

1. DAVE HEREORA to the Associate Minister of Education (Tertiary Education): What is the Government doing to ensure that 15-19 year olds are in education, training or employment?

14: Dimson Kooky Caption Competition

We all know the Dimson loves his war-boys n toys… but this image from Bartcop takes the cake… We're lost for words... Sooooo send your captions in to the Scoop editors...

15: ISM Press Conf at Uited Nations

Press Conference Tues., May 13 At Un: International Solidarity Movement To Announce Freedom Summer Campaign 2003

16: NewsFlash: Car Bomb In Riyadh Targets Americans

Three car bomb explosions in an American compound in the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh are already being attributed to the terrorist group Al Qaeda.

17: New Zealand on show in the US

Minister of Tourism Mark Burton will spend the next week promoting New Zealand to the US tourism market.

18: Why is the America’s Cup so Important?

Having recently returned to New Zealand, I was dismayed to learn that the government has allocated 34 million dollars to support another bid for the America’s Cup. Their case is predicated upon the idea that this money is not only an investment in the ...

19: Clampdown On Illegal Street Racing

More streets are to be restricted to non-residential traffic on weekends and public holidays in order to tackle the scourge of illegal street racing in Manukau. This will include a large stretch of Te Irirangi Drive between Dawson Road in Otara and ...

20: Does My Triple Bottom Line Look Big In This?

New Zealand's Mighty River Power recently confronted promoters of a corner-stone of corporate sustainable development, the triple bottom line. In essence, it said TBL reporting is just single bottom line reporting in tart's clothing.

21: UQ Wire: The Women Like This War

We’re proud of our president. Americans love having a guy as president, a guy who has a little swagger, who’s physical, who’s not a complicated guy like Clinton or even like Dukakis or Mondale, all those guys, McGovern. They want a guy who’s president. ...

22: Top 10 things to improve NZ-USA relations

Top 10 things the government could do to improve NZ-USA relations

23: The Thomas E. White Affair – The Documents

The following are the source documents (emails, charts and spreadsheets from Enron Energy Services) which were used by freelance journalist Jason Leopold for his expose about U.S. Army Secretary Thomas E. White’s direct involvement in crooked accounting ...

24: Scoop Feedback: Death and Casualty From Iraq

The following feedback has been received from Scoop readers in response to our decision to publish graphic pictures from Al Jazeera showing the true horror of war.

25: Helen Clark: Dishonest, Or Out Of Touch?

Prime Minister Helen Clark's comments on ZB radio this morning, concerning amendments to the Resource Management Amendment Bill currently before Parliament, reveal either her lack of understanding or her propensity to obvisacate or distort facts, ACT New ...

26: Rick Barker promoted to Cabinet

Rick Barker was today promoted to Cabinet, following the resignation last week of Mark Gosche due to family circumstances.

27: Labour Picks And Chooses

ACT New Zealand Social Welfare Spokesman Dr Muriel Newman today questioned why the Labour Government is not extending its young persons education, training and work scheme, announced today, to all unemployed New Zealanders.

28: How NYT's Howell Raines Enables Journalistic Lying

We learn in the May 11 New York Times that, since 1999, America’s newspaper of record has regularly published reporter Jayson Blair’s flights of fancy as straight news.

29: Fears Government is abandoning ‘GE-Free’ options

Fear that Government is abandoning ‘GE-Free’ options as consumers mark anniversary of supermarket protests

30: Have National-ACT seen the light?

A series of releases from ACT and National recently calling on the government to work in partnership with the tourism industry and to put more money into biosecurity and welfare suggest they have seen the light on cooperation, constructive partnerships ...

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