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Scoop: Weekend Ratings


The weekend’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Dear Clarence Thomas: It Happened on July 4, 1776

In 1789, Thomas Jefferson wrote a note to James Madison about the future possibility of a president who didn't understand the principles on which America was founded. "The tyranny of the legislatures is the most formidable dread at present," ...

2: Indymedia Images: 4th Of July In Philadelphia

A demonstration is presently underway in the city in which the U.S. Declaration of Independence originated, Philadelphia. For breaking news of the march see.. .

3: The Indypendent: Civil Liberties Lost

Under the USA Patriot Act, the FBI and other federal officials can request the records of any library patron. Librarians are forced to comply and are barred from telling anyone that the inquiry was made. Libraries must also hand over records of Internet ...

4: Re-Written Declaration Of Independence

WHEN IN THE COURSE OF HUMAN EVENTS IT BECOMES NECESSARY for the PEOPLE of the United States TO ALTER or ABOLISH the United States Government as it exists in the year 2001

5: Stan Goff: Bring 'Em On?

In 1970, when I arrived at my unit, Company A, 4th Battalion/503rd Infantry, 173rd Airborne Brigade, in what was then the Republic of Vietnam, I was charged up for a fight. I believed that if we didn't stop the communists in Vietnam, we'd eventually ...

6: Oxymoron Warning - Saudi Human Rights Conference

There are times when a truly surreal announcement rocks the mind out of its benevolent complacency and sets the little grey cells whirring in disbelief.

7: Extreme Weather Events Might Increase

Geneva, 2 July 2003 - Record extremes in weather and climate events continue to occur around the world. Recent scientific assessments indicate that, as the global temperatures continue to warm due to climate change, the number and intensity of ...

8: COHA: Arrogance of Power Lashes Out Again

- U.S. suspends aid to 14 countries in the Western Hemisphere, among a worldwide total of 35, in retaliation for their support for the International Criminal Court.

9: Choice between moratorium or NZ economy

The corn contamination discovered in Japan is a clear indication that the claimed safe regulation of GE commercial releases in New Zealand is an impossibility. The recent ERMA Review warns of the flawed oversight of field tests and the lack of coordination ...

10: Annan supports latest developments in Middle East

1 July – In his third hopeful comments on the Middle East conflict in four days United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan said today he was encouraged by the recent developments, which have seen an agreement between Israel and Palestinians on a troop pullback ...

11: Opinion: What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?

At a meeting sponsored by the Rochester Ladies' Anti-Slavery Society on July 5, 1852, Fredrick Douglass delivered a speech that took aim at the pieties of the nation -- the cherished memories of its revolution, its principles of liberty, and its moral ...

12: The Independence Rag - Song By Don Franks

Some words get torn and twisted, in politician's teeth like "Freedom", "Honour", "Liberty" ­ they've all come to grief - today its "Independence Day" ­ now - There's a punch drunk phrase! - come closer and I'll spell out what it really means these ...

13: Scoop Images: Ambassador Swindell's July 4th Party

The United States Ambassador Charles Swindell had his 4th of July party crashed by Peace Action Wellington (PAW) last night. See... Whose Independence? Crashing Swindell's Party! for a press release from Peace Action Wellington. See more images at Aotearoa ...

14: State Dept. Daily Press Briefing for July 3

LIBERIA 1 Possible US Role/Involvement 1-2,3-4-5,11 Role/Future of President Taylor 2,4 Situation in Liberia 2-3 Secretary Powell s Communications with UN Secretary General/ Leaders in Region/Other Countries on Liberia 11-12 Status of US Embassy ...

15: Powell With The Giuliani, Foxman and Rep. Smith

SECRETARY POWELL: Good morning, everyone. I was pleased to welcome Mayor Giuliani and Abe Foxman of the ADL, as well Congressman Chris Smith, who just returned from an important conference on anti-Semitism hosted by OSCE. Mayor Giuliani led our delegation ...

16: Images: Sex The Attraction - Pheromone The Perfume

Insect invaders are causing damage to fruit crops,wind and river protection trees and forests. The painted apple moth has perhaps the highest profile of these. Others include the Australian guava moth and the gum leaf skeletoniser.

17: Tuwaitha radiation to heart of U.S. admin in Iraq

Baghdad, Iraq, July 4th 2003 - Greenpeace activists today brought the head of the US civil administration in Iraq, Paul Bremer, a container of radioactive uranium 'yellowcake', found abandoned in the community outside the Tuwaitha nuclear facility, ...

18: Officials admit possible $1 billion Kyoto windfal

Farmers have been delivered another slap in the face by the Government at a meeting over the so-called 'flatulence tax' in Christchurch, according to National Party Ilam MP Gerry Brownlee.

19: Press Gaggle with Ari Fleischer July 4, 2003

MR. FLEISCHER: The President today will deliver remarks celebrating our national independence day, and he'll also commemorate the 100th anniversary of flight. A large portion of his remarks will honor America's military troops, who are still doing ...

20: A Buzzflash Declaration Of Independence For 2003

An Independence Day Declaration Of the People of The United States of America FROM:

21: Japanese Pizza Incident Major Wake Up Call

Japanese pizza incident major wake up call – unpredictable nature of GE release dawns on Hobbs

22: UN refugee rescue ship heads for Monrovia

3 July – Battling heavy winds and high seas, the United Nations rescue ship Overbeck is heading for Monrovia today to begin an emergency evacuation of thousands of desperate Sierra Leonean refugees living in makeshift camps scattered along the outskirts of ...

23: UN GA Resolution On Prevention Of Armed Conflict

Following is the statement delivered by Deputy Secretary-General Louise Fréchette upon the adoption of the General Assembly resolution on the prevention of armed conflict:

24: The 911 Evidence that May Hang George W. Bush

The Case Against G.W. Bush: a Preliminary "Hearing" in the Court of Common Sense

25: US Govt. To Cut Military Aid to ICC Supporters

(New York, June 30, 2003) - A deadline set out in the "American Servicemembers Protection Act" (ASPA) that threatens U.S. military assistance to countries supporting the International Criminal Court (ICC) will pass tomorrow, the NGO Coalition ...

26: Whose Independence? Crashing Swindell's Party!

The United States Ambassador Charles Swindell had his 4th of July party crashed by Peace Action Wellington (PAW) last night.

27: Bill Grigsby: The NeoCon

Why the fuss that the President lied to the American public about the threat posed by Saddam Hussein? There were so many reasons to get rid of him. We’ve seen pictures of the mass graves, right? The man was a monster, a murderous dictator. He tortured ...

28: Action Alert for US supporters re: Rachel Corrie

Many of you around the globe are still working hard for justice for Rachel Corrie and the ideals, values and peace that she gave her life for and were just as outraged, though not surprised at the Israeli military's decision last week to close the file ...

29: UQ Wire: The Attack Has Been Spectacular

On September 11, 2001, when most were too numb to contemplate much of anything, Newsweek told us what to expect. "As a small army of fire fighters struggled to put out the flames at the World Trade Center in New York and at the Pentagon in Washington," ...

30: USA: Six Named Under Military Order

Yesterday's decision by President Bush to name six detainees under the Military Order he signed in November 2001 is another retrograde step for human rights in the US-led "war against terrorism" and will further undermine the USA's claims to be a country ...

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