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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings


Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: CIA Assassination Operation In Vietnam Revealed

Created by the CIA in Saigon in 1967, Phoenix was a program aimed at "neutralizing"--through assassination, kidnapping, and systematic torture--the civilian infrastructure that supported the Viet Cong insurgency in South Vietnam. It was a terrifying "final solution" ...

2: $300,000 Raised For Breast Cancer Research Trust

The Glassons Breast Cancer Research Trust t-shirt campaign has now topped the $300,000 mark.

3: Jason Leopold: US Plans To Overthrow Iran Regime

Here we go again. While postwar Iraq continues to crumble, the Bush administration is now setting its sights on a new target—Iran—in its so-called effort to reshape most of the Middle East and bring democracy to countries ruled by vicious dictators. ...

4: Air NZ Ad Single Storms Music Charts

The recently released single from the Air New Zealand television commercial titled "Something New" has debuted at number three on the New Zealand music charts.

5: Prebble Speech: Why Labour Will Lose Next Election

Thank you for the invitation to speak to the Diplomatic Club. I thought it would be helpful to give you an insider's view of the political scene and why Labour faces electoral defeat.

6: No-Bid Telecomms Contract Makes US Look Like Fools

The contract is for a small, temporary network. Its price tag is $45 million for 5,000 to 10,000 phones, if there are no cost overruns. That works out to $4,500 to $9,000 per phone. Since many people carry two or three phones, the cost per user ...

7: Chuckman: An Interpretation of Bush's Character

While I find those images on the Internet of a blunt little mustache digitally-scribbled onto President Bush's upper lip feeble and unhelpful, still, there are parts of Bush's character and behavior that strikingly resemble at least one major biographer's interpretation ...

8: Whitman Interview with CNN On Saving Private Lynch

Q: Its a script straight out of Hollywood and the story that gave America an injection of patriotism. A raid in the dead of night under enemy lines where US soldiers daringly rescued one Private Jessica Lynch held captive in an Iraqi hospital. But a BBC reporter ...

9: No More Body Shots For Elle

After 15 years of putting her body on the line for her own highly successful brand of lingerie Elle Macpherson will no longer appear as the model in the advertising images of Elle Macpherson Intimates.

10: Project Phoenix Well Known For Years

Just an FYI to say that "Memory Hole" may have just found out about Operation Phoenix but in claiming "just uncovered" is total rubbish. It was pretty well known publicly in the mid-seventies. I've got a book here from those times entitled ...

11: Scoop Feature: A NZ-US Free Trade Agreement?

Every few days, opposition parties tell us that Prime Minister Helen Clark’s policies and comments have taken us another step away from the holy grail of a free trade agreement (FTA) with the US.

12: Brian Cloughley: Iran - Don't Fence It In

In order to protect itself against plots hatched by US-funded dissidents the government will extend surveillance and control of moderates to the extent of repressing such freedoms as already exist. Those attempting to speak in support of liberty will be ...

13: Virus Pretends To Come From

W32.Sobig.B@mm is a mass-mailing worm that sends itself to all the email addresses, purporting to have been sent by Microsoft (

14: Post Headline on 9/11 Inquiry May Prove Prophetic

Washington Post Headline on 9/11 Inquiry May Prove Prophetic Says Watchdog Group - Witnesses not under oath raises doubts about Commission process

15: Why Do We Have The War On Some Drugs, Anyway?

The angry American reaction to Canada's move towards sanity on drug laws raises a question that is seldom asked, let alone studied by academics or the media. Given that the drug war has been a demonstrable failure why does it continue to be so strongly ...

16: State Dept. Daily Press Briefing for May 27

IRAN 3-4, 9 Cooperative Dialogue with Iranians 4-5 Discussion on Nuclear Weapons Programs 4-7 Alleged al-Qaida Presence in Iran 5-6 Calls for More Democratic System 8-9 Efforts to Combat Terrorism

17: Taranaki Shines in Environmental Stewardship

Taranaki Regional Council's (TRC) State of the Environment report illustrates the benefits of a positive approach to environmental stewardship based on education, communication, peer pressure and the ability of regional councils to enforce compliance.

18: Move Over, Right Wing Radio - Liberals Are Coming

NEW YORK - A political explosion happened the weekend of May 17th-18th in New York, and it may be the big one that gives Karl Rove nightmares. It could mean the end of George W. Bush's seemingly unending ability to tell overt lies to the American ...

19: Maori Funding a Problem Across the Board

National MP Murray McCully and ACT MP Rodney Hide said today that the Te Mangai Paho funding scandal reported on today was just a tip of a very large iceberg.

20: No Thanks Richard Says Winston

New Zealand First has distanced itself from the so-called “grand coalition” of political parties suggested by Act leader Richard Prebble today and has described it “as a bit desperate”.

21: Iraq: the Children are Dying - More Now Than Ever

According to UNICEF figures from March 2003: - Half of Iraq's population of 24.5 million are children. - 1 in 8 children die before age 8. - One in every four children under five is malnourished. - 70% of all child deaths are from diarrhea or respiratory ...

22: Cheap Fuel at BP

BP is offering cheap fuel for today only with a 5 cent discount on its petrol and diesel.

23: Sue Rhodes’ Letter From Hebron

This has been an exhausting and worrying week for all of us in Hebron. Our co-ordinator, Greg, was arrested on Sunday18th May and has been in prison ever since. On Saturday 17th May we were horrified when a suicide bomber blew himself and a settler couple ...

24: Rumsfeld Queried On Offshore Banking Reform

It hasn’t been reported in the U.S. press – until here, now – but Milan, Italy's chief prosecutor has obtained thousands of documents that show how for more than 20 years Saddam Hussein used the Western bank and corporate secrecy system to launder ...

25: United States, Chile Reach Free Trade Agreement

The White House announced May 28 that the United States and Chile have reached a free trade agreement. U.S. Trade Representative Robert Zoellick and Maria Soledad Alvear Valenzuela, the Chilean Foreign Minister will sign the agreement in Miami, ...

26: Resignation Allows Te Mängai Päho Fresh Start

Te Mangai Paho Board Chair Mr Toby Curtis today tendered his resignation to the Minister of Maori Affairs, following the release of the external review into the way the organisation dealt with the employment of a former employee.

27: State Dept. Daily Press Briefing for May 28

ISRAEL/PALESTINIANS 1-5 Preparations for Road Map Meetings 3 Possibility of Quartet Meetings 3-4 Detained Palestinian Diplomat in Baghdad

28: Image: Sanctuary Gateway unveiled

The Karori Wildlife Sanctuary unveils its plans for the next stage of major development – the Gateway Project.

29: Nats' diagnosis right, prescription past expiry

National's welfare discussion paper has diagnosed the problem, but its prescription is a rehash of 'hit 'em hard' policies of the type that won't work in isolation, United Future's social services spokeswoman Judy Turner said today.

30: Promoting Sustainable International Fisheries

Ambassador Mary Beth West, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and Fisheries Statement before the Subcommittee on Fisheries Conservation, Wildlife, and Oceans, House Committee on Resources Washington, DC May 22, 2003

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