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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings


Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Images: All Blacks Take A Tour Of Frodo's Plane

Pictures of the majority of the new All Blacks squad - pictured courtesy of All Blacks sponsor Air New Zealand today at Auckland Airport.

2: Wolfowitz Interview with Vanity Fair's Tannenhaus

Wolfowitz - ''The truth is that for reasons that have a lot to do with the U.S. government bureaucracy we settled on the one issue that everyone could agree on which was weapons of mass destruction as the core reason, but -- Hold on one second.''

3: Bush's Biotech Bullies Vs. The World

The Bush Administration, in the interests of Corporate America (how can anyone tell where one ends and the other begins?) is on the warpath again. Like its “war on terror”, it is fighting on several fronts.

4: Beehive staff list grows as Labour's luck runs out

"And it would appear there's more cronyism than ever, according to the Government's latest phone list," says National Party Deputy Leader Roger Sowry.

5: Iraq War Planned Two Days After 9-11- Wolfowitz

While the hawks in the Bush administration attempt to justify the logic behind a pre-emptive strike against Iraq now that its become clear the country’s alleged weapons of mass destruction are nowhere to be found, the true reasons for going to war are ...

6: $300,000 Raised For Breast Cancer Research Trust

The Glassons Breast Cancer Research Trust t-shirt campaign has now topped the $300,000 mark.

7: Tear Gas, the Smell of Frightened Capitalists

Latest reports from Evian are that in Geneva, after some hours of quietness, things have kicked off again. The G8 delegates were disrupted and the summit was delayed for a couple of hours as a resoult. Local swiss people were attacked by German riot ...

8: Chuckman Cartoons: George Bush The Laughing Monkey

Two cartoons by John Chuckman…

9: Greatest Hits On Iraq Shows Up Corporate Media

Good to hear that elements of the mainstream media are raising questions, however gingerly, about whether or not the Bush administration may have deceived the public to garner support for the war in Iraq. Duh!!!!!

10: Forget Tuku's undies

A really big shadow hangs over Maori broadcasting, or at least the public perception of it. It's a shadow in the shape of those notoriously expensive underpants of Tuku Morgan, and everything negative that they represent.

11: Richard Prebble's Letter From Wellington - June 3

The Green Party conference at Karapiro was potentially the Party’s most important since they split from the Alliance. The Party that had expected to be in government with Labour finds itself irrelevant and facing electoral defeat.

12: Wolfowitz Remarks at the IISS Asian Security Conf.

Thank you, John. I am delighted that the Shangri-La conference is back for a return engagement and I am delighted to be back again, myself, and very honored to be here sharing the podium with two distinguished Senators like Chuck Hagel and Jack Reed. ...

13: David Miller: Unspinning The Globe

What does Public Relations mean to you? Sharp suits and beguiling smiles? Off the record hints and misinformation? Public Relations has a bad image. The dismissive phrase 'it's just PR' encapsulates a lot of what people everywhere feel about PR.

14: Impartiality in Palestine

One wonders how many people in Washington have actually read the full text of the "Performance-based Road Map to a Permanent Two-State Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict". Precious few, to judge from the reaction on the part of influential figures ...

15: G-8 Summit Focuses on Economy, Security, Developme

Evian, France -- Leaders of industrial powers, other countries and multilateral institutions have gathered in France to tackle questions of global security, sluggish world growth and development in poor nations while trying to overcome divisions stemming from ...

16: All News Is Lies: Darkest Peru

At least the foreign investors are happy - or so Allan Wagner claims. The Foreign Minister of Peru was defending the decision, taken on 28th May, to declare a state of emergency in the South American state.

17: Stateside with Rosalea: 2004 Presidential Election

The single worst thing about the US presidential elections is the presidency itself. To understand what that institution has aspired to over the past 100 years, you only have to look at this weekend's photo ops of the Bushes in St Petersburg - the poster ...

18: UN Radio Highlights Dire Myanmar Situation

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the UN Human Rights Rapporteur for Myanmar have jointly expressed concern over the recent political developments in Myanmar. They expressed particular worry about the Myanmar Government's detention ...

19: All News Is Lies: Becoming The 51st State

It beggars belief, but it is true. Last week, a group of influential politicians who inhabit the rarefied but influential world of Washington DC think-tanks proposed that US government officials be given the right to sit in on the European Union's ...

20: Big box opening a can of worms

Green MP Mike Ward said he has grave doubts about the Prime Minister's commitment to New Zealand small business by opening a new distribution centre for The Warehouse.

21: Israel, the Palestinians, Sharon, Arafat and Bush

After ignoring the unending bloodshed between Israel and the Palestinians for the first two years of his administration, Bush is being sent out by Karl Rove to burnish up his appearance as a ''statesman''.

22: Dunne: Sell-out Greens on way out

Despite having accepted that GE is here to stay, the Greens are again trying to be the tail that wags the dog with their move to position themselves as Labour's long-term partners and oppose a future National-led government, United Future leader Peter ...

23: Virus Pretends To Come From

W32.Sobig.B@mm is a mass-mailing worm that sends itself to all the email addresses, purporting to have been sent by Microsoft (

24: Top 10 things overheard when Goff met Arafat

10 things overheard when Phil Goff met Yasser Arafat

25: Israeli Claims of Easing Restrictions “Lies"

The Palestinian Minister of Cabinet Affairs has refuted Israeli claims that stringent restrictions have been eased in the occupied Palestinian territory, and labeled them as “baseless lies, which will not deceive anybody.”

26: Sex Offender Register will help in McIntosh Case

ACT New Zealand MP Deborah Coddington today urged the politicians who express concern at the release of convicted paedophile Lloyd Alexander McIntosh to get behind her legislation to create a register of sex offenders.

27: Maharey: The Third Way and how I got on to it

My invitation suggested that I reflect on “the Third Way three years on”; the “renewal of social democracy” and how I, as a former academic sociologist, made the transition to politics.

28: New WMD Survey Group to Begin Operation in Iraq

Washington -- A senior Defense Intelligence Agency official who will head a new U.S. operation to seek out weapons of mass destruction in Iraq says the effort represents "a significant expansion" of the ongoing work in that area.

29: Muriel Newman’s The Column

On Wednesday I was invited to the launch of the National Party’s welfare discussion paper, “Saving The Next Generation From Welfare Dependency”.

30: Powell Sees "New Dynamic" at Work in Mideast

There is a "new dynamic" in the Middle East resulting from the ouster of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, new governments in Israel and the Palestinian Authority, and President Bush's ability in recent weeks to get Israelis and Palestinians to ...

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