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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings


Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Why Not Just Genetically Engineer Women For Milk?

MAdGE (Mothers Against Genetic Engineering in Food and the Environment) today launched a highly controversial billboard campaign in Auckland and Wellington to provoke public debate about the social and cultural ethics of genetic engineering in New Zealand.

2: We Have Met The Enemy, And It Is US (corp media)

On December 18, I attended Gary Webb’s memorial service in Sacramento, along with about 250 other people. In 1996, Webb wrote a series of articles (“Dark Alliance”) for the San Jose Mercury News reporting that, in the 1980s, “a San Francisco Bay ...

3: Worker Bees & Soldier Ants: America’s Fascist Army

It is in times of fascism rising that armies of ignorance are once more resuscitated from the bowels of a society bordering on the edge of mass psychosis. The America at the dawn of the twenty-first century is no exception, for an army of fascism is ...

4: NASA: Slow-Motion Collision Near McMurdo Imminent

Get Ready for the Largest Demolition Derby on the Planet Scientists say Slow-Motion Collision Near Antarctic Research Station Imminent

5: Why boycott Coca Cola?

Coca Cola was invented in the United States in 1886 as a medicine, rather than a drink, to stimulate the brain and the nervous system, from a mixture of coca leaves and kola nuts, sweetened with sugar, hence the name Coca Cola. It was not until 1893 ...

6: Violence Against Women And Role Of Media

Media had still not played effective roles in minimizing domestic violence against women even, media can play a lead role in the society's fight against violence against women. As media is the eye, ear and limbs of the society they could help a great ...

7: Report confirms poor economic position

Despite favourable economic conditions, New Zealand's economic position is not improving relative to other countries, says National Party Leader Don Brash.

8: Images: Departing LOTR Stars Meet Their Planes

The Lord of the Ring's stars come face to face with themselves on the side of Air NZ planes as they bid New Zealand goodbye at Wellington Airport before boarding the Air New Zealand 767 emblazoned with giant images of the characters Aragorn and Arwen.

9: The Last Man To Concede...

On November 3, just hours after Democratic vice-presidential hopeful John Edwards made a national announcement that he and John Kerry were not going to concede until all the votes were counted, Kerry grabbed the spotlight and conceded -- before all ...

10: Jewish American Challenges Israel Segregation Wall

WHERE: Tel Aviv District Court, Weitzmann Street at corner of Shaul Hamelech (Judge Tal) WHEN: January 16, 2005 at 2:00 PM

11: Tsunami Report: Cyberspace Blogs & Gruesome Photos

PHUKET, Thailand -- Internet Websites, blogs, chat groups and databases are flooded with tsunami scams, gruesome morgue photos, official warnings, donation requests, Islamic propaganda against Thailand, and ridiculous jokes, causing confusion and ...

12: FIGHTING TALK - re-start the internet

This week... Lyndon Hood: I thought that rather than compiling my own top 20 best-of-2004-lists list... And Hamish McKenzie: Here in Mexico we are in the depths of winter. The mercury, its core chilled by the frosty skies, struggles to the mid 20s, and the locals laugh ...

13: Comment: What will interest rates do in 2005?

The holiday season is the usual time to relax and ponder the prospects for the new year. Our views and prognostications have been developed with the same intellectual rigour as everyone else's – with a beer in one hand, fashion-challenged, trying to ...

14: CBS' Cowardice And Conflicts Behind Purge

Network's Craven Back-Down on Bush Draft Dodge Report Sure to Get a Standing Rove-ation at White House

15: Womad New Zealand 2005 – Background Profile

Palestinian oud player and composer, Adel Salameh was born in Nablus, Palestine, in 1966. He started performing as a soloist while still living in the Arab world, but emigrated to Europe in 1990. He quickly established a reputation as one of the ...

16: Rodney Hide's Employment Relations Scandal

Locally, it has been a long, slow news summer. Thank God, then, for Rodney Hide. As he does every year, the ACT leader has beavered away over the holidays, weaseling through the country, ferreting out injustices and iniquities. He has uncovered one ...

17: Teflon Amway - 20 Years Of Crime & Lawsuits

The paperwork involved in the endless stream of lawsuits filed against Amway and its Kingpin distributors over the past 2 decades would probably fill a 10 story office building. The complaints and discovery documents filed in these actions, which Amway ...

18: Maori Television Mon Jan 24 to Sun Jan 30

Five of Maori Television's most popular series are scheduled to air their season finals this week. Join in a week of exciting conclusions!

19: Images: Lord Of The Rings Exhibition At Te Papa

In anticipation of the release of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, the central instalment in writer/director/producer Peter Jackson's epic trilogy based on the J.R.R. Tolkien masterpiece, Te Papa proudly announces a world exclusive and a bold ...

20: New Artists Announced For Womad New Zealand 2005

Fifteen new artists have joined the line-up of performers for WOMAD New Zealand 2005.

21: Asia NZ Foundation: Media Newsletter

Kia Ora. Welcome to the first Asia New Zealand Foundation media newsletter of the year. We have selected you to receive this bulletin of Asia:NZ news. Our thinking is that we would like to keep journalists better informed about what we do, and to ...

22: Just Left: Back to the Future with Brash

Don Brash has his name on a piece in this morning's Herald, called " Accountability and Consensus Missing ." It gives an interesting insight into the mind of the man who wants to be Prime Minister.

23: Israeli Soldiers Invade Qarawat Bani Zeid

At 5am this morning the IWPS received a call from the Mayor of Qarawat Bani Zeid informing us that soldiers had invaded the village on foot and were followed by three army jeeps. At the time of the call the Mayor indicated that the soldiers were in ...

24: Botrytis Breakthrough

A breakthrough botrytis fungicide which leaves no residue, has no withholding period and is Bio Gro approved – it sound too good to be true. But it’s not.

25: Visit of Canadian Minister to New Zealand

Wellington, 13 January 2005: Canada’s Minister of National Revenue, The Honourable John McCallum, will visit New Zealand January 16 to 19 at the invitation of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, The Honourable Dr. Michael Cullen, to discuss ...

26: State Dept. Daily Press Briefing for January 12

IRAQ Iraq Survey Group / Duelfer Report / Addendum to October 2004 Report on Weapons of Mass Destruction Security for Iraqi Elections / Process and Procedures for Elections Foreign Observers for the Elections Reported Paying of Journalists by Iyad Allawi ...

27: Complete US Exit Poll Data Confirms Net Suspicions is delighted to be able today to publish a full set of 4pm exit poll data for the first time on the Internet since the US election. The data emerged this evening NZT in a post on the Democratic Underground website under the forum name ...

28: Single economic market a step closer

The realisation of the long-term goal of creating a seamless, Australia/New Zealand business environment took a step forward today.

29: Kiwi Companies Help Prevent Disease

Few people would expect that things could get any worse in areas affected by last months Tsunami. However the World Health Organisation has warned that the death toll of around 150,000 people could double, and that a further 150,000 people are currently ...

30: Powell Interview on NPR With Juan Williams

MR. WILLIAMS: Mr. Secretary, Iraq will hold elections on January 30th. Are you giving any consideration, is the Administration giving any consideration to a delay of those elections, given the ongoing violence, the threats against voters, as well as the ...


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