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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings


Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: William Fisher: The Prince Of Wonderland

Having fixed Iraq, Richard Perle is now ready to advise us on Iran. The former Assistant Defense Secretary in the Reagan Administration, and Neocon darling, appeared on a recent Charlie Rose show on PBS, following his nemesis, Seymour Hersh of The New ...

2: Statisticians Refute 'Explanation' of Exit Poll

Discrepancies in New Edison/Mitofsky Report and Urge Investigation of U.S. Presidential Election Results.

3: Questions & Answers for Oral Answer - 2 February

1. Benefits—Restructuring Reports 2. Economy—Prime Minister's Comments 3. Families—Labour Force Participation 4. School Fees—State Secondary Schools 5. Savings—Beneficiaries and Low-income Earners 6. Corrections, Department—Emergency Response Unit 7. Orthopaedics—Operations ...

4: Emirates Announces Nz Flights Via Bangkok

Emirates, the Dubai-based international airline, is to add Bangkok as a destination on flights out of New Zealand from May 1.

5: Peak Oil and The Sociology of Knowledge

The significance in differences in argument between what Colin Campbell terms the ''flat-earth fraternity'' and Peak Oil theorists is profound.

6: ''Imperialism Is Not Invincible'' - Hugo Chavez

"Imperialism Is Not Invincible" Venezuela’s Chavez Closes World Social Forum with Call to Transcend Capitalism Monday, Jan 31, 2005 By: Cleto A. Sojo -

7: Aid Finally Arriving to Devastated Guyana

Over the last five weeks floods have ravaged Guyana, killing six, causing enormous property damage as well as displacing thousands and affecting over half of the country’s population.

8: Will Pitt: The State Of The State Of The Union

Well, the time has come again to sit through another session with George. It is interesting to note how this constitutionally-mandated rap session with congress has changed over the years.

9: UQ Wire: The Creeping Police State

When viewed as a whole, the post 9/11 'security state' seems less about protecting us from terrorism, and more about population control and quelling dissent.

10: Haiti’s Upcoming Elections: Fanmi Lavalas Opts Out

On 1 February 2005, nearly one year after the de-facto coup against Haiti’s democratically elected president, Jean Bertrand Aristide, the AP reported that the Lavalas party will not participate in the local and municipal elections scheduled for October, ...

11: Questions for Oral Answer - Thursday, 3 February

Questions to Ministers 1. STEPHEN FRANKS to the Minister of Police: Did it occur to him to ask the police what evidence they were still seeking when they informed him they were still investigating the Tame Iti case when Tame Iti was seen on television ...

12: Public Address 03/02/05 - Thrills And Drills

Righto: I defy any member of the Mac faithful not to get in a lather about this. It turns out that Mac-hacker Scott Knaster has, for 21 years, been holding on to a Betamax videotape of the event at which Steve Jobs introduced the original Macintosh...

13: What They're Not Telling You About the 'Election'

The day of blood and elections has passed, and the blaring trumpets of corporate media hailing it as a successful show of ''democracy'' have subsided to a dull roar.

14: Nationalism & Pragmatism In Iraq’s Election

The surprisingly large voter turn-out in the January 31 Iraq elections, held in spite of a pervasive climate of fear punctuated by guerrilla attacks and mass murder on the part of die hard Baathist and Islamicist guerrillas, has occasioned a global ...

15: John Chuckman: State of the Union Cartoons

Two John Chuckman State of the Union cartoons...

16: Tame Iti firearms incident

Police statement on Tame Iti firearms incident would be in public interest says Police Minister

17: Sam Smith vs Fox News' Bill O'Reilly - Smackdown

Reader Chas Edwards used the right word when he described your editor's appearance on the Bill O'Reilly show as a ''smackdown,'' for television of this variety has far more in common with professional wrestling than with professional journalism. ...

18: Address In Reply – Nine Leaders Nine Speeches

The PM's Address - "2005 began with the international response to the catastrophe caused by the tsunami in the Indian Ocean. Worldwide, hearts were touched by the appalling death toll, the plight of the survivors, and the sight of the devastated ...

19: Chavez closes World Social Forum with call

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was warmly received at the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil, where he said that a radical transformation of society can be made democratically.

20: George W. Bush: State Of The Union 2005 - Summary

In his State of the Union Address, President Bush described the state of our Union as confident and strong - the U.S. economy is growing steadily, more Americans are finding jobs, and our Nation is serving as an active force for good in the world. ...

21: Why Not Just Genetically Engineer Women For Milk?

MAdGE (Mothers Against Genetic Engineering in Food and the Environment) today launched a highly controversial billboard campaign in Auckland and Wellington to provoke public debate about the social and cultural ethics of genetic engineering in New Zealand.

22: Ernest Partridge ''Shut Up!,'' They Explain

Have you noticed? Those of us who suspect that the election was stolen (a.k.a. ''conspiracy nuts''), have presented an impressive array of evidence – statistical, anecdotal and circumstantial – to support our claims. In response to this we have been provided ...

23: Images: Departing LOTR Stars Meet Their Planes

The Lord of the Ring's stars come face to face with themselves on the side of Air NZ planes as they bid New Zealand goodbye at Wellington Airport before boarding the Air New Zealand 767 emblazoned with giant images of the characters Aragorn and Arwen.

24: Questions & Answers for Oral Answer 3 Feb. 2005

1. Protesters—Police Charges 2. Foreign Workers—Criteria 3. Oil Prices—Economic and Fiscal Update Prediction 4. Economy—Government Fiscal Program 5. National Certificate of Educational Achievement—Scholarship Results 6. Wellington Transport Infrastructure—Government ...

25: Investigation of firearm discharge at Tuhoe

A complaint was received by Police on 24 January concerning the discharge of a firearm at the Waitangi Tribunal hearing in Ruatoki and the public can be assured that appropriate action is being taken, the District Commander for Bay of Plenty District, Superintendent ...

26: Brian Connell - Rebel without a cause

"In 2002 Brian Connell told New Zealand it wouldn't be long before he was the leader of the National Party. In 2003 Brian told us Bill English wasn't doing a very good job. In 2004 Brian said Lynda Scott was an average MP. Today Mr Connell, speaking ...

27: EU - Denmark, Estonia, Malta, Poland and Slovakia

Having examined their respective updated multi-annual convergence programmes, the European Commission has concluded that Denmark and Estonia fully meet the requirements of the Stability and Growth Pact on budgetary discipline while Malta is on track ...

28: Request For The Prosecution Of Tame Iti

As requested by the Minister of Police I formally request that Tame Iti be prosecuted for the following offences:

29: State-funded thugs

ACT Associate Justice spokesman Deborah Coddington expressed outrage today that from 1999 to 2003 between 30-40 percent of criminals receiving prison sentences were on some sort of benefit when they committed their crimes.

30: Condoleeza Rice Remarks at Town Hall Meeting

Remarks at Town Hall Meeting Secretary Condoleeza Rice Dean Acheson Auditorium Washington, DC January 31, 2005


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