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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings


Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: UK PM Faces Questions On WMDs (Transcript)

Q1. [116549] Ms Oona King (Bethnal Green and Bow): If he will list his official engagements for Wednesday 4 June.

2: Photo-Essay 2: Tell Us Is This Liberation?

GRAPHIC IMAGES MAY DISTURB: The purpose of information sharing is to empower individuals to make informed choices. If publishing these images causes those, who would support more killing to consider their decisions, then publishing is justified.

3: Major Iraqi Uprising Looming In Near Future

A real resistance movement seems to be starting up in Iraq. Although the Pentagon and Donald Rumsfeld are blaming attacks against US troops on Saddam supporters and Baath Party members, it looks like a countrywide uprising is starting.

4: UQ Wire: The Dog Ate My WMDs

After several years teaching high school, I've heard all the excuses. I didn't get my homework done because my computer crashed, because my project partner didn't do their part, because I feel sick, because I left it on the bus, because I had a dance ...

5: It's Time to Turn the Tables On Burma's Thugs

United Nations Special Envoy Razali Ismail has just visited Burma and was able to bring us news that Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and the leader of a peaceful democratic party known as the National League for Democracy, is well and ...

6: Kidd Millennium: Free the Fourth Estate

Mass media’s obligation is to fulfill the critical role of fourth estate, the defenders of public interest. The term is frequently attributed to the nineteenth century historian Thomas Carlyle who ranked the press above and apart from the three Estates of Parliament. ...

7: Bernard Weiner: A Peek Inside Bush's PostWar Diary

Dear Diary: The war went well. We licked those Iraqi towelheads real quick. We didn't get Saddam, though, which is more than a little embarassing, since we also didn't get Osama in Afghanistan. Makes me look bad. Also makes me look like I'd rather have ...

8: English joins MPs on Washington trip

National Party Leader Bill English has decided to join a team of his MPs heading to Washington today to discuss foreign affairs, trade and defence matters with Congressmen, Senators and officials in Washington.

9: Colin Powell IV by The Associated Press June 12th

QUESTION: The trip to Jordan, the stop in Jordan, any chance you’ll go on to Israel and talk to the Palestinians?

10: The Letter 16 June 2003 - Horomia Must Go

The cabinet is in general agreement that Minister of Maori Affairs, Parekura Horomia, should go but is divided over whether his firing will cause more or less political damage.

11: Bilateral Deals Are No Fairytale

Expanding the liberalization agenda through bilateral agreements is a stealthy step-by-step approach which could prepare a multiple launchpad for more comprehensive multilateral agreements. Aziz Choudry details moves afoot to challenge this neo-liberal tactic.

12: McCully: Don't leave home without him

My advice to Bill English is: don't leave home without McCully, said Progressive MP Matt Robson today.

13: Crean Remains Leader Of Australian Labor Party

Australian Labour Party Leader Simon Crean has been re-elected leader of the Labour Party in a meeting of the party's 92 strong parliamentary caucus this morning.

14: Liberty Belle Visits Commons For PM's Questions

This week I went to the House of Commons for Prime Minister's question time and I was appalled to realise how far the New Zealand Parliament has strayed from the Westminster system. For a start, New Zealand - unlike Britain - doesn't have a session whereby ...

15: Scoop Feedback: Kidnapping, Iraq, Gender Confusion

In This Edition: Right To Self-Representation - NZ Involvement In Iraq - Mother Or Father - To Be Or Not To Be!

16: 2003 Wallace Awards Announced

Two well-known political commentators, Associate Professor Nigel Roberts and Dr Tim Bale of the School of History, Philosophy, Political Science and International Relations at Victoria University, have been given a Wallace Award by the Electoral Commission ...

17: Buck stops with Minister in TMP scandal

As the scandal that's raging around Maori Broadcaster Te Mangai Paho deepens, the National and ACT Parties are accusing the Government of employing two standards of accountability, one for Maori and one for everyone else.

18: UK Supreme Court Move Good News for New Zealand?

United Kingdom Prime Minister Tony Blair plans to remove Ministerial input from the appointment of judges to the proposed top court in the UK -this removes one of the odd arguments pushed those supporting the dumping our right of appeal to the ...

19: Stateside with Rosalea: Taking a flying leap

That George is such a dag, isn't he, pretending to fall off the Pratmobile! I'm sure he was just taking its inventor's advice - given at a recent college commencement ceremony - to make it your choice in life to do something really, really difficult. ...

20: Rumsfeld Speech at NATO 12-06-03 [includes image]

If the civilian and military leaders of member states cannot come to Belgium without fear of harassment by Belgium courts entertaining spurious charges by politicized prosecutors, then it calls into question Belgium's attitude about its responsibilities ...

21: Report: Two Decades Of Change In New Zealand

The period between 1981 and 2001 has been one of considerable political change as well as change in the social and economic spheres. It has seen several changes of government and shifts in ideology, which resulted in the deregulatory and market-driven ...

22: Hand up not hand outs

Stunning examples of human innovation have been rewarded today with the announcement of the first round of the Social Entrepreneur Fund in Wellington.

23: Global Peace And Justice Auckland Newsletter #37

The decision by the New Zealand government to join the occupation of Iraq has been condemned by GPJA and others but warmly welcomed by the United States. The government claim that this is separate from the US/UK occupation is belied by the fact that ...

24: Don't Stop There Urges Peters: Minister Must Go

New Zealand First has urged the Government to not stop with the suspension of Te Mangai Paho CEO Trevor Moeke but to deal with its own separatist agenda and the gravy train that accompanies it.

25: Powell: American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Cmttee.

Remarks at the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee's National Convention Banquet. Washington, DC June 14, 2003

26: NATO HQ: Rumsfeld Rages Over War Crimes Suits

BRUSSELS, Belgium – Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said today that American officials may stop attending NATO meetings in Belgium because of a law that allows "spurious" suits accusing American leaders of war crimes.

27: Problem tenants to be targeted

The government is working on a package of proposals to protect landlords from problem tenants, Housing Minister Steve Maharey said today.

28: John Chuckman: The View Inside Rumsfeld's Closet

Cartoon by John Chuckman

29: Sen. Jim Jeffords: Does He Think We Don't Notice?

The following speech by Sen. Jim Jeffords was delivered at the National Press Club on June 5, 2003 to commemorate the second anniversary of his decision to leave the Republican Party and become the Senate's only Independent.

30: Campaign For The Privy Council

The Justice and Electoral select committee considering the proposal to replace the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council with a Supreme Court will now have more time to hear submissions. Chairman Tim Barnett has obtained an extension of the date for ...

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