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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings


Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Vincent Foster Murder Evidence Released

Miquel Rodriguez, an assistant U.S. attorney who was hired by Kenneth Starr to conduct a grand jury investigation of Foster’s death, tells how Starr and others blocked his efforts to expose the cover-up of a murder by previous investigators. He resigned ...

2: Dr Kelly's Final Hours Did Not Indicate Suicide

In the 48 hours since the death of UK WMD scientist David Kelly several key pieces of evidence concerning his final hours and frame of mind have now come to light. These are extracted from key articles and linked below.

3: Inside A U.S. Election Vote Counting Program

Publication of this story marks a watershed in American political history. It is offered freely for publication in full or part on any and all internet forums, blogs and noticeboards. All other media are also encouraged to utilise material. Readers ...

4: Sludge Report #154 – Bigger Than Watergate!

In This Edition: Bigger Than Watergate! - How To Rig An Election In The United States - Fantasy vs Reality - How We Discovered The Backdoor - Evidence Of Motive - Evidence Of Opportunity - Evidence Of Method - Evidence Of Prior Conduct - Consistent Unexplained ...

5: UQ Wire: Who's Who on the 9/11 Commission

Several citizens' organizations as well as the families of the victims of the September 11 attacks have expressed hope that the 9/11 Commission will ultimately reveal the truth. Their hopes may be a little overblown.

6: Oil And War Fraud Traced to the White House

Fraud Traced to the White House - How California’s energy scam was inextricably linked to a war for oil scheme - - By Katherine Yurica

7: PM Strikes First 'The Lord Of The Rings' Coin

Prime Minister Rt Hon Helen Clark struck the first 'The Lord of The Rings' coin, which will be released by New Zealand Post later this year, during a visit to the Royal Mint in Wales last week.

8: Tenet - Wolfowitz Ctte. Gave Dubious Intelligence

When George Tenet, the director of the CIA, testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee last week about dubious intelligence data on the Iraqi threat that made it into President Bush’s State of the Union address in January, he said an ad-hoc ...

9: Top 10 signs Maurice Williamson doesn't care

1. The last time he asked a question for oral answer it was to find out who won the women's singles at Wimbledon.

10: UN And Iraqi Delegation Call For Occupation To End

The top United Nations envoy for Iraq and a member of the newly established Iraqi Governing Council both called today for a speedy end to the United States military occupation and the full restoration of the country’s sovereignty.

11: Arafat Orders Republication Decree on Incitement

President Yasser Arafat on Sunday ordered, with immediate effect, republication of the three-article presidential decree No. 3 of 1998 reinforcing national unity, forbidding racial discrimination, “incitement to violence,” insulting various religions, and ...

12: U.S. Committed to Partnership with "United Europe"

The "energy and new initiatives" from the June 25 U.S.-European Union Summit, "with new pledges of cooperation on non-proliferation, counter-terrorism, regional problems and aviation, prove that the Atlantic partnership remains a vital force ...

13: Bald-Faced Lies About Black Box Voting Machines

Diebold voting machines are used in 37 states. The entire state of Ohio is considering dumping its old system to buy Diebold. Georgia already did. The Diebold files, supposedly secret voting machine files left on an unprotected web site for nearly six years ...

14: Satire: WMD could stand for many things – Rumsfeld

In response to increased criticism from Congress and the UN that no W.M.D.'s (Weapons of Mass Destruction) have been found to justify the pre-emptive invasion of Iraq by coalition forces, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld cautioned that some may ...

15: Israel Admits Jewish Terror Cells Operating

There are at least two Jewish terror cells operating in the occupied Palestinian territories, which are responsible for a series of attacks on Palestinian civilians over the past years, an Israeli defense official said Sunday.

16: State Dept. Daily Press Briefing for July 21

DEPARTMENT 1-2 Secretary Powell s Selects a New Director of the Office of Policy Planning 5 Secretary Powell s Discussions with UN Secretary General Annan 20-21 President Bush s Warning to Syria and Iran for Supporting Terrorists

17: Questions Of The Day Transcript - 22 July 2003

1. Justice, Associate Minister—Confidence 2. Social Welfare—Reports 4. Public Service—Leaders 5. Greenhouse Gas Emissions—Flatulence Tax 6. Job Seekers—Benefits 7. Crime—Clearance Rate

18: Culture Jamming: I'm Stupid - GE Is Safe

Two pieces of culture jamming have been submitted to Scoop today. Site: Basin Reserve Wellington PHOTO SOURCE – INDYMEDIA.ORG.NZ Site: Wellington PHOTO SOURCE – A SCOOP READER

19: Annan welcomes Iraqis at Security Council session

Welcoming the first Iraqis to address the United Nations Security Council since the fall of Saddam Hussein, Secretary-General Kofi Annan today called Baghdad’s new Governing Council “an important step towards the full restoration of Iraqi sovereignty” and ...

20: Questions Of The Day Transcript - 23 July 2003

1. HELEN DUNCAN to the Associate Minister of Education (Tertiary Education): What progress is the Government’s industry training strategy making in meeting the skill needs of business?

21: Scoop Link: Is The Empire Striking Back?

White House Striking Back? Former Ambassador Charges Mudslinging Over Statements By Andrea Mitchell NBC NEWS GO TO ORIGINAL -

22: Mapping The Real Deal: Solari

A solari is an investment databank and investment advisor for a neighborhood – typically an area of 10,000 people. It is an organizational building block.

23: U.S. Election Integrity Flaw Discovered At Diebold

Recently, technicians and programmers for Diebold Election Systems, the company that supplied every single voting machine for the surprising 2002 results in the state of Georgia, the company that is preparing to convert the state of Maryland to its ...

24: Brian Cloughley: Blood On Their Hands

Britain has been riven by the suicide of a decent man who apparently found life unbearable after he was insulted and bullied by a bunch of self-important prats whose position as members of the British parliament gives them immunity from similar treatment within ...

25: UN Radio: UN Calls End Military Occupation Of Iraq

Secretary-General Kofi Annan says the collective goal remains an early end to the military occupation of Iraq, through the formation of an internationally recognized, representative government. The Secretary-General told the UN Security Council that ...

26: Sludge #155 – Introducing Recession 2003-2004

NOTE: Authors of this report will be anonymous and wide ranging, and occasionally finely balanced. Indeed you are invited to contribute: The format is as a reporters notebook. It will be published as and when material is available. C.D. Sludge can ...

27: PM takes questions from Chinese students

Prime Minister Tony Blair has answered questions from students at the Tsinghua University in Beijing. When asked about the Iraq conflict, Mr Blair stated that he had no doubt at all that Iraq was trying to develop weapons of mass destruction.

28: U.S. Kills Saddam's Sons Uday and Qusay

The U.S. Central Command reports that Saddam Hussein's sons, Uday and Qusay, died July 22 when forces of the 101st Airborne Division and Special Operations Forces mounted an operation against suspected regime figures in the northern Iraqi city ...

29: UQ Wire: The Crime and the Cover-Up

The scandal axiom in Washington states that it is not the crime that destroys you, but the cover-up. Today in Washington you can hear terms like 'Iraqgate' and 'Weaponsgate' bandied about, but such obtuse labels do not provide an explanation for the profound ...

30: Deck of Cards Helps Identify Regime's Most Wanted

WASHINGTON, April 12, 2003 – Coalition forces in Iraq are using a specially created deck of 55 playing cards to identify the "most wanted" members of Saddam Hussein's regime.


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