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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings


Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Bush Pays Halliburton For Services Never Rendered

As of June 2004, the Government Accounting Office estimated that more than $1 billion in taxpayer money had been wasted due to illegal overcharges by contractors in Iraq, since the onset of the war. Furthermore, experts say that once the total is calculated ...

2: The 2005 Bafta Awards On Prime

Prime Television will be the exclusive free-to–air broadcaster of this weekend’s BAFTA Awards ceremony.

3: Photo Essay: A Glorious Day At The Sevens

Photo Essay: A Day At The Sevens Photos by ABOVE Ground Level courtesy of Wellington Rugby

4: Why Gun Registration Fails

"With Gary Mauser attending the ANZSOC conference in Wellington this week, politicians, justice officials and police will be able to receive first-hand information as to why gun registration is the ultimate in political folly," claims Peter Linton, Libertarianz ...

5: Narconews: The Discreet Charm of Salvatore Mancuso

In a sequel to her column, "Colombia's Double Standard for Terrorism," Narco News Editorial Columnist Laura del Castillo looks this time at the case of Savatore Mancuso, leader of the right-wing paramilitary organization United Self-Defense ...

6: Drug Company Knew Dangers - Secret Memo Proves It

It time for the media to inform the public of the reasons why Merck and other drug companies have been trying to hide the damage caused by mercury in childhood vaccines.

7: Questions & Answers for Oral Answer - 9 Feb 2005

1. National Certificate of Educational Achievement—Results 2. Labour Market—Asian Competition 3. Road Safety—Women's Concerns 4. Prisoners—Serial Offenders Question No. 5 to Minister 5. 111 Emergencies—Staff Availability 6. Light Armoured Vehicles—Cabinet ...

8: Investigation: The Meningococcal Gold Rush

New Zealand's meningococcal disease story, as unravelled through analysis of previously secret documents obtained under the Official Information Act, reveals that the New Zealand government, media and public have been mislead and manipulated by officials, ...

9: Dipta Shah: Making Sense out of Non-sense

With the Royal proclamation of February 1, 2005, Nepal has once again been thrust onto the international arena, grabbing headlines and courting controversy. The image portrayed has all the elements of international disapproval, dissention, and emotionally ...

10: Hans Blix - Iran Has Legal Right To Enrich Uranium

BANGKOK, Thailand -- Iran has ''a legal right'' to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes, but an attack by the U.S. or Israel would probably push the Iranians to build a nuclear bomb, former top U.N. weapons inspector Dr. Hans Blix said.

11: Unknown Warrior May Be In Hell

The Principal Defence Chaplain Julian Wagg admits that the Unknown Warrior may not have gone to heaven. In a telephone interview on Feb. 8, the principal defence chaplain Julian Wagg reluctantly admitted that the Unknown Soldier may not have gone to heaven ...

12: Images: Alanis Morissette "Exposes" US Censorship

In a pre-planned, live sketch last night at The 2004 JUNO Awards, Canada's music awards, host Alanis Morissette made light of the recent Super Bowl controversy in the United States when she ''exposed'' herself on Canadian television.

13: A NZ Volunteer Reports On Aid Effort In Sri-Lanka

I arrived in Sri Lanka on 21 January and will arrive home on 16 February. As I considered coming over, firstly aid agencies, then the NZ-Sri Lanka friendship societies I spoke to, were lukewarm about an enthusiastic volunteer coming over.

14: Venezuela/President Hugo Chávez Steps Up Rating

Chávez’s popularity, according to community media, is not growing just in Venezuela. He is very popular among poor people in Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and all over Latin América. Recently, the Venezuelan leader visited Argentina and Brazil. His ...

15: Cheaper calls for Boost Mobile customers

The Boost Mobile Monsta Plan is a new and improved plan designed to make it cheaper for customers to call their ‘mates’ as well as txt them.

16: Outraged American to Renounce His US Citizenship

An American businessman who has lived in Christchurch since 2001 says he will formally renounce his US citizenship on March 1 2005 to disassociate himself forever with the United States Government and its policies.

17: Questions for Oral Answer - Thursday, 10 Feb. 2005

1. DIANNE YATES to the Minister of Broadcasting: What progress has been made on the Government objective of promoting increased levels of New Zealand music on commercial radio?

18: Top judge currying favour with Govt?

ACT Justice spokesman Stephen Franks today warned that Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias will be seen as currying favour with the Labour Government after more than a year of frostiness. "Whether she wants to or not she is supporting them in their embarrassment ...

19: Libz cheers death of Togolese thug

"Another thug bites the dust" cheered Libertarianz Leader Bernard Darnton today, on the news of the death of Togolese dictator, Gnassingbe Eyadema.

20: Auckland congestion buster budget package

Auckland City’s Mayor today announced a package that will drive an additional $60 million into business and community development during the next three years.

21: Dipta Shah: Shock And Awe For The Maoists

The Maoists appear to be temporarily disoriented by the King's unexpected move. They have lost their most significant bargaining chip - the political parties. This in turn, has severely undermined their ''best alternative to a negotiated settlement'' ...

22: Images: Departing LOTR Stars Meet Their Planes

The Lord of the Ring's stars come face to face with themselves on the side of Air NZ planes as they bid New Zealand goodbye at Wellington Airport before boarding the Air New Zealand 767 emblazoned with giant images of the characters Aragorn and Arwen.

23: Energy – The Outlook For 2005

The Government and industry have long under-invested in the energy sector and are now faced with an expensive catch up.

24: ''Stop Terminator!'' Government Urged

New Zealand needs to take a stand supporting the international community and block moves by the Canadian government to authorise Terminator seeds.

25: Green Left Weekly: Stop Stealing East Timor's Oil!

A 30-second television advertisement screened on January 26 during the Australian Open tennis tournament has returned to the limelight the theft of East Timor’s oil and gas resources by PM John Howard’s Coalition government. At prime time and to ...

26: Research Grant For Wind Turbine Manufacturer

Wind turbine manufacturer, Windflow Technology has received a research grant of $130,000 from Technology New Zealand through its Technology for Business Growth (TBG) scheme. The grant will provide half of the funding for the company to prove the suitability ...

27: Coordinating Allied Approaches To China

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests, I would like to thank the Tokyo American Center and the Japanese Institute for International Affairs for inviting me here to speak to you again today.

28: Iraq: Have The Elections Saved The US Occupation?

For most activists in the global anti-war movement, it's obvious that the US-engineered January 30 elections in Iraq have not ushered in a new era of democracy nor fundamentally changed the nature of the brutal, US-led occupation.

29: State Dept. Daily Press Briefing for February 9

TOGO Concerns Regarding the Recent Transfer of Power Endorsement of the African Union Peace & Security Council Communiqué Efforts Underway to Coordinate a Response to the Situation

30: Auckland households face unrelenting attack

ACT Leader Rodney Hide today said the steep rate hikes proposed by the Auckland City Council for the coming financial year would add insurmountable pressure to households already under severe attack from central government.


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